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  1. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    Perhaps...I'll err all day on a kid making a mistake because they're kids. (Doesn't mean I'm not going to make a call) I have less patience with adults.
  2. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    This is a pretty easy call. I'm not even saying that the kid did anything intentional. He violated...sure. For every time is has been called on him there's probably another 50 times where he ended up on 2b or 3b due to one of our brethren not calling it for a multitude of reasons. As a coach...it's very easy to teach your kids....run to first base in the runner's lane. Wouldn't that be one of the easiest things a coach could teach a baseball player?
  3. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    Oh sure. At a amateur level there is LOTS of work to be done in many facets of the game. With respect to Evan's opinion or anything else in MLB, I have no idea. I will defer to those who are in or nearer that circle than me.
  4. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    OR...it can simply be called correctly so more runners learn to be compliant. More umpires need to have the seeds to call it and oddly enough runners will begin to follow the rule then it's no longer a problem. The half swing is the epitome of judgment calls which also leads to several ejections or escalated game tension...certainly that shouldn't go away.
  5. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    Watched the video once in real time. I don't have a problem w/ the call the runner was non compliant the entire way down so he's not afforded protection the last couple strides to the base which is in fair territory. Nice job.
  6. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    So this hit the Internet within the last week or so... Then news of his resignation was also posted online. Very, very interesting. I wonder what caused people to start digging.
  7. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    I think the news is out there and this thread has run its course.
  8. Ump Ejects Himself

    What the article fails to mention is that the writer of the article is also the manager of the St. Peter team.
  9. Ump Ejects Himself

    Is it the ideal way to handle the situation? No. But I know personally that there's no good reason to be out there alone either. It's pretty decent baseball and you're out there ALONE...on an island. It's not that fun and it's very difficult. If an umpire lacks the game management skills he will either quit, or do something like this. How do you expect to recruit and retain when you have to send the new guy out there by himself and experience that? Oh...and I like how the slanted the perspective is from a bunch of players.
  10. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    Thoughts on this one? Here is the relevant piece to the scenario: Lineup: Jones 8 Smith DH So...Smith is DHing for Jones who is playing centerfield. In the 2nd inning Smith singles and is stranded on base. At the end of their offensive half inning, Jones goes to play defense in center. In the 5th inning Smith leads off with a single. Jones pinch runs for Smith. At the end of their offensive half inning, Jones goes back to centerfield. In the 7th inning Smith bats for Jones again and lines out to right field. At the end of their offensive half inning, Jones goes back to centerfield In the 9th inning Smith is in the on deck circle to hit again for Jones. If Smith gets up to bat again...by rule is this legal or illegal?
  11. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    Correct...that would be a projected substitution.
  12. If an umpire asks you to do something you should do it. If you want to pick on the officials join the Harlem Globetrotters. Dragging it over there quickly, then dragging it back...would be funny. He had no intention of moving it back.
  13. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    I know. We got it right...confidently and deliberately. But there was a lot of butt hurt from the team who tried to do this yesterday. But apparently this particular team has been doing it illegally and getting away with it for "decades" according to them....so, while those who have replied may know...hopefully one or two more guys will read this and get it right going forward.
  14. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    Yeah, just an effort at being thorough and complete to avoid any potential misunderstanding.
  15. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    Not showing as bold on my screen. I bolded Smith vs drawing a line to separate the portion of the lineup that mattered for this scenario.
  16. Deragatory Facebook Message

    Block them so that account can no longer message you.
  17. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

  18. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    I do not think @Richvee or @ALStripes17 are missing anything. Perhaps I am though...so I'll let the thread run a little longer. :-) Thanks for chiming in!
  19. DH/Substitution/Re Entry

    Read the OP again. The scenario is spelled out (I think) quite clearly.
  20. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    There is a perception among us peasants (non D1 guys) who feel like what's discussed or is protocol at the meetings doesn't always apply to the big dogs based upon what is seen and heard on televised games throughout the season. Essentially they do as they please. One example I have is with the arm sleeves. An umpire I know was working pretty deep into the post season somewhere in the USA and he mentioned that the pitcher was only wearing one arm sleeve (I believe we also saw this in either the Supers or CWS as well) It was ignored in the Supers or CWS and in this person's game as well...yet it was a POE at the national meeting not that long ago...that's just one example...but certainly there are plenty more. Go to a clinic and ignore the arm sleeve and it would certainly be noted as a negative. Thanks for the discussion.
  21. Interference? Why or why not?

    Look on the Internet. Hundreds of our brethren are smarter than OBR, the MLB crew on the field, the MLB crew in New York, and MLB who denied the protest. Those umpires would still call interference even though there is zero support to do so. So...to answer your question...it's already happening.
  22. High School 2018 Rule Changes

    You are right. He should have.
  23. High School 2018 Rule Changes

    Yeah, the thing about that was that we had one coach in particular who put the same illegal bat out there every game just to see if we caught it. What a douche move.
  24. Interference? Why or why not?

    Protest Denied http://m.mlb.com/news/article/242686092/red-soxs-protest-of-saturdays-loss-denied/?topicId=27118122
  25. Interference? Why or why not?

    In this case..."advance" does not necessarily mean in a counter-clockwise motion. He was "advancing" to first base..."advance" isn't a great verb for this...but that's how it's written.