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    Been calling ball since I was 13.And I love what umpiring means to the game of baseball. I take my job as an umpire very serious but not to the point I'm a dictator on the ball field. I just call the game and enjoy watching America's Past Time.

    Currently finishing up my degree in Health and Physical Education and my minor in English.
  1. New "best umpire ever" video... Oh god...

    And we are to keep the game pure and stop any kind of mockery of the game.......smh!
  2. Another season is in the books for this umpire!

  3. 2015 Majestic Umpire apparel

    I would jump on that bandwagon!
  4. Nutty Buddy Rocks!!!

    I thought the same thing before using it the first time. But, it holds perfectly snug inside that jock. I guess it's the shape of the cup. I hope I never need this baby's protection, but I'm 100% comfortable that it won't dislodge before it's needed. Never had a cup shot? For me it seems to come sporadically at times. Last year I had four shots to the cup in two weeks! I ate good that week from all the bag of peas I thawed out! I washed the peas good before cooking btw!
  5. Nutty Buddy Rocks!!!

    I decided it was time to get the NB after taking a shot to the boys two weekends ago that the ball almost made it back to the pitcher's mound. Coach thought it was off my chest protector.
  6. Nutty Buddy Rocks!!!

    Jax, I just got my NB in the this past week. Noticed the jock doesn't have a holder for it like most jocks with a cup do. I am worried about it moving around during the game. What keeps it from that?
  7. Cooperstown

    You got me all pumped up already about it man...do the shirts, hats, and jackets cost extra? No they are given to you free. Check out their web site. I will be there for week 6 Looking for Teams for week 7 and 8. Thinking of making it a month long trip from California. Will be at All Star Village for week 9. Thats awesome...I am about to graduate college and want to go atleast one week to make it a memory..I would absolute love to go multiple times a summer or make it a routine every year...
  8. Cooperstown

    You got me all pumped up already about it man...do the shirts, hats, and jackets cost extra?
  9. Diamond vs Wilson gear bags

    I got my wilson in today and Im in love it boys!! can fit everything in my suitcase and the book bag i was using for my under garments..
  10. Once in a lifetime call???

  11. Once in a lifetime call???

    Ummm... the batter's out made 3 outs. Why does the play at 3B matter? misquoted the email I got it was only 1 out at the time...when he kid struck out that is now 2 outs and they called the runner out going to 3rd because of the batter already being out...My bad on misinforming ya'll I was a little tired last night when putting the OP up.
  12. No Money in Duval County for sports

    It is a sad deal for the players....I know we dislike coaches as much as they dislike us BUT I am going to be a football coach when I finish with college. Jax what is the word on what they will do with the coaches? Will they be paid same amount of salary or have to take a cut since no sports are being played? I am interested in keeping up to date bout this in sense of possible job security for me.
  13. Once in a lifetime call???

    see me and you agree because the ball is dead when it leaves the yard but an out must be given for BR passing up R1...I dont who was the coach more mad at....I don' know what the crew from down south ruled on it. But I love situations.....we also had a coach call us whining about a batter interference call he had go against him..2 outs with runner at 2nd...his batter had 0-2 count and swung and carried over the plate.....the runner stole 3rd and catcher and batter made contact and the crew called the runner out also...he said the runner should go back to 2nd....We said no sir because the batter was ALREADY out at the time of the interference on the pitch at home plate and that the runner is out because simply enough you have to get an out on interference....
  14. Once in a lifetime call???

    Okay guys, our association guy got a phone call from another assignment secretary from down in south Louisiana ( I am from North Louisiana). They had a big game in which it was a close one. Well the bases were loaded with 1 out. Batter hits a homer/ grand slam, BUT the runner on 1st doesn't know that its a HR so he is tagged up at first. The BR passes up R1 heading to 2nd. The ball has already left the yard at this time. My question is we possible have two outcomes to this situation: 1st: we have an out at first base and leave the bases loaded because of the fact that the runners can't advance because of a NO-FORCE. or 2nd: We have an out but have a 4 base award because the ball has already left the field in which the ball is dead in fair territory so the HR is now a 3 run istead of a grand slam....I am not sure how to call this if this was to happen to me...just like the title....I am sure it's a once in a lifetime situation to be in.
  15. Weird pitching motion

    I have had some discussions with some fellow umpires about two players that pitch like that but they have their pivot feet on top on the rubber and the kid just steps towards home plate. There is no side step or backward step it is just a straight throw. A few will call this a balk or illegal pitch because of the weirdness of it but we broke the pitch down and nothing can be determined for it to be illegal or a balk..