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    What the hell did you expect???

    Canada doctors probably don't like Canada because they probably make far less than the US doctors. Healthcare is a scam. I live in a state where the CEO of a certain health insurance company rakes in a tad over $100 MILLION dollars per year...really? Somebody is worth that much? Anybody who says its not about the money is a fool.
  2. johnnyg08

    Poll: U3K Mechanics

    Why any different? Safe signal means safe or no catch depending on context. Nobody else knows the difference.
  3. johnnyg08

    Poll: U3K Mechanics

    Just don't use an open fist
  4. johnnyg08

    Maximizing The 2-Man System

    The CCA manual is pretty darn good. I think the PBUC book also has 3 man mechanics in it as well.
  5. johnnyg08

    High school stike zone

    In High School, that is a strike all day or all night depending on day game or night game. :-)
  6. johnnyg08

    You need to read the rules

    In our area, protests cost quite a bit of money in our games where it is permissible. If they want to protest, I always allow it. I've never had it happened, but at some point during our conversation, I have said to them, "if you feel that I've misapplied a rule, you have every right to file a protest (if applicable game), to date, they have not done that, but I never shy away from it...that is their "check and balance" in my opinion.
  7. johnnyg08

    You need to read the rules

    Can someone please explain to me when it became our job to keep someone in the game? To be completely honest, it seems to me like its a crock of crap statement used to justify a failure to pull a trigger in a situation where doing so would have been completely justified. Unless of course you're doing it to screw around with the guy and subject him to more punishment - I'm sure we've all kept, or thought about keeping, an individual in a game whose just looking for an excuse to go home when his team is playing like garbage and there's inclement weather, somewhere for him to be, etc etc. Either you deem something ejectable or not. That line will be different for everyone, which is just fine in most circumstances. If they cross your line, get rid of them, unless you've got a good reason to make them stick around. This whole "I was able to teach them a lesson and not have to throw them out nonsense" - guess what - if you turf them, they have the rest of that game plus, in most leagues, the entire next game - which they're watching from the stands or the press box - to learn their lesson. I think it comes down to trying everything that you can within reason in relation to the circumstance to give him a chance to stop. When that fails, we eject. Sometimes they don't give us a choice. Batter draws a line on me in a game, he's done. There's no trying to keep him in the game at that point. Coach comes out of the dugout to argue a half-swing, I'm putting up the stop sign, I'm telling him that he can't leave it position to argue balls/strikes and if he continues I have to eject you. At that point, I've tried to keep him in the game, and he chose to eject himself. I had a coach come up to me in a college game after I called a balk, stormed out of the dugout and screamed "you're f-ing bulls*&t" about 1 foot in front of my face and the ejection took 1 second. There was no opportunity for me to try and keep him in the game...he ejected himself immediately. I think that's what we're striving for is to do what is reasonable to keep him in the game. You never want the reputation of an unapproachable reda$$. If you want to advance your career at especially the amateur level, it's typically a good idea to subscribe to that line of thinking. You can try the other way and see where that gets you, but many of us have been down that road before.
  8. johnnyg08

    When do you make a nontraditional verbal

    it depends on the level of baseball. Most rule sets make it very clear that teams are responsible for knowing the situation and the rules of IFF...yes, it can be good preventative officiating...but sometimes the less you say can also be better. That being said, YMMV. In this situation...you might want to consider pointing at the batter/runner and saying "batter is out" instead of "he's out"
  9. johnnyg08

    New Smitty Shirts

    I have read that too. The Smitty replica shirts are sized for plate.
  10. johnnyg08

    New Smitty Shirts

    Buy the best gear that you can't afford. You'll never regret it. Then get your calls right most of the time and you're set.
  11. Paging through the BUE!

  12. Paging through the BUE!

  13. johnnyg08

    UA Poly Wool Pants...

    They're not the same price though...because the do offer the expander...again, I'm not trying to be a UA apologist...I really am not...but it's not apples to apples...
  14. johnnyg08

    UA Poly Wool Pants...

    The deal was a black Friday deal...and a good deal at that. You make many great points that I can't disagree with...but some are saying that he's way out of bounds on his price point and I really don't think he is. I also wouldn't say that Honigs listened to their customers until the rumor came out about UA coming out w/ their own. As far back as I can remember, those pants, both plate and base had price points in the $70's. They might have even been as high as $85 at one point.
  15. johnnyg08

    UA Poly Wool Pants...

    I have Honigs plate pants at $70 and Jim's are $77. So you're actually paying $7 for the expander waistband...to me, it's actually worth it. $7 is less than an inning of work for many of my games. Honigs base pants are $66, Jim's are $75, so that's a $9 swing for those. Still under and inning's work and you get the expander waist which is nice up in Minnesota because often times we have to layer up in the spring. So for me, I think they're fairly priced...it's probably been about one year since Honigs dropped the prices on their poly's which held in the mid $70's for years! I guess I just don't see where you guys are getting $15 difference in price...what am I missing??
  16. johnnyg08

    Runners on 1st and 3rd

    From the 2011 CCA Manual, page 90: "Plays within the infield: U1: Moves into the best position to rule on all plays on the bases." I'll have to go to the local landfill to pull out my FED mechanics book to see what FED says, but it sure seems like Evans and CCA agree.
  17. johnnyg08

    Runners on 1st and 3rd

    Are you sure? This is a quote from "Maximizing," page 225 base umpire responsibilities: "The base umpire is responsible for all plays at first, second, and third. When the ball is hit, he shall step up, turn, and face the ball. It is recommended that he drift a few steps toward first preparing for the most likely play, the plat at first. If the play does, in fact, develop there, he shall hustle a few more steps either right or left establishing the best angle he can for the play. However, he cannot overcommit to first in case of an initial play at third or a secondary play back into third. If the play does occur at first, he shall hustle back toward third once the play is completely over at first."
  18. johnnyg08

    Runners on 1st and 3rd

    Of course he did!
  19. johnnyg08

    CCA Manual now available

    I couldn't agree more...the spiral bound books are very nice for studying...
  20. johnnyg08

    NFHS test

    The biggest advice I can give you is to look up every question in the rule and case books, even the ones where you think you know the answer. It takes a ton of time, but that's how you learn.
  21. johnnyg08

    New Smitty Shirts

    Depends on your association. In my neck of the woods, as long as we match, we're good to go.
  22. johnnyg08

    List of Causes for Automatic Ejection

    What if you get "beaked?" That is a hat issue that the old school MLB guys will know about.
  23. johnnyg08

    Poll: U3K Mechanics

    I no longer verbalize anything. The year I did use verbal, I had two B/R stop half way between home and 1B because they heard "catch" and not the "no" part. Two coaches also came out asking why I killed the play. I learned from that, no longer verbalize, never had a problem since. That was 4 years ago. YMMV, but I will never verbalize again.
  24. johnnyg08

    2012 goals

    Looking "fit" is certainly playing the part. It's been a big push at the professional levels as well, and bottom line, it is healthier.
  25. johnnyg08

    No 'rush to judgment' on Ryan

    yeah you can't make it up...straight out of the Selig organization, the Brewers. What a crock of $hit. Pujols is finally earning the money he deserves for doing it the right way, not CHEATING