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  1. Catcher's Interference on Steal of Home

    I think the pitch could be called a ball by definition. I lean towards CI for any move over HP but real world has it not called even with batters in the box with bat on their shoulder. Two triple steals in NCAA might actually have been CI.
  2. OBR Legal Windup Options

    With hands apart he can start a windup or he can just rare back and throw. Strop and others do that occasionally. Sometimes they get dinged for QP and sometimes not. MLB has eliminated the question of what a sideways pitcher is going to do but I'm waiting for a loophole to be taken advantage of. R3, sideways F1 declares windup, R3 thinks he can steal HP on the windup but F1 just throws home without winding up.
  3. How does this happen?

    Yeah, first inning, not yet time to pull the panic button.
  4. Proposed Rule Changes

    I would be surprised if the rules committee adopted the windup rule recommendation. It not only is as restrictive as FED for foot position but also restricts the chest position. Many pitchers like to start with hybrid body angle and can adjust their feet to comply with the FED foot position. The NCAA recommendation would even eliminate that.
  5. How does this happen?

    My first thought was that a cartel had money on the game.
  6. MLB Balk Rule

    A balk is always called when it happens or you process it. Time is called as per MLBUM. Less than 2 out, not a ball 4 or strike 3 pitch, R1 stealing on a wild pitch with a balk called, F2 throws R1 out at 3B. You confirm R3 is out, acknowledge the "no pitch" and reset the count and await your discussion with the offensive manager.
  7. MLB Balk Rule

    Acknowledgement would only happen on a wild pitch where R1, lets say, advanced to 2B safely or 3B safely or thrown out. You acknowledge the balk for the batter.
  8. MLB Balk Rule

    For the bolded, considered as a WP, the interp says the umpire "shall not call "Time"until all play has ceased (runners have stopped trying to advance and an fielder is inpossession of the ball in the infield)."
  9. MLB Balk Rule

    Added the red.
  10. MLB Balk Rule

    Literal reading of only the rule would not have you wrong and probably nobody would blink an eye if you left R2 at 3B. The MLBUM wording of "actual pitch" and the #5 "unless all runners advance one base because of ball four" wording are what clarifies the rule but not every umpire knows to buy an MLBUM or MilBUM every year or two. I wonder if this is even covered in any amateur OBR/NCAA clinics?
  11. MLB Balk Rule

    You're gonna have to tell @MadMax to only like the first sentence of your post also
  12. Where is the arrow pointing?

    Just started watching my DVRd TT Fla CWS game. Nice to see common sense was being applied with Florida pitcher Brady Singer’s windup.
  13. 3 feet, continuing to advance,

    Interesting play. Should Timmons have been more emphatic or did U3 actually call the out and Timmons was just mirroring the call. The announcers had no doubt Bellinger was out: https://www.mlb.com/video/must-c-odd-rundown-in-la/c-2242474983?tid=6479266
  14. 3 feet, continuing to advance,

    2017 MLBUM does not require a physical tag attempt. The fielder was moving to tag the runner.
  15. MLB Balk Rule

    So does OBR and NCAA. Just not right away I linked a thread with @noumpere s post but it keeps disappearing.
  16. MLB Balk Rule

    This is not concise but it is a good summary from PBUC/MLBUM courtesy of @noumpere. Second page, fourth post down.
  17. MLB Balk Rule

    Your R2 Sit is incorrect unless it is ball four wild pitch. @noumpere posted the MLBUM when to call time verbiage a while ago. He might want to repost it in this thread.
  18. MLB Balk Rule

    Don’t thank him. He got it wrong with R2 unless it was ball four wild pitch. The MLBUM has a section on when to call time on a balk. With R2 and a caught ball 4 you call time when the pitch is caught by the catcher. The balk is enforced and R2 is awarded 3B and the batter stays at the plate with 3 balls.
  19. Balk-batter hits ball everyone freezes

    Contgratulations! This may be your first year umpiring but you have achieved a level of understanding of the OBR balk rule beyond the comprehension of some multi year umpires. It also is within the comprehension of many other umpires but they don't care to make the effort to learn the rules. You will have to tread lightly among your unknowing cohorts and may have to grin and bear it. You have the correct ruling.
  20. Interference

    Is it possible that the catcher came up throwing in the opposite batters box to avoid the batter attempting to interfere? Catchers do that in leagues with umpires that have no training or ganas to call BI. It would be BI.
  21. end of game

    I think he can be put out for missing it but how would this be appealed? He has all the time in the world to touch 1B. There is an esoteric desertion out if he doesn't and enters the dugout. To me it's game over as it would be on ball 3.
  22. end of game

    But what appeal is @maven Waiting for? The BR could miss 1B if he went there but can he miss it if he doesn't go there.
  23. end of game

    Doesn't the rule apply only with bases loaded? I don't see why we would require the batter to go to 1B with only R3
  24. Coach Assist on a forced runner

    If you are dealing with an MLB scorekeeper when the assist took place at HP you would not have to indicate anything. Watch the run get put up and then taken down just on the out for assist with no appeal: http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/9780550/v11487843/must-c-curious-morgan-out-at-home-for-contact
  25. Coach Assist on a forced runner

    So we have this FED interp, "SITUATION 11: On a base hit to the outfield, the runner from third base comes home but misses touching home plate. The on-deck batter physically stops him and shoves him back to the plate, where he then touches it. RULING:Physical assistance by a teammate is not allowed unless both players are viable runners. The assisted runner is out and his run does not count. (2-21-1c, 5-1-2f, 3-2-2)," and an MLB occurrence where a runner missed HP and was called out for coach assist. The runner now is out and cannot legally correct his miss even if he did get pushed back to the plate. But it appears FED and OBR/MLB doesn't require an appeal of missing HP to not score the run. What if we had bases loaded with 2 outs and an extra base hit. R3 scores while R2 misses 3B while rounding it and the coach physically grabs him to push him back to 2B. The ump calls R2 out for the third out. Do we require an appeal of the miss to unscore the run or do we consider it an out on a forced runner.