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  1. johnnyg08

    Runner Lane Interference

    Nice find.
  2. johnnyg08

    Runner Lane Interference

    From the research I've done, the throw hit the runner who was running illegally out of the running lane and was caught by whomever was covering first base for the out. But the rule reads: "OR the batter/runner is hit by the throw....it SHALL be called interference" There certainly could be different information out there about what happened.
  3. johnnyg08

    Runner Lane Interference

    So the rule reads that "interference SHALL be called if the throw hits the runner" By rule, under NCAA, are we required to call RLI on this play?
  4. johnnyg08

    Balk and Catcher Interference on a Steal of Home

    I think we'd still recognize the balk. The pitch would be a "no pitch" since the batter didn't reach base.
  5. johnnyg08

    Plate Umpire Mechanics

    I guess the main point is that when we're working 3 or 4 man, we should try to be aware of the fact that a runner is going to be rounding third base hard so instead of going wider, we should consider sticking closer to the foul line. It shouldn't happened in two man because the plate umpire should read that there is no longer at play on his runner at third base and he's going back home.
  6. johnnyg08

    OSU vs. S. Car 6/1/18

    Anybody have any updates on this play? Not having a ton of luck since it was from last June
  7. johnnyg08

    Plate Umpire Mechanics

    Here is an opportunity to learn from an unfortunate situation so that we can hopefully prevent this in our games. This should be pretty rare in the two umpire system since the PU should be reading that there is not going to be a play at third base. But a great video for learning either way.
  8. johnnyg08

    Balk and Catcher Interference on a Steal of Home

    MLBUM states the following on when to call time on a balk followed by a wild pitch:
  9. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26288571/hinch-suspended-1-spring-game-ump-issue
  10. johnnyg08

    Skunk in the outfield illegal

    Exactly. This play has been a topic in message boards for as long as I've been involved...which for me is approaching 15 years. I am still curious as to why Bruns picked this moment to issue an interpretation on a play like this.
  11. johnnyg08

    Skunk in the outfield illegal

    Leave him there and pitch. Pretty simple. He's probably just as far away from 2b than he would be on his initial lead.
  12. johnnyg08

    Could you sell this ?

  13. johnnyg08

    Ball 4 Balk

    NFHS...no stop balk called, pitch drills the batter in between his shoulder blades. Ugh.