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  1. Jimurray

    The Devil

    That's not funny.
  2. Brings to mind this quote from a CBUA bulletin: "STOP TALKING FOR NO REASON . . . STOP FRATERNIZING WITH PLAYERS AND COACHES . . . STOP ACKNOWLEDGING FANS . . . STOP TRYING TO BE POPULAR WITH THE PARTICIPANTS . . . Just be businesslike, answer reasonable questions, be approachable when approached properly, etc. . . . BUT, BEYOND THAT PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!! Geez, Fetch, we know this is your pet peeve, but what is the big deal? The big deal is that your ratings are taking a beating from coaches, observers, crew chiefs, NCAA evaluators, etc. You’re not fooling anyone . . . coaches do not want you on the field kissing babies and running for mayor, they want you focused and working hard at your craft. Guys are losing opportunities for more D-I games, conference tourneys and NCAA post season strictly based on focus and professionalism. If you’re too busy talking, you aren’t focused on umpiring. By the way—SHUT UP, or did I already mention that?"
  3. Jimurray

    Is the player out

    Yes, who said that? I don't see anyone saying that.
  4. Jimurray


    I don’t think he left early. U2 seemed to be right in line but tv doesn’t stay there. But an amazing lack of appeal knowledge on the part of the team. Most coaches at that level teach how to do it, at least the simple take rubber step off and throw. Right @Rich Ives ?
  5. Jimurray


    Courtesy of ESPN replay, F1 would have been balked in MLB when he had a slight start stop flinch to come set just before the first step off, then at any level he would have been balked when he reengaged with a live ball and then turned but did not step off. What was not a balk/IP, which the 3BC wanted, was the last step off when he threw to 3B. That was legal. But I have F5 tagging the runner at 3B which should have been ruled on by U2 who busted inside and appeared to have a great lineup of the catch and tag.
  6. Jimurray


    Just to be precise, there are no balks but violations of the LLGB 8.05 in the Major league division is an illegal pitch (ball) with runners on. Very rare to have a violation, but it can happen. What happened? Would a ball added to the count mattered in the game?
  7. Jimurray


    Why address it at upper levels if the catcher is not complaining and the pitcher is dealing with it effectively? Just call that inside strike. It's a legal swinging position as soon as the ball is on the way.
  8. Jimurray

    Appeal play

    One semantic quibble with JR, by rule the runner has to retouch before the base or the runner (@beerguy55 will not like the possibility of a runner being called out while touching the base) is tagged. Common sense says go with JR.
  9. Jimurray

    Appeal play

    Or tag R1 who probably was still returning to 2B based on the OP description.
  10. Jimurray

    Out or foul ball?

    I don't know where my memory of this comes from. There is a 2010 interp that calls it the same way as the current caseplay. Maybe I have been led astray by @maven in this and the retired runner interp
  11. Jimurray

    Out or foul ball?

    I think FED used to rule differently but now they do not: "*5.1.1 SITUATION N: With R3 at third and F5 playing deep, B2 hits a ball that caroms off the base into foul territory where it touches R3. RULING: A runner who is hit by a batted fair ball in foul territory is not out and the ball remains live."
  12. Jimurray

    2019 CBUA Registration

    Do you mean this: http://cbua.arbitersports.com/Groups/103681/Library/files/Updated CBUA Join Memo 2019.pdf
  13. Jimurray

    Force Play

    That would work except on a safe force play in FED or NCAA where the inconsistency still exists
  14. Jimurray

    Force Play

    The guestion is, in OBR, what did you see? Did the ball beat the runner or not. In FED and NCAA it depends on which base and what was tagged or touched.
  15. Jimurray

    2019 Changes

    Yes, I don't know who the rules committee is comprised of ( @lawump), but I can't picture most college pitching coaches being happy with this. If umpires are involved it's worse dumbing down than FED. If coaches are involved they must not know what their pitching coach is doing. But once again "how strictly enforced" come into play. I posted a current rule less strictly enforced CWS pitcher earlier this summer. Why don't they go MLB one step further? Coach, runner or umpire, raise your hand and ask what the pitcher intends if you are not sure. Then he declares for you. Would someone please post a current college pitcher from whose stance who I wouldn't know whether he was going to set or windup? Edited to add: I think the rules committee is comprised of ADs and coaches with the rules editor being advisory only with no vote.
  16. Jimurray


    That's not "the" hidden ball trick. But the decoy did not fool U2.
  17. Jimurray

    Runner throw out then hit with the ball

    You have convinced me. Where I and others got the impression FED protects retired runners from unintentional interference off their basepath I don't know.
  18. Jimurray

    Runner throw out then hit with the ball

    It’s not in my 2011 BRD. So all codes may call it the same now depending on who or what is cited in that section. Are there any FED cites?
  19. Jimurray

    Runner throw out then hit with the ball

    Good question. I don't know why I was so certain. Maybe some test question in the past. But the combination of 8-4-2g: "ART. 2 . . . Any runner is out when he: g. intentionally interferes with a throw or a thrown ball; or he hinders a fielder on his initial attempt to field a batted ball. A fielder is not protected, except from intentional contact if he misplays the ball and has to move from his original location; or his being put out is prevented by an ­illegal act by anyone connected with the team (2-21-1, 3-2-2, 3) or by the batter-runner; for runner returning to base (8-2-6); and for runner being hit by a batted ball (8-4-2k). If, in the judgment of the umpire, a runner ­including the batter-runner interferes in any way and prevents a double play anywhere, two shall be declared out (the runner who interfered and the other runner involved). If a retired runner interferes, and in the judgment of the umpire, another runner could have been put out, the umpire shall declare that runner out. If the umpire is uncertain who would have been played on, the runner closest to home shall be called out; or" AND the 2007 interp: "SITUATION 3: With no outs and R1 on first base, B2 hits a hard ground ball to F6. F6 fields the ball and steps on second base and then throws to first base in an attempt to double up B2. R1 is running standing up in a straight line to second and is hit by F6's throw. R1 was not even half way to second base and did not intentionally interfere with the throw. The defensive coach states that B2 should also be out since R1 violated the force-play slide rule. RULING: This is not a violation of the force play slide rule. R1 cannot be expected to slide at that point in the base path. The play stands. R1 would be out only if he intentionally interfered. (8-4-2b penalty)" does clarify that the reference to a retired runner in 8-4-2-g without addressing intent would not put the R1 in Sit 3 at risk because he was running in a straight line to 2B and did not intentionally interfere with the throw. I wouldn't mind using the OBR ruling and not protect a retired runner who peels off in FED and maybe you have convinced me.
  20. Jimurray

    Force Play

    FED and NCAA still have some inconsistency.
  21. Jimurray

    umpire pants used in LL World Series

    I haven't seen a "low rise" option lately in any style of pants. Might be a good question for @MadMax. Time for a 'bespoke" umpire shop if you are willing to pay "bespoke" prices. I would say that the money you pay for quality clothing pays off in comfort and longevity, aside from changing styles.
  22. Jimurray

    Walk off balk

    When you see a pitcher, let’s say in the set, you check his stop, sometimes it’s problematic. So you decide what is his stop. Then you see him start his motion with a little hand drop and some leg motion with or just after the hand motion. You now have TOP. Then that pitcher steps off at any level with a slight movement but keeping the hands together. IMHO you have to judge an intent to deceive or a spastic move. I think U1 was aware of the MO for this pitcher. His three partners were not and did not even echo the balk. Nor did a bunch of posters on this thread. If that pitcher split his hands and feinted a throw while stepping off no one would balk it as CCS alludes to in their article. While @grayhawk would balk this if he saw it I would ask if he meant that he saw the pitcher fake his TOP and then step off. I would bet that none of you have an MLB subscription that allows you to see this pitcher in action prior to this pitch. Without that knowledge of how this pitcher starts his delivery I don’t know if we would balk another pitcher unless we judged it to be a TOP and not a spastic step off.
  23. Jimurray


    It's almost impossible to balk to 2B but some pitchers manage to balk when there is a runner at 2B.
  24. Do you have access to the RIM: "ÎÎ A “fake tag” is a dangerous play and must not be allowed to continue. In addition to the calling of obstruction, the player and team should be warned. Further instances could result in ejection. ÎÎ There is a difference between a “decoy” and a “fake tag.” A decoy results in confusing the base runner who is not watching his/her base coaches A fake tag results in the player sliding when he/she doesn’t have to slide."
  25. Jimurray

    Walk off balk

    This is a balk at the MLB level if you watch him closely and ascribe to intent to deceive and maybe have intel to watch for this. I watched him on MLBtv. He comes set at his chest. His TOP starts with a slight drop of his hands together about an inch or two. You have to get paranoid and suspect that with R3 the pitcher is trying to get him leaning with the hands drop and then can pick from his step off. He did not step off in the inning until he had R3. I would not balk this at any other level where you could not ascribe such deceit to the pitcher. I've seen a few MLB balks of pitchers stepping off that we would not call at our levels. Most of us need elephant balks to balk in a run. MLB umps notch balked in runs on their bedpost. Edited to add: I don't know if F5 was going in and out during the previous pitch but it looks like there was something up the way he was moving.