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  1. Michigan Vanderbilt game 1, CWS, ninth inning, 2nd batter, a great example of game management by U1.
  2. In past years we used to use LL RS-T for majors and below and Senior LL RS-T baseballs for intermediate and above. But I don’t see any requirement other than RS-T. Are LL RS-T allowed in Intermediate and above?
  3. Jimurray

    Balk or no balk?

    I’ve seen the “wheel” move work and not be balked.
  4. While interference is "called" on a FPSR violation the TOP penalty is stated in the rule. I don't see a conflict.
  5. Iowa would be incorrect. Only FPSR is TOP: "2007 Interps: SITUATION 5: With (a) one out or (b) two outs, the visiting team has a runner on third in the top of the seventh. The game is tied 2-2. R1, on third, gets a great jump and easily scores on a suicide bunt. After R1 has scored, F2 picks up the ball and throws to first in an attempt to get B3 out. B3 is out of the running lane and is hit by F2's throw. Does the run by R1 count? RULING: B3 is out for interference. In (a), R1's run counts because he scored prior to the interference by B3. Had the interference by B3 occurred before R1 crossed the plate, R1 would be returned to third base, the base he occupied at the time of the interference. In (b), R1's run would not count as the third out occurred by B3 before he touched first base. (8-4-1g, 9-1-1a)"
  6. What is a surprise is the earliest start date for LL Baseball is June 24th for district and July 19th for section.
  7. There is a weird LL calendar on their website that some regions are using to say that certain divisions should not start district or section before a certain date. Appears some are not aware of this “calendar”.
  8. Jimurray


    Penalties differ but LL now allows pitchers to stay on the dirt and go to the mouth which makes them the same as the other codes.
  9. I think I would give a safe if the tag contacted the runner.
  10. LL: When he throws one warm-up pitch on the rubber to the catcher.
  11. NCAA and, I think, MLB changed it for "safety" and eliminated going into the dugout and keeping it live.
  12. We don’t know what happened other than the pitcher balked.
  13. If the ball was not put into play and no pitch or pickoff was thrown the ball is dead and R3 is awarded home and R2 is awarded 3B. Otherwise we we have to know what happened.
  14. Jimurray

    Base Running

    You are correct. @The Man in Blue would be using a non "preferred" mechanic according to my 2017 MLBUM.
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