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  1. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    Whoops. 2-13. (I don't believe in editing posts that have responses.)
  2. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    This is in direct conflict with 2-31.
  3. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    Yes, there is. I'll give you a hint--by definition, there are exactly three outfielders.
  4. Douglas Custom Gear

  5. Interference

    I think there are two separate situations being discussed. With R2 and INT on strike three, the BR is out on the INT and R2 returns. With R1 and INT on strike three, the batter is already out and R1 is out on the INT.
  6. Interference

    Your previous statement was a situation where he was not BR, but a retired offensive player. Thus, R1 is out for INT (the runner being played on.)
  7. Interference

    This is starting to feel like deja vu all over again.
  8. Because that is for a runner failing to return immediately after overrunning or oversliding.
  9. NCAA Exam Thread

    No, you can't have type 2 in a rundown.
  10. Passed Ball

    As long as he did not contact the ball, this is the same as any other third-strike situation, so yes.
  11. baseball 'look back'

    If the initial collision was intentional, that changes things...a lot.
  12. baseball 'look back'

    What does "pretty much" mean? Was there any intent? When did the collision happen with regard to all the other elements?
  13. baseball 'look back'

    I don't think there's enough information to make a decision. Depending on when and how the collision between BR and F3 occurred and the aftermath, it could be anything.