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  1. Matt

    Infield Fly Rule

    The difference is this rule specifies intent (in order to.) Some other rules do, some other rules don't. Just for fun would fall under making a travesty of the game. My advice to you is if you are truly trying to learn, don't come off as being snarky, which your comment did.
  2. Matt

    Infield Fly Rule

    The logic is right there in the rule. Was there intent to do either of those things? Nope. Coach was right and you were wrong--and they could have protested based on your statements.
  3. PU came to him, not the coach. Bad idea. His other conversation was with the opposing coach a week later. Badder idea.
  4. They didn't. There's no exit on the side BU was going. I'm pretty sure he was grabbing something.
  5. Depends. If I happen to be able to hand them off or set them down somewhere, I will. Being that I'm pretty sure I know this field, and the way to exit, I have no problem with what they did here (and I've probably done it myself.)
  6. Matt

    Balk or not

    F1 comes set with his feet shoulder-width apart. He then lifts his free foot and puts it down so that it's a foot closer to the rubber. What do you have?
  7. Matt

    Rulebook in your face?

    I'm not going to know what rule the coach wants to discuss because it'll never get to that point. If it's in hand as they leave the dugout, I will tell them not to go any further; if they pull it out on me, they aren't staying.
  8. Matt

    Making Money Umpiring

    I agree that starting out, it can be tough in terms of monetary return. But keep in mind that the more games you work, the less your expense/revenue ratio becomes, not necessarily because your expenses go down (as a college/summer ball umpire that does 100+ games a season, my expenses are probably much higher due to clinics, interstate travel, frequent equipment replacement, etc.) but the revenue goes up as the number and level of games increases.
  9. Matt

    Bat throw on dropped third strike

    Under OBR, any contact with a ball on an uncaught third strike is an out if it has any impact on the defense.
  10. Matt

    Catch or No Catch

    You can make an argument for anything, but that doesn't make it true.
  11. Matt

    Catch or No Catch

    Does it fulfill both requirements of a catch?
  12. Matt

    Infield fly no-call

    College or pro, this is easily IFF.
  13. Matt

    More insights from NJ...

    A pitcher wearing sunglasses is not a danger or distraction, either.
  14. Looks a little early in the afternoon for them to be out.
  15. Matt

    Balk question

    Because there isn't necessarily a hesitation or interruption between the two. If there is, then there's a balk, as already addressed above.