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  1. jaksa roder manual

    Really? They rewrote it? How many pages is 7.13?
  2. Marlins-Dodgers Interference Play

    I read the entire thread multiple times and I saw those things.
  3. Marlins-Dodgers Interference Play

    I was attempting to create a timeline of sorts to determine if by rule, they Todd Tichenor and crew got this play correct at the time simply because I was wondering if this video actually inspired the language being added into the OBR. If the ball was untouched at the time it hit the infield grass in fair territory, did Randazzo inadvertently signal it a fair ball? Did F2 touch the batted ball in flight over fair territory? The piece that likely confuses some umpires is that the ball ONLY remains live to determine fair or foul...as stated in the comment...even if the ball is caught over foul territory, the batter still returns to complete his time at bat. Whether the ball was caught or not...is irrelevant because it's already interference....but not like batter interference (not strike 3) on a runner stealing 2B where we wait to see if the runner is retired before enforcing a penalty.
  4. Marlins-Dodgers Interference Play

    I think you are right on all accounts.
  5. Marlins-Dodgers Interference Play

    Today there was a discussion on facebook about a hypothetical scenario w/ basically this exact play and I recalled that there was quite the discussion here with regard to that play. Yep, this play I believe, caused the confirming interp to appear in the rule book the following year...correct?
  6. Marlins-Dodgers Interference Play

    So, have things changed around this play? If I recall, when PU signals fair, we have IFF and Runner Interference, two out. Is that correct as of today?
  7. Gerry Davis

    Good for him, that's awesome as long as being sick isn't the reason for the weight loss.
  8. Alan Porter - Daniel Murphy exchange

    The fielder can move too...it's not like he needs that small amount of space with respect to what he needs to field his position. I will accommodate as much as possible, but there will come a time where I deserve a spot on the field as well. We need to work with the infielders, not for the infielders.
  9. Catcher Interference - Coach Takes the Result

    I believe Haid was speaking to the original post.
  10. No doubt and trust me...I appreciate your input...I know you know that and I agree with 99.99% of what you're saying...why would I disagree? BUT...consider for just a moment...had the umpire simply looked for the baseball versus the glove an extra .5 or whatever small amt. of time? I get it. I really do...but on a weird-looking play like this when we already have an out in our minds...why is it so difficult to simply locate the baseball before calling the runner out? Wouldn't that be an area of opportunity to be perfect on a play like that? It's not beating anybody up...he got the play right in a D1 Super Regional and that is ultimately what matters. Literally an extra .5 second to physically see the baseball in the glove (or not) and it's one signal, the correct one. Ideally, isn't that what doing it perfectly would look like? Isn't that the feedback you'd give to somebody who wanted to be perfect on a play like this? Can we still get things right and be imperfect? Sure. Hell, that's the majority of my life. Trying to get things right while being really imperfect. I know I sound like I'm being "that guy" who knows better than all of the D1 guys...certainly, that's not my intent. But you can't tell me that if you show this clip at your clinic that there aren't many things BOTH positive and constructive on how to get plays like this right and look perfect in the process. Certainly many more positives than constructive in a clip like this no doubt. You wouldn't use this clip on how to be perfect on a play like this because the initial call was incorrect even though nearly 100% of the time all of the things that happened in this clip told us we had an out. Yet, it's a great tool to teach guys that the weirder the play...we need to try to slow the game down in our minds even a little bit more because they're making things harder for us out here and we want to try and get it right and look like we belong there in the process. If this clip was of Joe Schmo on high school ball field America...that would be the feedback that should be given to that umpire. "You did everything right and still got the play wrong initially...maybe consider taking just a fraction of a second longer to physically see the baseball and you will look spectacular out there." I believe that good is the enemy of great. Physically seeing the baseball in this case turns a good call into a great call. Thanks for the discussion.
  11. No where will you see me saying anything overly negative about a Super Regional umpire or any umpire for that matter. See Gil's play above about an MLB umpire. We all make mistakes, this is an easy mistake to make because it looked like all of the pieces were there. But I guarantee, like I said above..if you're getting evaluated at a clinic or camp and you make two calls on a play like this, they're going to tell you to make sure you see or try to see the baseball. Or some version of that. We shouldn't be so protective or defensive when some of our brothers make a mistake that any of us could have, have made, or will make...our mistakes simply aren't on ESPN. No more of a reason as to why the replay overturns in MLB are right at 50%. Were those umpires, who are the best in the world, in great position to see the plays, but simply got them wrong and were overturned on replay. Yep. Doesn't mean that they don't belong in MLB...just that they're human...like the rest of us.
  12. For discussion purposes, I would say that on unusual plays (where the players put us in a position to not see what we need to see) like this, if you have an 'out' make sure you see the baseball, there's no reason to not. It's the exact same feedback you'd get if you were at a clinic and this play happened and you had ten big dogs evaluating you and you made two calls on the play. They would all likely say something along the lines of..."make sure you can find the baseball"
  13. Worth fast forwarding to the one minute mark to hear Vin call this play. I should just make a Vin Scully folder. Thanks for posting this @Gil
  14. Catcher Interference - Coach Takes the Result

    Yep. @Haid D' Salaami for the win!
  15. In a way, a similar play occurred years ago between the Yankees and the Indians. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/6479266/v22622417/clenyy-fan-who-caught-disputed-dewayne-wise-ball http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/213252306/v22614397/must-c-call-wises-leaping-effort-leads-to-dispute "Show me the ball" is different from "Show me the glove"
  16. Maybe I'll be the only one to say it...but he didn't do everything right which is why he initially got the play wrong. I'm not sure about "fascinating" The facts are that the umpire called a runner out w/o seeing the baseball in the fielder's possession after the tag. When he saw the fielder pick up the ball off of the ground, he changed his call to the correct one. It happens to all of us when we're too quick. The umpire was too quick on the play. If we're going to call him out, wait until you see everything you need to see, then make your call. In the end, he got it right by sticking with the play even after the out call. In my mind, that was the most important part of this play, because he didn't see the most critical component of the play until the very end and it allowed him to get the play right. The play comes down to a couple things. Proper use of eyes is proper timing (Evans). If he waits until he sees the baseball, he makes one "safe" call and everybody moves on. That's really all there is to it. If this play isn't about proper timing, what is it about? NCAA defines a tag as: Tag: The action of a fielder in touching a base with any part of the body while holding the ball securely and firmly in the hand or glove or touching a runner with the ball or with the glove while holding the ball securely and firmly in that hand or glove. The fielder shall maintain or regain control of his body and if he drops the ball due to his lack of body control or control of the ball, it is not a tag. A voluntary and intentional release is substantive proof of complete control.
  17. Catcher Interference - Coach Takes the Result

    Good info on the 2nd conference. Makes total sense. Thanks for chiming in!
  18. Opening night in Iowa, dropped third strike

    FED ball is in the summer in Iowa
  19. Catcher Interference - Coach Takes the Result

    Good question. Been trying to figure that out as well. Maybe he was going back out there to compliment the crew on getting the play correct. "Jeff, Billy...I just wanted to get you two over here to say nice job and I'm glad you're out here today."
  20. Scoring question - OBR

    Here's an email I received...so the "I" is not me. Just looking for confirmation with either official interpretation or real experience as to how this is handled from a scoring perspective. I know as umpires we simply care that the game is over, but that is not why I am bringing the question to this forum. Thanks. I happened to be at a League game Friday night as a fan. Team A was leading Team B 8-4 heading to the top of 7th . There was a delay, and then Managers and Umpires conferenced. Team A's Manager knew I was there, so I was called out onto the field since I'm Pres of the league. Team B had 9 players at the game, and their CF’er was quite ill and was going to leave the game, leaving them with only 8 players (no one else on the bench – slim team numbers). Managers and Umpires wanted to fully confirm whether the game could continue. We all quickly agreed the game could not continue, and Team B had to forfeit. Now the question I have is what should the final score be (as runs are a tie-breaker in our League). While the game was 8-4 in favor of Team A at the time of forfeit, I’m reading some things saying any forfeit should be 9-0, regardless of the status of the game at time of forfeit. Specifically: “All forfeits are officially listed as 9-0 victories for the team that benefits from the forfeit, regardless of the actual status of the game”
  21. Would You Toss?

    I'm probably ejecting him. The warning does no good. So the next kid who comes up and bat flips like that? Give me a break. I'll take a bat flip and a warning all day and twice on Sunday. You gonna warn F1 when he hits him in the ribs the next time up? Run him and teach them all a lesson.
  22. Team warnings

    Can't tell if that's a joke or serious.
  23. I guarantee you that if necessary there would be a line of scrubs hopping the picket lines to work this game for the next game fee. Even if a certain number of people refuse to work, somebody will always take the game fee. Some brotherhood eh?