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  1. base award on ground rule double

    Two bases from the time of pitch. It was the proper award.
  2. Infield Fly with Tagup

    Nope. Never.
  3. Ball stuck in/on offensive player('s uniform)

    I agree with your logic in all the points you made. It wasn't intentional, and it wasn't lodged. Play on.
  4. Women in the profession

    She is.
  5. NCAA Designated Hitter Rule

    Also, NCAA doesn't have the requirement that the DH bat at least once before being substituted, thus a coach can list a player he doesn't plan on playing that day as the DH and choose who he wants the first time up.
  6. 2-man mechanics

  7. balks

    Nope. This is considered a feint to second base.
  8. Is this a standard 3 man mechanic?

    I'm assuming you mean the second part. With R1 and R2 and fewer than 2 out, PU can rotate if there will be a potential tagup at 2B. Given that R2 took off before PU got any appreciable distance to the library, I would have stayed home.
  9. Base Running Question

    A runner can correct his running error after the ball has become dead in all codes, with one exception, which is different in FED than in OBR: In FED, a runner cannot return to a base if he is beyond the next base when the ball has become dead (with the exception of if the defense intentionally puts the ball out of play to stop him from returning, a discussion of which I believe you took part in the past few weeks.) In OBR, a runner cannot return to a base if he reaches the next base from his current point after the ball has become dead. Neither of those exceptions apply here, as he was not on an advance base when the ball ceased to be live.
  10. No call or Out

    I'm aware of that. I've also had the scoreboard be incorrect in college postseason. I've had numerous times where a batter or catcher have asked me the count right after I've given it.
  11. No call or Out

    BS. I rarely do anything below college age, and it holds true.
  12. No call or Out

    I do it if we get to 2 anything. A 1-2 count is much different than a 2-1 count and I've found that players can't remember what the last pitch was, let alone the two prior.
  13. No call or Out

    Do exactly what you did, and casually mention that it's strike three. You'll probably have to explain to one or both coaches after the players figure out what they need to do, and your explanation needs to be that the participants are responsible for knowing the situation. This will go over much better if (I hope) you announced the count as 3-2 before that pitch.
  14. Foul or fair

    Whether a bounding ball is fair or foul depends on its position when it is touched by a player or passes by a base, whichever happens first. Thus, we are missing that penultimate piece of information in your post, and now you can answer it for yourself.
  15. Protest

    Once it gets to the protest point, the UIC has the final word among the crew. That decision can then be protested to the league by either side.