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  1. Matt

    HBP Strike 3 again

    If you wouldn't have kept him at the plate in FED, it almost certainly wouldn't have been enough for a strike in NCAA.
  2. Matt

    Fair or foul ball

    Where was the ball when it hit the runner in relation to fair/foul?
  3. Matt

    Multiple appeals

    But..do we allow appeals for which a fourth out would not be advantageous?
  4. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    If I'm picturing what you're saying, yes. Did the runner slide or run in a direction away from the fielder? We have no for the first one, and no for the second one. Thus, he has the potential for a FPSR violation.
  5. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    Correct, unless it's intentional, or if the discussion leads us to this conclusion, a retired runner can unintentionally interfere with a thrown ball through indifference. Either way, it's not a FPSR violation.
  6. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    No, I understood just fine. The runner ran to where the fielder was. That is illegal. If the runner went outside, to where the fielder was not at the time he decided to veer, that is legal--and if the fielder comes across and is hindered, that's his own problem. I would assume we agree the reason the rule gives the runner a non-sliding option is to avoid the safety issue with a must-slide rule. With that logic, the runner has the right (by rule) to run in a direction away from a fielder. If a fielder decides to put himself in that path, we cannot call that interference, because that takes away the runner's legal options. Or, to put it another way, all a middle infielder would have to do on a force play is to see which way the runner runs, and either stay in the path or get in front of him. Damned if R1 goes left, damned if he goes right.
  7. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    Nothing, because the runner is not running legally if he's running in the direction of the fielder. That's the runner's fault for running to where the fielder is at that moment.
  8. Matt

    Some Sort of Record..

    Last year, in a college game, I had an EJ in the bottom of the first in my first game...start time was 6 AM. I set my record for earliest in the calendar year, earliest in the season, and earliest in the day.
  9. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    Because he didn't guess wrong in this case--he went away from the fielder. In the other one, he went towards the fielder thinking the fielder wouldn't stay there. We cannot reward the defense for initiating the contact, because that creates situations where they have incentive to do it and also penalizes the runner for being aware.
  10. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    By calling this interference, you've defeated the purpose of FPSR, which is safety, by turning this into a de facto must-slide rule. You've also turned the retired runner into a dodgeball player for situations in which the defense has created the issue.
  11. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    No, it is always legal. It is defined as such. Hindrance under FPSR is illegal only when derived from an illegal act, not the reverse: hindrance does not make a legal act illegal. That's why the rule specifies illegal hindrance, not merely hindrance.
  12. Matt

    Unusual FPSR Play

    But did he alter the pattern of play illegally? I don't think so.
  13. Matt

    Bunting infraction

    Second half of the statement: if you're PU, don't go for help on it.
  14. Matt

    Bunting infraction

    Even if you think you did, don't even dare try calling that.
  15. Matt

    Mic'd up

    In law, don't care about what they have to do. Care about what you have to do.