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  1. Flatter masks will deflect less.
  2. Detailed pictures of the new All-Star CP

    It isth in thenglish
  3. Bat Interferece Call

    true ... but ... while 99.99999999% of the time he's good there, ...he can STILL interfere w/ both feet in the box.... There are many ways a batter can still interfere. Big myth that if the feet are in the box, there can't be interference.
  4. Let's play a game??

    I agree w/ both Kevin and zm...Mac just wouldn't let it go that the horse$hit throw "nicked" Pujols glove therefore should be an error...the problem is that people watching actually listen this idiot. The 20 replays showing B/R 1/2 way to 2b because nobody was covering first had nothing to do w/ the fact that he was able to get to 2b. Also, yes, I loved the correct safe call from Kulpa on Kinsler's steal. He got very close to the play. A big advantage of 4 man.
  5. Shameless plug for 2 masks for sale

    At this point, there doesn't seem to be a Buy it Now option. Looks like you have to bid.
  6. Wendelstedt's Umpiring Manual

    You can mail them a check too. It's on the link.
  7. Obstructed View

    There is a science to this. Many times you can wait for their reactions. There's only one of you...ball has priority...make your call and stick with it. I work a lot of 1 man where I live and I work my ass off to have the best strike zone possible, then I hustle to get the best angle when possible and make sure I always see the ball before I make a call, and let the chips fall where they may. You're not going to get them all correct in one man. The teams appreciate it when you hustle and have a good strike zone, if you do that, surprisingly you'll get most of your calls right.
  8. Good score.....

    Yep, that sounds like a great thread...perfect.
  9. All-Star System Seven Review

    I would like to hear more about this too. "Raw" anything is the last thing I want to experience with this CP
  10. Looking ahead to 2012

    What's the stock number on the Fechheimer plate coat? I was just on their site and didn't see anything but cop and military stuff...they do have the umpire pants but that's it.
  11. HBP ...lots of discussion

    No matter what, that's a tough, tough call. The batter's reaction indicates that he got hit by the pitch. Try getting that one right w/ only two umpires...you'd probably end up making the same call...tough, tough call.
  12. Looking ahead to 2012

    I can't believe they require heathers. Change happens slowly I suppose.
  13. Ball bag suggestions..

    I would avoid the flex fit if you plan to wear that with your mask. Flex fit, while they're not for me, guys that wear them say that they like them on the bases.
  14. tip to hold throat guard

    I don't know about it...but it is a cool idea. Very original.
  15. Poly Wools

    I haven't seen the Ump-Attire polys...BUT, what I can say is that I can promise you that Jim reads these message boards as well as consults with other umpires about what we're looking for in plate pants. He knows about the Honig's poly's and it is his goal to make them better than the Honigs polys...IF he succeeds in doing that, the pants will work wonderfully. I know he's putting the time into doing this the right way. Hopefully it works out for umpires and for ump-attire. We'll find out in January.
  16. Umpire contact information.

  17. Umpire contact information.

    I give the Troll credit...he's certainly staying in character!!
  18. New All-Star Equipment Available

    You know, I'd understand, but for the timing. I know where you are, and that your new equipment will not see a pitch for five months. Therefore, not only do you have an issue with being addicted to new equipment, you are a masochist in staring at it for close to 200 days... Yeah, but I know that it could be impossible to get if it gets popular in the Spring. Hopefully a couple things turn in my favor so I can attend the Evans Florida Classic in December, so I could wear it there. Time will tell. But yes, right now it is in our bedroom and it's driving me nuts not being able to use it. Have a good off season!!!
  19. Umpire contact information.

    If you got his home address from MLB, you could drive there yourself and pick it up. That would be SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!
  20. Umpire contact information.

    Awesome. Best post ever.
  21. Poly Wools

    I'm sorry; I forgot you don't have any games until it gets back over 40. From now until mid-February, I will work approximately 50 games. We don't have many games from mid-December until early January. It's too damned cold. It sometimes drops below 50 degrees here. Try to work in those conditions. It's brutal. Two or three times last year, I had to put on a pair of gloves. But enough about the weather; let's talk tailoring. My normal inseam for dress slacks is 32 inches. I have the tailor hem my plate slacks at an angle. The front part is 32 inches, and the back half is 33 inches. They don't bunch up as much in the front that way and they sit down nicely in the back. Isn't that called a military hem?
  22. Wendelstedt's Umpiring Manual

    Roughly 5 business days from payment. I was pleasantly surprised by the book. Earlier, I posted on another forum about it and there were several people against the purchase, so I waited, then when the price came down it was a risk I was willing to take and I'm glad that I did. It's a nice book. It will provide me with some reading when the snow flies up here.
  23. Barrett's Carlucci

    Aren't you the Carlucci guy?? Can't remember who snatched that stuff recently....... Nope, I'm not the Carlucci guy. One guy in our group has one and there's another one floating around our area, that I'm trying to make sure I get when he gets done umpiring.
  24. Barrett's Carlucci

    Yes, I got a couple of phone calls last night about it.
  25. Yes...Anything can happen in a game....

    That would make more sense. If it was so distracting, he shouldn't have pitched it. Certainly if the batter had swung, he wouldn't have been fighting for the do over.