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  1. Jimurray

    DH Rule ?

    As opposed to the NCAA and OBR DH rule? FED seems pretty simple compared to NCAA and OBR but usually no one pushes the envelope in NCAA and OBR so they seem simpler.
  2. Jimurray

    DH Rule ?

    FED: The DH could also take a defensive position. The DH role is terminated but the player who was the DH still can be in the game. The PO would be on the bench but would have one re-entry in the player's (who was the DH) batting order slot. That player who was the DH would also have one re-entry if he was replaced by a sub.
  3. Jimurray

    Cheatin SOB

  4. Jimurray

    Cheatin SOB

    I missed the Astros tag in your post @boyinr But while we take a grain of salt with everything on the WEB, the Astros might be cheatin SOBs also.
  5. Jimurray

    Cheatin SOB

    6 umps and two managers normally will not go there. But I thought the Cheating SOB was funny. If you think it was a profane attack we might have to revisit some other MLB manager ump discussions.
  6. Jimurray

    DH Rule ?

    FED: If the “Pitcher Only” stayed on defense the DH would continue to bat for him. If the PO was put on the bench the DH could bat for whoever came off the bench and replaced the PO at a defensive position. There’s more but you just wanted to know what happens to that spot. The batting order never changes.
  7. Jimurray

    Cheatin SOB

    Umps won't call it until someone complains.
  8. Jimurray

    You Make The Call

    “ART. 3 . . . The fielder without possession of the ball denies access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve.” Excerpt From 2018 NFHS Baseball Rules Book NFHS https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/2018-nfhs-baseball-rules-book/id1314997555?mt=11 This material may be protected by copyright.
  9. Jimurray

    Penalty or play?

    Astros at Rockies, 7/25, top 4, 1out, tied at 1.Runners at the corners, Reddick clips F2s glove but hits a dribbler to the pitcher who muffs it and and it's fielded by one of the infielders. Reddick stays there pointing at the glove while PU Layne points it and waits for something to happen. Typical CI goatrope. Infielder finally tosses the ball to 1B and I guess Layne then awarded Reddick 1B, forcing R1 to 2B and he returned R3, who had scored on the goatrope, to 3B. As expected at this level, game proceeded with no effort by Layne to ask the manager if he wanted the penalty or the play (run scored, batter out and R1 safe at 2B) and the manager did not come out. So did Hinch know he had a choice and wanted 1 out with 2 RISP vs. 2outs, 2runs and 1RISP? What about you coach, @beerguy55, @Rich Ives, do want the penalty or the play?
  10. Jimurray

    Penalty or play?

    No need to go to NY. Hinch goes to Layne and says he wants the play. Layne scores Altuve and calls Reddick out. Leaves R1 at 2B. Rockies manager comes out and says you can’t score Altuve, time was called. Layne says “I did signal but no one noticed or responded to the time signal except for some guy watching named @Gfoley4. But if you protest and win we might have to restart the game from this point. Hinch would then have the better percentage play as per another guy on the effing web site, @beerguy55 “ Rockies manager says nevermind Hinch did me a favor by picking the lower percentage option. But the crew did escape some other sht that could have happened.
  11. Jimurray

    Right Handed pitcher balks

    3B. Unless he hangs everything why couldn’t he continue and deliver a pitch? ”Rule 6.02(a)(1) Comment: If a left-handed or right-handed pitcher swings his free foot past the back edge of the pitcher’s rubber, he is required to pitch to the batter except to throw to second base on a pick-off play.”
  12. Jimurray

    Penalty or play?

    @beerguy55 FYI, I just saw this on a Rich Marazzi article: “Altuve crossed the plate on the play but Reddick never ran to first and was thrown out. Astros’ manager A.J. Hinch never exercised his option. He said,” I did consider taking the play as is, but I preferred to play for the bigger inning. One run in that ballpark never feels like enough, so I opted to take the bases loaded AB rather than concede an out.” Hinch knew he had the option. Whether the premature time call would have preclude allowing the score we don’t have to worry about.
  13. Jimurray

    Breakaway bases in FED

    If you want clarification get a lawyer and sue somebody, the umps that started the game on a wet field, the coaches that started the game on a wet field, the parents that saw a game being played on a wet field. Or all of the above that allowed it to be played with MLB bases. But if you have an opinion about Shutt being best, what is your rational behind that opinion? But with fixed bases there is one certain danger, head first slides that injure a digit. Should you make a rule to make pop up slide attempts illegal with break away bases?
  14. Jimurray

    Dropped 3rd with bases loaded

    The guy pretending to be an ump was not correct. “Rule 5.08 How a Team Scores (a) One run shall be scored each time a runner legally advances to and touches first, second, third and home base before three men are put out to end the inning. EXCEPTION: A run is not scored if the runner advances to home base during a play in which the third out is made (1) by the batter-runner before he touches first base; (2) by any runner being forced out; or (3) by a preceding runner who is declared out because he failed to touch one of the bases.“
  15. Jimurray


    Until OBR defined a legal position in the box circa 2012 I believe trained umpires would call it a foul ball in all codes if the batter was leaving the box but still had contact with the rear foot. FED had a rule and interp that no foot out of the box was in the box. The NCAA rule was: "Foul Ball SECTION 7. A foul ball is a legally batted ball that: e. Hits the batter in the batter’s box, or hits the dirt or home plate and then hits the batter or the bat, which is in the hand or hands of the batter, while in the batter’s box; or" But I'm not aware of any NCAA interp that defines in the box. But my 2012 BRD does reference the OBR change to the "legal position" as being now different than FED and NCAA and also says that NCAA is "in effect: same as FED." In practical application in other than OBR I find using the rear foot touching the box has the same effect as no foot out of the box when things are happening quickly.
  16. Jimurray


    He’s out in OBR unless the contact was in foul territory. In FED (HS) and NCAA (college) we would need to know where the back foot was doing when the contact happened.
  17. Jimurray

    Balk ? Pre- set, step off, fake to first

    The board has been hopping but I’m beginning to think I logged on to Umpire-Ebay But the OP mentioned this, “I've seen lots of pitchers start to come up to set their hands but step off quickly,” and we expounded upon it.
  18. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul

    In last nights COL-MIL game there was a foul fly down the RF line that went to replay for some reason. I did not see URF, Tumpane give a fair point but did see a time or foul call after the ball went out of play. It appears it was called fair and bases awarded but replay called it foul. This ball was foul even without the MLBUM interp but if Tumpane called it fair he did because he perceived some part of the ball over fair territory when it hit which would make it fair until the MLBUM interp or he used the MLBUM wording and called it fair because the depth of the ball's divot allowed it to be in contact with fair territory when it was in contact with the ground. The safest call, given the MLBUM interp, is fair. https://www.mlb.com/video/blackmons-foul-ball-on-review/c-2513622183?tid=63817564
  19. Jimurray

    Balk ? Pre- set, step off, fake to first

    At our levels it’s not a balk. I’ve seen MLB umps call balks as the pitcher is coming set and steps off. They see the stop of coming set and call the start stop balk while the pitcher is stepping off. If you perceive an arm movement as a move to come set or a feint and the step off is not simultaneous you could, but I wouldn’t, unless it was quite clear, call a balk.
  20. Jimurray

    2019 Changes

    It would be, but await the actual rule verbiage and the following video interps.
  21. Jimurray

    Balk ? Pre- set, step off, fake to first

    The pitcher did not have his hands together yet. He was looking in for his sign and stepped off while raising his arm to feint.
  22. Jimurray

    Balk ? Pre- set, step off, fake to first

    Pitcher had not come set yet but you would be correct if he had. There could be a remote possibility of a start to come set and stop balk in the OP depending on the timing but the OP says simultaneously.
  23. Jimurray

    Replay's finest moment

    Almost one year later an interesting parallel, F1 who rarely picked all year, snap throw, no balk, IR overturn: https://www.mlb.com/video/zobrist-safe-on-pickoff-attempt/c-2513187583?tid=63817564
  24. Jimurray

    Runner Hit by the ball

    There is no exception for a "drawn in infield" in the FED or OBR rule. The exception for a "thru or by" ball is for the umpire to determine if another fielder had a play and that determination is almost automatic when the infield is in.