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  1. Jimurray

    Appeal OBR/NCAA/FED

    NCAA does have an interesting twist that could apply to your OP. If F3 did not play on R3 he might not be able to return the ball to 1B for an appeal. “5) If the defensive team errs on an appeal play and the ball remains in live-ball territory, the appeal will be allowed if: a) The ball immediately is returned to the base being appealed; and b) No runners advance on the misplay. If a runner(s) advances, no appeal shall be allowed.” edited to add. And now rethinking, even if F3 played on the runner who was safe I don’t think the wording of that rule would allow an appeal. This happened in a clinic game and U3 didn’t recognize the appeal for some reason other than the rule. When I mentioned the rule at the game site nobody believed me. That evening many were surprised at the rule wording and the clinic head did not believe NCAA wanted it enforced. He said he was going to call the rules guy. We never heard what was decided.
  2. Jimurray

    Appeal OBR/NCAA/FED

    Seems pretty straightforward. What’s your twist?
  3. I didn’t see any ball spinning or other motion. I believe Nelson wanted him to have the ball in his hand visible at his side. He had his pitching arm at his side but his hand was in front of his hip. He had his glove in front of his left shoulder. Nelson ignored the technical violation (one of his hands at his side) the whole inning until he had R1. But I don’t think anyone would be in doubt about when Hudson was not set, was coming set, or was set.
  4. Jimurray

    Appeal process gone awry

    LL softball does not allow dead ball appeals. It appears the pitcher complied with this: “In making an appeal, the pitcher shall not throw to a base while the foot is in contact with the pitcher’s plate. In putting the ball back into play, after taking the pitching position, the pitcher shall step backwards off the pitcher’s plate (with the pivot foot first) to begin the appeal. PENALTY: Illegal pitch (8.05(e)).” Excerpt From 2017 Little League Softball: Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies Libre Digital This material may be protected by copyright.
  5. Jimurray

    Which hand?

    The MLB umps might not confuse professionals with their signal and verbal. But, I have confused lower levels. Safe on a steal of 2B when he got under, right arm with palm flat extended out under my left arm with a loud, "he got under". Then a safe signal. Everybody thought I had an out with the right arm movement. I will revisit how I signal such things.
  6. Beats me? “4) By conference rule, or mutual consent of both coaches before the beginning of the contest, a game may be stopped after seven innings if one team is ahead by at least 10 runs. “
  7. Jimurray

    2-man mechanics

    Evans has what @noumpere says.
  8. Jimurray

    Hello from PA

    It's not about the money for most (debatable) guys that take up this avocation. But I have used this line before to recruit a previous coach, baseball daddy: "You put a bunch of money into baseball while your kid was playing, now you get to take some out and get the best seat in the house." I heard it from somewhere else.
  9. Jimurray

    Overrunning 1st base

    I'm biting my tongue on one of your myths but let's not go off topic.
  10. Jimurray

    3-2 steal, ball 4 mechanic

    I know. Just guessing why he might have wanted to be in C.
  11. Jimurray

    3-2 steal, ball 4 mechanic

    He was in C because R1 was going on a 3-2 count with 2 outs and there would be no play at 2B? But then how did that runner get thrown out by 5 feet unless he slowed down when he looked and or heard ball four?
  12. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    “When in contact with the ground” implies a batted ball at rest. But if they mean any batted ball how do they want us to rule on a fly ball to the outfield that catches the white line on the blades of grass with, lets say, a quarter of the ball and hits the hard ground, never compressing the ground enough to contact fair territory below the grass. Do they realize a sphere can only be in contact with a non compressible flat surface at 1 point on its surface. Somebody wrapped his head around the word “settle” and did not think it through. A ball catching almost half the line could be foul if you see dirt as in Jim Evans clinic demo which calls it fair but if it made a dimple in the dirt when it came to rest it might then touch the line as the point contact expanded to a spherical cap.
  13. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    So CWS Arkansas vs Oregon State. URF line read MLBUM but video review crew did not. Or ball compressed foul grass enough to contact fair territory. Or MLBUM interp only applies to a stationary ball between 3B and HP or 1B and HP that has dirt between its bottom and the white line
  14. Jimurray

    CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    I thought NCAA rules required a slide unless you weren’t within distance to slide.
  15. Jimurray

    CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    Yes, wasn’t there a no call in supers or regionals. The runner didn’t slide but was safe because of off the bag. Esteemed ump made the no call.
  16. I watched the whole inning he pitched on MLB TV. He takes his sign from the catcher with his pitching arm at his side/back. You can see the catcher give the sign. He then comes set at his belt without a reposition of his feet. That would comply with the Set position rule and some pitchers do it that way and then pitch. But in O'Days case, everyone knows that he is going to stretch to another stop.
  17. Jimurray

    Little League Tournament Rule 11

    13b would apply: "b. Regulation games (when a winner can be determined) terminated because of weather, darkness, or curfew must be resumed if the visiting team ties the game or takes the lead in its half of the inning and the home team does not complete its at bat or take the lead in an incomplete inning. This does not apply to games suspended or delayed by weather that may still be resumed before darkness or curfew (as defined in Tournament Rules and Guidelines – Curfew) on the same day"
  18. Jimurray

    Little League Tournament Rule 11

    There is no reversion in Tournament Play in the OP. Only in regular season play. Protest
  19. He took his sign from the catcher with his hand at his side. He then puts his hands together at his belt and pauses slightly before continuing to come to a stop on top. Obviously everyone knows the first stop is not his stop. I think he was balked because PU saw R1 going on previous pitches and thought that O'day was cheating on that last stop because of that. But what if R1 took off on first motion after he was stopped with hands were together at the belt and Oday picked him. Would we tell the offense that that is not his "real" stop. Of course it would not happen in MLB.
  20. So what do we have when puts his hands together at his belt and stops?
  21. Upon further review, considering his leg movement after his hands together at the belt, he actually is a sideways pitcher that is in the windup after hands together and he doesn’t need to stop. But he does have to declare. So I have a balk for not declaring. Again, teams need to start running on his first move after hands together to bring things to a head.
  22. Actually, he had a stop initially at his belt. If you perceive a stop at the top, which I didn’t, then he had a double stop and a balk. It’s deceptive since R1 can’t see the stop but if I’m facing Darren I’m telling the 3B coach to signal R1 to go once Darren starts up from his belt. That would bring things to a head depending on what Darren did once R1 was going.
  23. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    Using strict geometry and assuming a non compressible flat surface almost half of the ball must be over the white line to be fair by the MLBUM interp. But we would have to account for seam protrusion depending on the oreintation of the ball. Does the ump have to allow for dirt compression and chalk dust height to determine fair or foul now. Have we been using the wrong mechanic to get in line with the line and should be busting inside to check for dirt between the bottom of the ball and the line?
  24. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    Yes but a millimeter short of touching the base would now be foul if there was dirt between the bottom of the ball and the white line while part of the ball was over fair territory. And what about a fly ball to the outfield? Do they have to use instant replay to see if the ball compressed the dirt enough to contact fair territory when it contacts foul territory but part of it is over the white line?
  25. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    On a thread on another forum quite a few years ago one poster quoted an MLB ump that did not agree with Jim Evans regarding that ball being fair. He must have gotten his way with the powers that be. But what about a ball that rolls and touches 1B but is not touching the white line?