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  1. Black Jackets Fading

    Doesn't matter. Canadian beer sucks.
  2. Homer or not?

    Look at a). It's a one-base award. A home run is a four-base award. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that the two should be handled the same.
  3. Coaches jawing at each other

    Your "reasonable effort" is useless. There's a reason we don't stop what's going on inside a club when we remove someone. There's a reason you have authority in one place and not another. Stop trying to make this a moral issue, because it's not--what you purport you would do would make the situation worse.
  4. Black Jackets Fading

    I don't use them. Keeps them fresh.
  5. Coaches jawing at each other

    How misogynist and controlling. I bet your daughter loves your unhealthy identification with her sex life. I've been LE, a bouncer, and run a bar. You really need to stop talking, as you have nothing substantive to add here. I have no moral culpability for removing two people who choose to behave inappropriately. I have no legal liability for what they do next. I am in no way contributory to their actions. In fact, as I stated above, seeking to engage a solution outside of the field is going to potentially escalate the situation and then culpability becomes an issue.
  6. Coaches jawing at each other

    Yup. And that will help with any potential escalation. Guess what happens if there's a delay in getting any external authority there while the game is held up? More people are going to be focused on them. More people are going to get involved. Keeping the game going keeps the parents' asses in their seats while Tweedledee and Tweedledum await the crow.
  7. Force3 Shin Fit

    That would be where the measurement lies. Bottom of the pad to the middle of the kneecap.
  8. Force3 Shin Fit

    I'm still worried that the 16.5" is too long, as my inseam is 29"...sigh...do I take a chance of leaving an inch of my lower leg only protected by the tongue of my shoe? Decisions...
  9. Force3 Shin Fit

    I really want to get these, but I measure just under 16" and I don't want something to stick up.
  10. 2018 NFHS Exam

    I put A, because the batter is not out if a runner interferes with a fielder on a foul fly.
  11. 2018 NFHS Exam

    I feel for any newer umpire that has to answer this question. With a runner on third, the batter hits a high pop fly that drifts over foul territory. The third baseman is accidentally prevented from catching the ball by the runner at third base. A. Foul ball. B. The runner at third is out and the batter is out. C. The batter is out. D. The coach is restricted to the bench and the coaching box must remain unoccupied.
  12. Interference

    Doesn't sound like it.
  13. 2 man, U1 goes out

    Yes. In fact, he can get to a better position than he would have from the inside. If he approaches from the extended 3B-2B baseline, he's got an optimal angle for most plays coming towards him.
  14. Interesting Play

    There was no play possible, however.
  15. FPSR video

    The clarification I got specified 8-4, not 8-7.