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  1. johnnyg08

    Super Regional Crews

    It's bullSH*# that those who attended school/the Academy will be better than those who haven't in perpetuity. Over time, there are guys who worked their way up through the amateur ranks who are just as good or better. Now, don't get your undies in a bunch...I'm not knocking the pro school and MiLB guys. If you can't see my point, I won't waste time trying to explain it to you. Are the guys in Omaha, good. YES! Are there guys JUST as good or better than some of the guys who are or have worked Omaha and will never get a shot at a regional, super, or Omama? Yes. 100%.
  2. johnnyg08

    Super Regional Crews

    It means that even more umpires who are very good, will not get an opportunity to go to Omaha. It's their league, they can do whatever they want. It also means that those who have a desire to work Omaha, had better continue to network for opportunities. There's always far more talent than there is opportunity.
  3. johnnyg08

    Pitch from the windup without winding up

    Rule reads that they "may" do this, not "shall" there is the difference.
  4. johnnyg08

    OSU vs. S. Car 6/1/18

    Correct. In many cases, these occur with an R3...so there's a pretty stiff penalty for a violation. Make the call.
  5. johnnyg08

    OSU vs. S. Car 6/1/18

    Do me a favor and see if the link still works? I couldn't get it to work and am under the impression that espn keeps those online for 30 days. So...does anybody have a video of this play? Or can point me in the direction of a replay of the game? Thank you! :-)
  6. johnnyg08

    Majestic MLB Side Panel Shirts XXL

    Congrats on your weight loss.
  7. johnnyg08

    Jim Evans Annotated Rules

    Congrats. I still use mine from time to time for historical reference. Jim has stated for years that he's working on a new one. That would be great!
  8. johnnyg08

    OSU vs. S. Car 6/1/18

    @WelpeDo you remember the FB group by chance?
  9. johnnyg08

    OSU vs. S. Car 6/1/18

    Anybody able to find this video? It's a little late now, but maybe it's floating around somewhere.
  10. johnnyg08

    Good No Call or INT Missed?

    Good no call. Leave it alone. There's nothing there. That being said...had he attempted to make another play, I think he would've gotten the call.
  11. johnnyg08

    better at tracking pitch

    I locked the "Ask the Umpire" Tracking thread so we can continue the discussion here.
  12. johnnyg08

    better at tracking pitch

    Duplicate thread. See "Mechanics" to continue the discussion.
  13. johnnyg08

    Dead ball?

    Oh for sure. But I see 'over the top' mechanics to make sure they hear four counties over that we have time. It's just not necessary to be that obnoxious. Absolutely, send them back. No advancements or outs. Hopefully the umpire has the sense to make sure play has relaxed before turning around.
  14. johnnyg08

    better at tracking pitch

    I thought the exact same thing yesterday. He asked it in two places.
  15. johnnyg08

    Dead ball?

    It generally is not and yes they can. They can also be thrown out. No bush league business though.