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  1. Hunter's busy day

    mazza, thanks for the above post. I had an issue with this exact thing last weekend. Setting up in the slot, LH pitcher, LH hitter crowding the plate, large, large catcher taking away my slot and w/ pinpoint control F1 starts pounding the inside corner. It is very uncomfortable working that high and right over the top of F2, but that's the only success I had on those pitches. While I did possibly miss a couple as I experimented with different techniques, the one you suggest, seemed to be the only one that worked. Thanks!!!
  2. Issue with Poly Wool base pants

    Just an update...I spoke w/ Honigs on the telephone last week and it seemed like we were going to try and work something out. If I have time tomorrow, I will call them, because it doesn't seem like they're going out of their way to call me back. I've washed my shirt three times now and worn it once, but the track marks are still there...certainly not as prominent, but still there.
  3. Look what I found ??

    Guys, I've made a couple of calls and from who I talked to, it's coming in over $200, with an MSRP of $218
  4. Issue with Poly Wool base pants

    Well, the pants are probably shot, but hopefully I can save my shirt. I guess I thought the pants would fade out and become garbage before the rubber failed along the waist line. I work far more plates than bases over the course of a year so it really surprises me that this occurred so soon.
  5. Maximizing The 2-Man System

    Great! When you get it make me a copy! Ha, ha, ha
  6. Issue with Poly Wool base pants

    Thanks for your replies. I think the rubber will come out especially after what both of you have written. After two washes, it certainly looks different, but it is still there. Would something like Goo-Gone work on the fabric or would it ruin the fabric??? I'd prefer to get it out, the shirt is still good otherwise.
  7. Issue with Poly Wool base pants

    Fair questions. I have only dry cleaned the pants. I have never machine washed or dried them not even one time. The base pants are a couple of years old. I only umpire from about April to August about 80 games per year. While I agree that the part will be tucked in, I don't think it is reasonable for me to ignore the fact that something from the poly-wools came from the pants to the shirt and after two washes, still hasn't come off. I will follow up with the response from the company.
  8. Look what I found ??

    Are they for sale yet? If so, where?
  9. mcdavid discount deal

    The McDavid website is terrible. Yikes, I like their products too, but what a cluster.
  10. Winding Down

    Lots and lots of rain this year. Many rainouts. Overall baseball has been okay. Pace of games, not bad at all. Snow will be flying here soon enough...I'm just happy to be umpiring right now.
  11. Yeah, ultimately they got it right. The coach seemed pretty dumb to call them homers over such an obvious error. The players were completely classless. Seems to me, nothing changed, he got the call wrong, but it was obviously wrong and fixable, they fixed it and their pitcher served up a home run ball...pretty simple really.
  12. Obstruction?

    Also in NCAA, if contact is above the waist it is judged to be an attempt to dislodge the baseball, not to reach home plate.
  13. Easy Pay-Day

    or did you finish the half inning per the rules?
  14. Diamond Ump Pack

    Thumbs down, I'm not camping on the field.
  15. Nike again.....

    This one is a black one. This one should sell. I thought the other one was blue. Or at least it appears to be black.
  16. Trying to stay cool when it's 90!

    @NWAump I know, I couldn't believe it either.
  17. Must Haves

    The Two Umpire System by Jim Evans If you work more than one rule set you must own the BRD (Baseball Rule Differences by Carl Childress) If you can get an MLBUM, get one (Major League Baseball Umpire Manual) If you can't find a MLBUM, get a PBUC manual you can get it on Evans Umpire Academy website. Others will add to this list, so I will simply stop here. Good luck and have fun. Keep in mind, if these books are going to sit on your shelf, they're worthless. Gotta read them.
  18. Trying to stay cool when it's 90!

    Yep, those are the ones and they're actually cheaper on Honigs too.
  19. New All-Star Rig?

    An umpire colleague of mine got the new All Star...I haven't seen it yet, but I hear its pretty sweet.
  20. Wearing Mask and Hat

    Do not wear your hat backwards. The mask should rest on the bill of your cap. Is it possible that your hat is too big? Is it an actual umpire hat?
  21. gold

    It sounds like a center strap issue. The Gold does need to break in. But the whole point of it fitting up that high is for protection.
  22. Trying to stay cool when it's 90!

    So how much does this cost and where do you get it from? I tried to find it on there website but didnt see anything. Right now, gerrydavis.com has them. They're somewhat expensive, but work one game with them and you'll see the difference. Good luck!
  23. Trying to stay cool when it's 90!

    Please do, I'm intrigued by the strap design.
  24. Need Advice: I Need Sunglasses

    To me, vision is pretty important. I'd like to be able to walk my daughter down the aisle one day and see her husband and possibly my grand kids at some point. I have no issue dropping $200 on a pair of quality sunglasses. Obviously, your mileage may vary.
  25. Trying to stay cool when it's 90!

    Fair question: Actually I have considerably less natural padding.