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  1. jaksa roder manual

    I emailed about a 2018 update. If he puts out an update w/ the 2018 rule changes. I'll get a new one. Until then, I will hold off.
  2. triple play???

    Sounds like two outs to me. How would R1 be out?
  3. RLI on outside / foul territory side

    Nice work!
  4. RLI on outside / foul territory side

    What date was this game? Looks like Braves/White Sox, Top of the 8th. Have any more details? This is a great clip!
  5. Plays at the Plate

    Just a little bit of happy feet on the first clip which I think is actually titled clip 3...or the wild pitch. The umpire was set for your call, but some unnecessary bouncing around. Nice call on the one where the kid lifted his left arm to swim the tag. Good clips. At the amateur level consider maybe a little more depth...some might say the umpire is a tad close.
  6. Who's call is it

    Yes. Give them a glance and work w/ your partner.
  7. Who's call is it

    True, but a BU worth anything is gonna give you some help at third base...there could very easily be obstruction by F5 there too. Work together, then just plain experience and not being a mechanics manual umpire.
  8. BR Reverses Direction to HP, Baseball

    Well done sir. That's the game and here's the clip: Some good rule discussion as well as plate mechanics. Notice how PU moves to 1BLx for fair foul, then rotates 3BLx because there is a runner there who may attempt to score. Great clip!
  9. Near the on deck circle...

    I love this post! Thank you!
  10. Near the on deck circle...

    FED: Whole offensive lineup lines up along the dugout and takes practice swings while the pitcher is warming up. Do you enforce 3-3-3 or let it go? Why or why not? FED 3-3-3 as grounds for not allowing this: ART. 3 . . . Players loosening up to bat shall remain in the area of their team's on-deck circle while the pitcher is warming up (1-2-3). PENALTY: The umpire shall issue a team warning to the coach of the team involved. The next offender on that team shall be ejected.
  11. BR Reverses Direction to HP, Baseball

    Great clip. When was this?
  12. Base award

    Slight modification to the question...Curious, would this be the same for a righty and a jump turn? IOW, jumping back behind the rubber, all on one motion, then feinting to 1B? Then arguing that the pitcher stepped off? Balk or no?
  13. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    Saw this on their website a couple days ago. It doesn't appear to be there any longer: Anybody know if their stuff is updated yet or not?
  14. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    There is one team in my area that does it every year. I'm convinced that I am the only one who enforces it. When I do their games now, it's kind of funny because a couple of the kids give me a grin like they know I'm the only one who enforces it. And what do I mean by it....the entire lineup 1-9 lined up outside of and parallel to the dugout swinging while the starting pitcher is warming up. It's annoying because if I were to end up filing an incident report or worse, I can kiss those games for that school goodbye.
  15. Statute of Limitations

    I like the history of a thread. I think there's value (in some cases) in the resurrection. :-)
  16. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Some codes have a different definition for backswing interference. Some call it follow through interference. There is something that is referred to as practice swing interference. Lots of interference everywhere. In a boat, with a goat. Sam I am. I do not like green eggs and ham.
  17. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Perhaps the official scorer thought he/she was right? And who knows...maybe that's how it is scored? I don't know a whole lot about how to be a scorekeeper.
  18. Batter Interference on Strike Three

  19. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    If that's your end goal, then we agree. I wouldn't have any problem with that. Esp, on the odd plays like this one. There would be multiple ways to do it.
  20. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Lack of audio evidence to prove correct doesn't mean it was incorrect? You see the point at the time the backswing hit the mitt. In the unedited clip, you see the umpire talking to Showalter about backswing interference..the lip reading on that is not difficult. What is your end goal here?
  21. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Perhaps, but I don't think that's the first place we need to go...it's more likely that the scorekeeper was wrong than the umpires. I'm not sure what they kicked. Smoak struck out, was called for backswing/follow through interference and the R1 was returned to first base. In the full clip, I think I remember lip reading the words "backswing interference"
  22. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Doesn't it have to be back swing interference? That's the only way there would not be two out on the play. Smoak strikes out swinging, if not backswing interference or any interference at all, R1 is out on the tag at third base.

    They'll come around. They always do. I remember hearing the same thing about the black shirts.
  24. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    He's indicating backswing/follow through interference. "That's interference, bat hit the mitt" If the initial throw doesn't retire the runner, the play is over and the runner is returned to the TOP base.