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  1. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    He's indicating backswing/follow through interference. "That's interference, bat hit the mitt" If the initial throw doesn't retire the runner, the play is over and the runner is returned to the TOP base.
  2. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    It was backswing interference you can hear the bat contact the mitt in the clip or 'follow through' interference. It's an out in NFHS, not OBR. Thanks again.
  3. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Great video clip! Thanks for the tip!
  4. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    With some type of overthrow? I'm going to look for video. It's too tough of a play for me to visualize.
  5. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    I don't think backswing interference is immediate is it?
  6. Evaluation of EBag MOther Lode 29" Duffel

    Okay, I just sent an umpire to ebags who was looking for a bag. Thanks!
  7. Evaluation of EBag MOther Lode 29" Duffel

    Any updates to the Mother Lode bag? Is this still the one to get?
  8. Br retreats, potential obs

    Yes they do. I only have an ebook for the PBUC manual.
  9. Br retreats, potential obs

    Minor League Baseball offers the interpretation below:
  10. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    Absolutely the case. Needs to be called every time.
  11. MC ejection tonight that did not need to happen

    It's rarely called in any rule set. Mainly because it's a very difficult call with lots of other things happening in pretty close to real time.
  12. Batter Interference on Strike Three

    100% agree
  13. Part of it also deals with evaluation against a standard. If every umpire is doing his or her own thing, it's tougher to evaluate ability.
  14. Br retreats, potential obs

    Here's the play:
  15. Br retreats, potential obs

    OBS on a retreating batter/runner between home and first base must be intentional.
  16. FED Retired Runner Interference

    Continuing to run the bases after being put out it not by itself interference.
  17. 2018 NFHS Exam

    Looking for a .pdf of the 2018 FED baseball exam. PM me if you have one. Ours doesn't come out for a while yet and I'd like to get a head start on it before things get too crazy. Thanks!
  18. 2018 NFHS Exam

    I read this one wrong. There's another one that deals with the coach and coaching box this is not that question. I think the answer they want us to put for this one is: B
  19. FPSR Training Video

    Good question. I think the Federation (different topic for a different thread) doesn't want players going in standing up to avoid getting hit in the face with a thrown ball. "Get down or get out of the way" would be my best guess.
  20. FPSR Training Video

    I think this is pretty easy to get in real time. I think the confusion lies in the "must slide or peel away" portion of the rule. Essentially, as in this clip, if the runner doesn't slide and he alters the play in any way, we need to grab this. This is great clip because there are a lot of myths and misconceptions around FPSR. Great opportunity to learn.
  21. FPSR Training Video

    Thank you for looking into this just a tad further.
  22. New NAIA Brainshark Video

  23. New NAIA Brainshark Video

    I have no problem with that. It makes it easier for us. Easier is better.