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  1. Jump spin from modified

    No such thing. Good thing, it's not a violation (generally)until they try to pitch.
  2. Jump spin from modified

    I'm curious...what is this "modified," "combo" stuff?
  3. Game Management - Ejections

    There's no answer. Each situation has to be evaluated on its own merits. In 120ish games last year, I had nine ejections. That's high compared to a lot, but each one was independently reviewed and justified.
  4. Rule 4.09

    That's the wrong question. The right question would be why the umpire incorrectly called the runner out.
  5. leaving base

    Or he's on the D-Backs staff.
  6. Base award

    If he's somehow able to step and then concurrently throw and move his pivot foot, this could be legal.
  7. Do you have a pet?

    Two rabbits (an American Sable and an REW mini-rex,) a hedgehog with PTSD, and a quaker parrot that thinks he's two dogs.
  8. Sounds like obstruction to me, unless the runner intentionally deviated from his path to initiate contact.
  9. I'm assuming that you normally wear a 48, then? Just clarifying, as it would be too large for me.
  10. Have you tried it on with your CP to verify the size?
  11. Darvish balk

    It doesn't violate anything in and of itself, but you have two places to put that foot afterwards.
  12. Darvish balk

    I like it. To me, it looked like his free foot moved towards second twice, with at least the first one breaking the plane.
  13. Walk off hit???

    Outs happen when they happen, not when they are called.
  14. Walk off hit???

    I'm not viewing this as an appeal play, as I'm working on the assumption that we are not dealing with abandonment and that both runners in question were holding the bag for potential tag-ups.
  15. Walk off hit???

    When you say runs by the runner at 1st, do you mean BR overran first, or rounded it and passed the runner? In either case, if R2 advanced to 3B and R3 scored, it's meaningless as there would only be one out possible on the play. Game over. If R2 didn't advance, then there would be the possibility of an inning-ending double play (on R1 and R2, if the defense executes in the correct order) if BR didn't pass R1. If BR did indeed pass R1, that's some heads-up baserunning as it removes the force and the game is over.
  16. Timing play or force out

    Child support is a pretty good reminder, too.
  17. "I'm good" - Wegner

    I'm not so convinced that the F3 protects better to such a degree compared to my current mask.
  18. fair or foul

    It's all a journey...what does not kill us makes us stronger.
  19. fair or foul

    @beerguy55, why haven't you started umpiring yet?
  20. We're talking about if you can't tell. It's simple physics. If it hit both, and it's indiscernable, chances are it hit the hand first.
  21. No one is saying two runners on the same base doesn't happen. Allowing a subsequent pitch or calling time will not happen.
  22. HBP

    A foul tip is not a pitch. It is a batted ball. That's the distinction that allows it to be ruled a strikeout even if the ball bounces before it is batted.
  23. It depends. If he made a step to second, then made one to third, it's legal. If he started to step to second but stepped to third before completing the step to second, it's a balk for not stepping directly to the base.
  24. Out, return runner or other

    He's not a batter.
  25. Black Jackets Fading

    Doesn't matter. Canadian beer sucks.