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  1. Double call at C.W.S.

    Salaami's post always remind me of a quote by Gerald Massey: "They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority"
  2. It's been a lot of fun watching Tripp move up the ladder the past few years. If u r reading this Tripp, good luck the rest the way! Ramos
  3. Arkansas brawl

    If #4 for the white team will probably catch one in the ear next they play.
  4. I miss you. I'm sorry I let you down. I miss you!
  5. Back Injury

    Yoga to cure a spine or disk problem sounds as crazy to me as cant think of anything crazier. No way I could get into these positions even when my back was not hurting. http://www.bikramyoga.com/BikramYoga/TwentySixPostures.php If I tried to do that now I am sure I would get a ride in a ambulance to the hospital. I'm telling you this stuff is like magic. It doesn't matter if you can do the poses 100% correct. All that matters is that you try, thats how you get the benefits. You don't have to listen to me. You can keep listening to the doctors. Take there little pills, big needles, and expensive surgeries. Good luck with that. Whatever you do. I hope it works. Good Luck!
  6. Back Injury

    BIKRAM YOGA will cure you!!! I know I have said it before and nobody believes me but Bikram will cure your back. It may sound crazy to you but drugs, neddles, and doctors sound crazy to me. I see you live in California. There are a ton of Bikram studios in Cali. Check one out before you do anything else. I hope you trust me
  7. Umpiring with a colostomy bag

    We had a guy in our high school group that worked for a few years. I don't remember him working the dish. But he was fine on the bases.
  8. Baserunner goes to right field

    Here is how I would defend the play. Please let me know if agree or dis agree. If R1 is just standing in right field, I would consider this his lead off. I would just have my pitcher step off the rubber and ask for time. Now no one can advance. Am I right about this?
  9. Getting into College ball

    I'm going to marry a woman with money. That way I won't need a real job. Then I'm going to spend my wife's money on every camp/clinic I can find. I'm going to bring my straight edge razor to camp and shave so close that my face is like a baby's butt. Then I'm going to kiss a bunch of ass. Has that ever worked?
  10. Getting into College ball

    How much would you say politics plays in the process?
  11. Dead ball strike on the bunt ...

    Did the home plate umpire ask for help? Or did U1 come in unsolicited?
  12. "Where Was That"

    My excrement stinks. Just ask my wife! You should switch to a vegan diet.
  13. calling a coach "coach"

    I try to know every bodies first name at all levels. From the AD's at D1 schools to the concession stand ladies at the local LL. I feel it creates better karma.