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  1. I saw this video and while the it is a cool play at the plate I wanted to poll the audience to see what the group thinks about something that maybe only umpires will notice. Spraying the baseballs at the end of a game. Big deal or personal preference? What do you do with the baseballs when the game is over?
  2. No doubt about it. Definitely no need to do that.
  3. johnnyg08

    Coach Assist or not?

    NFHS Varsity, NCAA, or Adult OBR R1, B/R singles to CF and F8 overthrows the cut off man and the ball rolls into the infield to the LF side of the mound area. R1 goes full speed from 1B to 3B. 3B coach is standing by R3 who slides into 3B as the ball sails over the cut off's head and rolls into the infield. R3 stands up, takes two steps off of the base in the direction of home plate at which point the 3B coach puts his hand in the center of R3's chest and says "no, no, no...stay here" Coach assist?
  4. johnnyg08

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Now you're talking.
  5. johnnyg08

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    He's been active on here.
  6. A good test of your rules knowledge on this one.
  7. johnnyg08

    Infield Fly with a hint of Intentional Drop

    Completely agree. People overthink this. No bunt, no line drive. IFF. Keep it simple.
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    MLB.com Removes Search Function on Videos

    Open for Players and teams now.
  9. Anybody else confirm that we are no longer able to search video on mlb? If true, that's unfortunate.
  10. johnnyg08

    Catch or No Catch

    Audio remains for humor
  11. johnnyg08

    Infield fly no-call

    Not a fan. This is exactly why the rule is written.
  12. This play resulted in a ten minute delay and three separate visits to the headset
  13. johnnyg08

    Base Award - Ball Thrown Out of Play - Possessed by Catcher

    Exactly the point I've been attempting to make for two days. Thank you.
  14. johnnyg08

    Correcting an Umpire Error

    Thanks for chiming in. I did end up finding those!
  15. johnnyg08

    Correcting an Umpire Error

    R1, R2, 2 outs. Batter bunts the ball back to F1 who throws the ball to F3 at first base. R2 is running hard the entire way around 3B. Batter/Runner is called out at 1B for the third out at which point R2 is approx 50 ft from home plate. F3 tosses the baseball to the pitcher's mound and jogs off the field. (a) R2 keeps running and touches home plate on the way to his dugout. (b) Because of the third out R2 stops running toward home and jogs to the dugout to get his glove about halfway between 3B and home at the time the third out was made at first base. Offensive coach visits with the base umpire claiming that the F3 pulled his foot at 1B. Base umpire goes to the plate umpire to ask if indeed F3 pulled his foot. Plate umpire tells the base umpire that he is 100% sure that F3 pulled his foot. If you are the UIC on this game, what are your next steps?
  16. johnnyg08

    Base Award - Ball Thrown Out of Play - Possessed by Catcher

    I think they judged that it was all one continuous action originating from the outfielder's throw. 2 bases from the Time of the Throw would put R1 on third base.
  17. johnnyg08

    Base Award - Ball Thrown Out of Play - Possessed by Catcher

    I'm not tracking. To my knowledge is no rule that gives a runner one base on a thrown ball from the outfield. Thrown balls (except from the rubber) are all two base awards. The only thing I believe they were reviewing was whether to give R1 home or not due to F2s actions. Did he possess the thrown ball and the F2 caused it to go out of play which likely would have awarded R1 home or was the reason the throw went out of play because of the Time of Throw from the outfielder. It appears as though they judged that it was from the outfielder's original throw.
  18. johnnyg08

    Base Award - Ball Thrown Out of Play - Possessed by Catcher

    They put the batter runner on 3b. The discussion had to be whether or not to give the batter/runner home right? Time of Throw or possession and then out of play? Or no?
  19. johnnyg08

    Base Award - Ball Thrown Out of Play - Possessed by Catcher

    Are you sure about catch and carry? It was a thrown ball from the outfield.
  20. johnnyg08

    Correcting an Umpire Error

    Great info! Here's a video of the play:
  21. johnnyg08

    Correcting an Umpire Error

    @Gil any help on this one?
  22. johnnyg08

    Correcting an Umpire Error

    Curious, @Thatsnotyou do you have any more details on that game? Since there was replay, I wonder if there's a video clip out there?
  23. johnnyg08

    Iso Wilson Shin Guards

    The black ones?
  24. R1 and R3. 0 outs. Count is 0-2 on the batter. Batter swings at the next pitch and falls over the plate. Interference is called. The initial throw retires the runner stealing to 2nd base. R3, comes home safely. Then, for the sake of argument, is it the same result if the catcher threw the ball into center field?