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  1. Runner off base

    This is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard regarding umpiring. The only time a UIC should be involved in a call is if there's a protest.
  2. Reebok Field Magistrate

    I did that with my first pair of Zigs. Every subsequent pair, I used self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastening tape underneath the plate just behind the attachment to relieve the stress on the leather. No problems after that.
  3. How Would You Handle This?

    In the OP, TOI means the run scores.
  4. How Would You Handle This?

    So, if I'm reading this correctly... All of us feel that this run shouldn't count. However, there's not a rule that we can hang a hat on to justify that.
  5. How Would You Handle This?

    It's not TOP in FED. It's TOI.
  6. MSU @ Alabama Batter's Interference

    Pretty sure some idiot on the forum had something similar happen.
  7. NFHS Jewelry

    Doesn't justify the out nor the restriction.
  8. What's the Call?

    Unless the backstop is ten feet away, this is interference. If the batter has time to react, he must avoid all interference with the play.
  9. Yes to both for starting a motion while not in contact with the rubber.
  10. 2-man PU Rotation Sitch

    Disagree. In CCA on a ground ball with R3 and R1, PU's primary responsibility is to be in position for overthrows. There should be no way you can get to 3B because you stay home and don't go to the library.
  11. Legal or balk?

    I'm awarding the runner home. Anyone want to take a guess why?
  12. Partner meets but doesn’t want help

    I had a situation in my early days when my partner (who had been doing this longer than I had been alive) totally screwed the pooch on a fair/foul call on a home run as PU (I've shared the full story before, but it's not relevant.) He came out for help and told me that he blew it and he was changing it; however, I had absolutely no help to give him. I handled it as Jason suggested and told him that if DC came out, I was sending him straight to PU. The difference between my situation and the OP, though, is that my partner knew he messed up and wanted to get it right. In the OP, BU doesn't care that he messed up and has no desire to get the call right, and implicated PU in the situation by going for help with no intent of using the information. Thus, if I'm PU, I have no confidence that BU isn't going to lie to the coach if I send him directly there. I am going to make sure that I am close enough to the conversation to "correct" BU if he tries to claim I confirmed his call: "I had additional information, and by rule, the calling umpire can evaluate it and determine if the evidence is sufficient to change the call. You (He, if I'm talking to the coach at this point) felt it should not." I'm still speaking the truth and I'm giving my total POS partner an out. I don't care if I'm stepping on his toes by interjecting if he lies; my integrity and credibility are more important than his BS explanation at that point.