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  1. Where is the arrow pointing?

    For the WIN!!!
  2. 6A UIL Championship Collision

    I can see this side of it too
  3. 6A UIL Championship Collision

    Here's a gif of the critical components of the play... https://gifs.com/gif/collision-at-first-base-RoyA3E Another angle https://gifs.com/gif/batter-runner-and-f3-collide-PZwyB4
  4. 6A UIL Championship Collision

    Tough play. Looks like U1 says something to him, if it's not an ejection, I'd recommend not saying anything...it implies that he saw something more than an out. Nice play for discussion.
  5. Catch/no catch in regional

    Yeah, if it's not intuitive, folks will just have to deal with it. The thought behind it is either better quality, additional angles, or something else of value. Just a dupe video should be removed, especially if the original one is already embedded. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  6. Catch/no catch in regional

    I guess my thought was that it provided a few different angles. Not that it would have changed the call any, but the variety of angles can be nice. I can take it out if the group prefers that it go away.
  7. Catch/no catch in regional

    We agree don't we? Perhaps I'm missing something.
  8. Catch/no catch in regional

  9. Wendelstedt Manuals Updated?

    Saw this on their website a couple days ago. It doesn't appear to be there any longer: Anybody know if their stuff is updated yet or not?
  10. Right-handed pitcher move to first

    Disagree. But I do think that if you and I saw a video of the play in question, we would agree on the legality of the play.
  11. Right-handed pitcher move to first

    He has to gain distance and direction with his free foot or left foot in this case. There's no mention of a step in the OP.
  12. It Has Become Necessary for a FAST-Q

    I like it the way it is. I like the variety of discussions that come up.
  13. Catcher's balk situation?

    Sometimes F2s are moving to receive the pitch at the bottom of the zone to catch it at the top. Or whatever term catching coaches use. Don't get out a microscope with this. If you have it, you have it, but don't try to be too precise with something like this. Grab the strike. Esp in 12U where strikes are likely at a premium.
  14. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Here's a spicy little number...
  15. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Great! Thank you for your contributions to the thread!
  16. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    We know this exists. I think we see value in additional discussion. While a nice, thorough analysis, it's not definitive.
  17. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    We are. I spend the majority of my career in the minority on things like this. I wonder if analyzing video is good or bad for my career. I've studied tangle/untangle and that play is not tangle/untangle. Calling "nothing" here, certainly falls under the "create no controversy" philosophy of umpiring. That's for sure and to be honest, I wonder if that's not a safer camp. It certainly seems so at times. If you're the only guy in your area calling this stuff, it's going to stick out and it's not positive. Even if you're right.
  18. Interference Call (on BR) PIT @ CIN 4/16

    Yes, the thought was to consolidate them into one post. This thread is relevant because there are plays related to the hot interference, obs, nothing play floating around now. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  19. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Here are some relevant plays to aid in the discussion:
  20. Interference Call (on BR) PIT @ CIN 4/16

    Some relevant plays here that are relevant to the discussion we're having about the tangle/untangle, interference or obstruction play that's going around.
  21. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    In my opinion the one thing that this play isn't is tangle/untangle. The debate in this play is interference or obstruction
  22. Does run count

    @beerguy55 keep it to the issues please. No need to discuss anything other than the topic at hand.
  23. low profile umpire chest protector shirt

    This one...I think it's called the System 7 https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/CPU4000_All-Star-System-Seven-Umpire-Chest-Protector
  24. low profile umpire chest protector shirt

    black Douglas.