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  1. If the article is correct he kicked the batter's box rule. First violation is a warning but the batter is given an exemption if it he thinks it's ball four. No warning or penalty. Nevermind, those weren't penalty strikes. They were FU strikes.
  2. Jimurray

    U1 in 3 Man

    I didn't think the CCA manual had you go out on everything in 3 man.
  3. Jimurray

    U1 in 3 Man

    That glance should also include a look at F3's position and possible obstruction.
  4. Jimurray


    Double karma, Renteria came out, talked with Porter and then Meals but MLBtv didn't show a full ump conference. Might have happened. No P word, no problem. Renteria had no problem with what he was told and passed up another chance at an ejection which he usually doesn't pass up. Karma 2, CWS won. I suspect @Gil and CCS will be on this.
  5. Jimurray

    U1 in 3 Man

    Wouldn't the pivot, in 2 man, be appropriate when it's not a sure extra base hit and there might be a throw back into 1B?
  6. Jimurray

    Check swing walk turns into K/ Runner "out" stealing?

    From the rulebook 8.02(c) comment: “Baserunners must be alert to the possibility that the base umpire on appeal from the plate umpire may reverse the call of a ball to the call of a strike, in which event the runner is in jeopardy of being out by the catcher’s throw. Also, a catcher must be alert in a base stealing situation if a ball call is reversed to a strike by the base umpire upon appeal from the plate umpire.” U2 should not have called the runner out until the appeal was decided. Best to just say “stay there”
  7. That miss has nothing to do with what I thought U2 needs to do with a normal DP. I might be mistaken but I thought we wanted to go to the open glove side to call the play at 2B. Hickox actually did move but to the back side of the glove. I wonder what the rationale is for that.
  8. He had an attitude from pitch one before he even had the umpire conflict. After the HR he did not stare at the PU, he stared at the dugout, probably grousing over why he was in the game with some defensive plays costing him outs. But he did have a problem with the PU. He wanted to work quick and when Mets batters fouled off balls he would come set when they were digging in. He never did QP but the PU had to occasionally put up the stop sign before the point and one time the PU told him to "start over" because he ignored the stop sign and started to come set before the point. He groused that "they were in the box" but the PU told him to wait until they were ready as he was set with the batter looking down. Which brings me to a technique question. The PU use of the stop sign before the point seemed appropriate when it happened in this game. I have done the same thing when a pitcher seemed to want to bring it before the batter was ready. But I don't understand the blanket use of the stop sign before every point in play. If the batter is ready and the pitcher is on the rubber I just point it. The ball is already dead so putting the stop sign up does not make it deader. In fact the PU in the game usually just pointed and only used the stop sign before the point when necessary.
  9. Jimurray

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    Any runner advancing, with a wild throw that did not go out of play would not preclude an appeal in OBR or FED. It would in NCAA.
  10. Jimurray

    OBS at Home Plate then Malicious Contact

    If there was no throw (ball still in the outfield) and you judged no malicious intent by the runner (whatever action that would let you judge that) would you have anything other than obstruction by the catcher? He initiated a collision, probably intentionally.
  11. To me: The runner started the slide and saw the fielder not directly in the path of his slide so he curled his torso to make contact which was probably in the fielders protected zone. The torso curl was started before contact. The contact was either with the runners right foot and the fielder's pivot foot (maybe in the protected zone or part of it in front of 2B) or the runners torso with the fielder's lower body. It's judgment as to whether that contact was in a direct line with 1B or to the outfield side of that direct line. The runners lead, left, leg, on a direct line from 2B to 3B makes no contact with the fielder. The fielder canted his step to the outfield side of the basepath and may or may not have been protected. At the time of contact the runner still did not have his buttocks on the ground. I think the runner knew what he was doing and modified his slide to contact the fielder on the outfield side of the basepath to break up the DP
  12. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    The video in this CCS article suggests that the author had some knowledge of the MLB rationale for the interp: https://www.closecallsports.com/2018/07/ask-uefl-judging-fly-ball-as-fair-or.html#disqus_thread . They wanted to avoid an issue that might happen with instant replay due to the conflicts in fair foul rule in the book but did not want to rewrite the rule. IMHO they should rewrite the rule or add a bunch of other interps to address the issues the the original interp causes. In the meantime even an MLB ump should disregard the interp and call fair and let IR mess with it.
  13. I think the NCAA interp would also apply in this FED case. We don't have an angle that shows if the fielder sidestepped enough to be in protected territory but his initial position suggest his momentum was not directly to 1B and he might have been.
  14. Jimurray

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Going past the bag would be legal in NCAA but I think it would still be an illegal slide and FPSR.
  15. Jimurray

    Force play slide INT video

    I don't think from what I have read that the calling umpire inferred anything. He was not in a good position, and might actually have applied the rule wrongly. But I am not inferring anything. I might call FPSR INT on this play if I was in proper position and saw what you think I was inferring. NCAA has some interesting videos of this type of play.
  16. Jimurray

    Force play slide INT video

    Actually, whether the runner had have one buttock on the ground when he hit the bag might be debatable. Whether the fielder was in front of the bag needs another angle. A previous poster said U2 was not in a good position. That's true.
  17. Jimurray

    Force play slide INT video

    The runners feet go directly to the bag. Why didn't the feet take out the fielder if you say he stepped directly to 1B. The fielder stepped at an angle toward RF and 1B and was in his protected area. The runners torso which did not go in a straight line to the bag made contact with the fielder in his protected area.
  18. Jimurray

    Force play slide INT video

    We need a better angle but it looks like the fielder was outside of the unprotected zone and was contacted there by the runner’s torso. I believe NCAA guidance wording is that the entire body must slide in a direct line to the base. If the fielder was in a protected area and there was contact there it was not a legal slide.
  19. Jimurray

    Force play slide INT video

    At first I thought it was a slide directly into the base but it appears the fielder actually stepped to the outfield side of the bag and the runner bent at the waist to contact the fielder.
  20. Jimurray

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    I think you mean OBR. 1. Yes 2. Correct 3. Yes in OBR.
  21. Which is bigger FED or Legion? Would you care to elaborate?
  22. That reminds me. I'm going to have to pull a little more shirt out from under the belt for a proper bloused look. And, is that a softball shirt
  23. Jimurray

    Penalty or play?

    Astros at Rockies, 7/25, top 4, 1out, tied at 1.Runners at the corners, Reddick clips F2s glove but hits a dribbler to the pitcher who muffs it and and it's fielded by one of the infielders. Reddick stays there pointing at the glove while PU Layne points it and waits for something to happen. Typical CI goatrope. Infielder finally tosses the ball to 1B and I guess Layne then awarded Reddick 1B, forcing R1 to 2B and he returned R3, who had scored on the goatrope, to 3B. As expected at this level, game proceeded with no effort by Layne to ask the manager if he wanted the penalty or the play (run scored, batter out and R1 safe at 2B) and the manager did not come out. So did Hinch know he had a choice and wanted 1 out with 2 RISP vs. 2outs, 2runs and 1RISP? What about you coach, @beerguy55, @Rich Ives, do want the penalty or the play?
  24. Jimurray

    Penalty or play?

    Wow, that definitely is before the lob to 1B. Goatrope all around. Crew escaped a bunch of "what ifs".