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  1. They’re back!

    Here's what I did.
  2. Baseball runner inference

    If it was, he wouldn't be allowed to say.
  3. First one this year

    Don't answer. You took the bait, and the conversation escalated from there. From there, the tone was set. You both contributed to the blaze that was about to happen...He may have built the campfire, but you lit it. There was no conversation at this point and now you just created confrontation. It may have been inevitable that he was going to get ejected, but some of what you did didn't help. Under other circumstances, I would have said you had a quick hook--that comment is not going to result in a justifiable ejection. With what had happened, I think it's defensible in the moment, but you sowed the seeds for it and the argument could be made that you were looking for an excuse to do it.
  4. They’re back!

    I concur the black/blue would look better on my black frame. I just ordered the new mask, though, because serendipitously, my partner's aluminum fractured today and he needs a new frame. Pads for me, frame for him. @mgford @JimKirk I would also like to know when the gray/black will be back, as the replacements I got last year have a problem with the gray peeling off of the pad.
  5. Women in the profession

    There is no reasonable solution that the minority can do unless the majority adopts it as its own. The primary reason that there has to be division is to create the tension the majority needs to recognize it as a problem (cf. MLK's analogy of the gadfly.)
  6. Women in the profession

    This is true...and precisely why white males have an advantage, as people tend to network with people of similar backgrounds and experiences.
  7. Runner off base

    Yes. You're taking away your umpires' authority. If a coach has that much of a problem with a call, he can put his skin in the game.
  8. Runner off base

    This is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard regarding umpiring. The only time a UIC should be involved in a call is if there's a protest.
  9. Reebok Field Magistrate

    I did that with my first pair of Zigs. Every subsequent pair, I used self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastening tape underneath the plate just behind the attachment to relieve the stress on the leather. No problems after that.
  10. How Would You Handle This?

    In the OP, TOI means the run scores.
  11. How Would You Handle This?

    So, if I'm reading this correctly... All of us feel that this run shouldn't count. However, there's not a rule that we can hang a hat on to justify that.
  12. How Would You Handle This?

    It's not TOP in FED. It's TOI.