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  1. My Place To EJ?

    No.You are a crew. I think there is a difference between being able to take care of your own business vs not letting your crew mate get rolled over the coals. For example. There's a guy in our group who is literally hard of hearing or near deaf in one ear...so he legitimately isn't hearing what is being said to him. I dumped a guy from the bases for drawing a line on my partner who after ringing him up walked the opposite way to avoid trouble...so he didn't see it...but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I think there is a fine line between trying to be Superman and simply supporting your partner.
  2. Interference

    No, if it's strike three, then the runner is out on BI. If we're talking BI. The only time we'd return the runner under OBR is if the BI occurs on any pitch but strike three. So let's say R1 steals on the first pitch of the at bat, BI is the call. Call the batter out and return the runner to first base. Returning the runner on strike three is really no penalty. Then just interfere every time on strike three and hope they don't call it.
  3. Interference

    I have guys in my area (small digression ahead) who will not call FPSR because they turned the DP anyway. That's all well and good until R3 scores from third. Look at the Facebook thread...there were probably 60 posts preaching delayed dead on this play and it was simply wrong.
  4. Interference

    Intentional in FED, Hinderance in OBR
  5. Just because it can't be called a strike, doesn't mean he doesn't have an opportunity to hit the pitch.
  6. There are pitches all across MLB that are impossible to hit, that doesn't mean we get to decide what he can and can't swing at. I'm surprised that some of you think that this isn't interference. Plus the CF camera angle isn't very good.
  7. Interference

    Dug out my MLBUM from last year and it's supported beyond Wendelstedt. It reads like this: "Under the new rule it no longer matters if the batter is in the vicinity of home plate or up the first baseline when the infraction occurs. If, in the umpire's judgment the batter-runner clearly hinders the catcher in his attempt to field the ball the batter-runner is declared out, the ball is dead, and runner(s) return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. The location of the batter-runner is no longer relevant." MiLB concurs with nearly identical language in its manual.
  8. Any update for brd

    Yeah. What might have been. I think about that probably more than I should admit.
  9. Interference

    I thought I had read that somewhere. Perhaps in the WUM or last year's MLBUM. Thanks for confirming.
  10. NCAA/NAIA tests

    You are probably right. I don't know.
  11. NCAA/NAIA tests

    It baffled me that until recently there was basically no rule test requirement to work NCAA baseball.
  12. Interference

    Maybe the most important part of the rule book.
  13. Interference

    Exactly, if there was interference. (Hinder in OBR/Intentional in FED) the mechanic is the same. Kill it. It is not delayed dead.
  14. Interference

    You're right. The post leaves us asking a few questions. We have to fill in the blanks with what we think is happening. Perhaps, the umpire(s) in this game improperly called interference on this play? We don't know. Maybe there was, maybe there wasn't. In other words, instead of killing the play, they left it live. It reads as though they kept it live, when they should have killed it because he wrote that F2 threw out R2 advancing to third base. Had the play been killed, F2 may have aborted his attempt to retire R2 at third base. The person who asked the question did not clarify any of the points made or other questions asked in his original post. We had to take it at face value.
  15. Any update for brd

    My guess is that they are completely redoing it...which will take some time. At least I hope that's the case. What a resource!