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  1. Alfonzo Marquez throat protector

    Get one of those from a Japanese website.
  2. Look what I found ??

    YES, what Slo8140 said, .... back off. 10 games worn BEFORE I reviewed it. Don't be a hater because you weren't involved Lighten up...a little sensitive aren't we? Very sensitive.
  3. Issue with Poly Wool base pants

    Stuff breaks: That's life.
  4. I think you and I have different Wilson bags, but this is how I use mine: Since the top, central compartment is the easiest to get to, I keep my Douglas, Diamond Featherweight LGs, and Diamond mask there. Plate shoes in the sealed shoe section, and hats, accessories, and base shoes in the zippered section on the opposite end of the bag. Numbers and patches are tucked inside the hidden velcro pocket. Since I barely need the bottom compartment, and I those zippers are difficult to work with, I keep misc junk in there, like extra undergarments and accessories, socks, rulebooks, sunscreen, and other papers. It truly is a waste of space, but I like to travel as light as possible because I never like to keep this bag in my car overnight. I used to keep my shirts folded in there too, but nowadays I just take the shirts out of my closet on my way out, and hang them in the car. Getting in and out of that part of the bag can be frustrating. My bag never came with dividers but I see no use for them. I don't like the mobility of this bag. It doesn't stand on its end, the nylon handles are not comfortable, and the bag can tip-over if you accidentally drop from a curb or step at an angle. This bag is also bulky, has an inflexible base, and in my opinion, better suited to simply camp in your trunk all season long.
  5. Mizuno Shoes

    I have twice ordered from this site.
  6. Wearing Mask and Hat

    From the beginning, it sounds to me like he has it on too tight.
  7. Base shoes?

    This is the only thing I'm worried about wearing my Reeboks. They are light, comfortable, and I love the look. I want to try a Mizuno next, and I'm not too fond of any NBs soon. The sole looks too flat.
  8. Inhouse Sports??

    Sorry you're having a terrible experience with them. I had one encounter with them, and I will try to be objective: In Feb 2010, I met with Ken in person when I was in town. He let me try on a shirt and pullover, and had a CP ready for me to wear too. However, he forgot to bring the exact sizes in the colors I asked for, and so he offered me free shipping. His sales rep called me the next day, verified my order, and charged my card. My order came promptly, and this is what I got: Cream shirt, Black pullover (white stripes), and Black pullover (powder stripes) The shirt was $20, smooth like a Smitty, but rather thin and not very durable. But the pullovers are my favorite! They were $40 each, much cheaper than other sites at the time. They are thinner and lighter than any other jacket I've worn or seen, so that makes them perfect for cool nights and mild mornings! I still use those jackets today when necessary.
  9. A shot that damaged your equipment

    The best feature, in my opinion, of the K1, is that is fastens using velcro straps, instead of any buckles or hooks. I wish more CPs did this.
  10. A shot that damaged your equipment

    I somehow ended up with a one-inch crack on one of my Diamond Featherweight SGs. It separates the single-knee cap plastic from one of the rivets. Nothing I'm worried about at the moment.
  11. Gear for a Newbie

    Each online retailer has basic packages. Start there.
  12. Favorite Brand of shirts?

    This happens to me. Diamond Silver Featherweight mask + Smitty shirts = pilling left sleeves. I just noticed that I have two shirts of Letrell. The scarlet is thicker, feels like a dish sponge, and is very uncomfortable during a hot game. On the other hand, I regularly wear a black Letrell that is much thinner and has not pilled like the Smittys.
  13. Favorite Brand of shirts?

    Because I'm too lazy to iron, I prefer shirts that stay wrinkle-free and light, so that said, here is my opinion: Dalco is my least favorite because I can never get wrinkles out. Letrell shirts stay straight, but they are too thick for my comfort. With Official's Choice, I can never match my partners. Smitty shirts look great, but they are starting to come apart. Honig's, so far, is durable, but doesn't stay tucked in. My favorites are Teamwork and the new Majestics. Both aren't too thick, and never wrinkle after hanging!
  14. Pants- Honigs vs Smittys

    Gerry Davis' feel like plastic tablecloths. Smitty pants feel better, and PWs are simply the best.
  15. Even if it's only been worn 2x, ...why would you pay that amount for something used,, when a new one is just a touch more.... To some people a dollar or 2 makes a difference. "Item location:Rancho Santa Fe, CA, United States" Here, dollars grow on trees.