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  1. Jimurray

    Batter's Interference

    Read all the NCAA rules and tell me if you should call a retired batter out, right away, if he interferes with a catcher trying to throw a stealing runner out. We do know by rule it is a double play but when you kill it is not clear, as in OBR until we saw it posted in another thread where MiLBUM made it clear. I, of course, already knew how to call it in OBR and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  2. Jimurray

    Batter's Interference

    Busy right now but you swerved to NCAA. Some semantic problems regarding your play in the NCAA rules. Worth investigating so we call it like OBR or not.
  3. Jimurray

    Batter's Interference

    What rule says that? But you don’t have a batter, you have a retired batter.
  4. Safe on a steal of HP unless the catcher also tagged R3 before R3 touched home. The batter was out on strike 3 when 1B was occupied with less than 2 outs.
  5. Jimurray

    1st to 3rd move test question

    Assuming that they want you to assume, by using the word "pivot," that the pivot foot remained in contact, in FED that pitcher can still throw to 1B. It is not a balk. What would be a balk is if that pitcher feinted to 1B.
  6. Jimurray

    Re-entering a starter

    Yes, #5 has one re-entry since he was a starter. Doesn't matter how many subs preceded him in that slot.
  7. Jimurray

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    Calmly coming out of the dugout would be greeted by a calm stop sign not an ejection. At lower levels we might then advise them that ACs are seen, not heard.
  8. So they are correcting some historical screwups and want us to recognize the difference between a batter and a retired batter which has always existed semantically in the rules. But I’m waiting on @Senor Azul‘s research of how the BRD and WUM addressed such in the past. And any recent pro school attendees might chime in.
  9. It would always be an immediate dead ball if the batter-runner or runner interferes. But interference with a throw would have to be intentional by the B-R. Interference with the catcher's fielding of the DTK would not depend on intent and based on a 2013 MLBUM interp and rule change the B-R's location has no bearing on whether you judged he hindered the catcher.
  10. I think the interp is a useful reminder that we are enforcing: "6.01(a)(5) Any batter or runner who has just been put out, or any runner who has just scored, hinders or impedes any following play being made on a runner. Such runner shall be declared out for the interference of his teammate (see Rule 6.01(j)); It's not batter interference. It's retired batter interference and the ball is dead immediately.
  11. Jimurray

    Catch or no Catch

    So no modification of "one foot in one foot out"? Fielder can have one foot on the lip and one foot on the first step to catch a foul fly.
  12. I’m confused, isn’t that what would happen by rule in OBR.
  13. Jimurray

    Worst baserunning ever

    Well it was a cheap DP.
  14. Jimurray

    Worst baserunning ever

    He walked off on a safe just recently, right? But the whole league knows he’s a tonto so that’s why they let it drop. Or, to be kind, if they caught it, they would have a faster and smarter runner than the BR on 1B. Wow.
  15. Jimurray

    Catch or no Catch

    So do they modify the FED rule and not allow one cleat on the lip and one on a lower step as a ground rule?
  16. Jimurray

    Not coming set in the windup

    Sideways windup is legal in LL and OBR.
  17. But, of course, we would ask, why worry about the rule semantics since a runner leaving with the pitcher able to throw him out or get him into a rundown would be a good thing since he would be out. Except it's LL so that skill has not been developed.
  18. The catcher does not have to “squat” per the RIM. Mask on and facing pitcher.
  19. In LL you also lose leaving early, not that you can focus on it that well behind the plate.
  20. Jimurray

    Not coming set in the windup

    When you throw a ball do you put your hands together? A few MLB pitchers vary their delivery and some times do not windup but just rare back and throw. Sit C, Comment (b) applies to a pitcher who starts hands apart. He may or may not bring his hands together as part of the delivery and is legal. BTW, FED does not allow a pitcher to "come set" while moving both arms together. They consider it TOP. Not true in OBR and NCAA. "2.28.3 SITUATION B: R3 is on third base with two outs. F1 contacts the pitcher's plate and assumes the wind-up position with his glove hand in front of his body and his pitching hand by his side. As he brings his pitching hand to his glove hand, R3 takes off for home. F1 steps legally off the pitcher's plate with his pivot foot and throws to F2 to tag out R3. RULING: This is not a balk. With the pitcher's glove hand in front of his body and the pitching hand by his side, the act of bringing the two hands together does not constitute the "time of the pitch." The out stands. Rule: 2.28.3 2.28.3 SITUATION C: With R3 on third base, F1 steps on the pitcher's plate to take a sign from F2. After taking the sign, F1 brings both hands up together in front of his body and then stops to adjust the ball. RULING: This is balk.R3 is awarded home. The time of the pitch occurred when F1 moved both arms. COMMENT: What is the time of the pitch for the (a) windup or (b) set position? For the windup position, the "time of the pitch" occurs when the pitcher (a) after stepping onto the pitcher's plate, with both hands in front of his body first starts any movement of his arm(s) or leg(s) prior to delivering the pitch; (b) with both hands at his side, he first starts any movement with both arms or the non-pivot foot prior to delivering the pitch; (c) with either hand in front of his body and the other hand at his side, after bringing his hands together, he first starts any movement of his arm(s) or leg(s) prior to delivering the pitch. In (b), it occurs the instant the pitcher, after coming to a complete and discernible stop, starts any movement with arm(s) and/or leg(s) that commits him to pitch.
  21. Jimurray

    Not coming set in the windup

    You are crazy. What rule was violated?
  22. Jimurray

    Catch or no Catch

    The fielder probably doesn't know the rule. He will be running hard and either make the catch legally, one or both feet on live territory, Illegally, both feet in dead ball territory, or legally but then carrying into dead ball territory. The only thing that would prevent cleats on concrete would be a barrier, not a modification of the rule for concrete dead ball areas.
  23. Jimurray

    Catch or no Catch

    The red is more germane to your issue. The concrete lip is part of the live playing surface.
  24. Jimurray

    Hoodie under plate coat

    We have to come up with a de rigueur option for umps that have been told by their dermatologist to wear long sleeve sun protection. Long sleeve shirts are too heavy (made for cooler weather). There are sleeves that can be bought in a close to skin color shade but I'm not sure if their UV claims can be verified. I tried them and can verify that they have a great cooling effect but I still used sunscreen under. I'm not sold on those. So would a tan UV protective undershirt work?
  25. Jimurray

    Catch or no Catch

    While you were reviewing the OBR rule what did you discover about the lip of the dugout?