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  1. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    Do not watch with volume up. "MUTE WARNING"
  2. Jump spin from modified

    Why would where the pivot foot ended up matter in a move, throw, feint, to 2B?
  3. Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    So this was 3 man. I don't understand U3's position with R1 and R3. And did U1 react to PU and cover home or take the BR to 2B?
  4. Set position

    I have him raising his foot during the delivery which started after the stop at the chin. But @noumpere has a point.
  5. Set position

    I don't know what that violates in the set position rule but possibly we infer no raising of the foot because one step backward and forward is allowed in the windup rule. But I think I have seen pro pitchers toe tap during a set delivery.
  6. Set position

    Isn't part of his glove at the chin when he comes set?
  7. Set position

    I have legs moving after the first stop so the second stop would not be a balk. It would be part of his delivery to the plate.
  8. Set position

    The stop at the chin is a valid stop. I have him starting his motion after that.
  9. Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    With R1 wouldn't the PU have all of the rundown until R1 brought the BU to 3B? Didn't the BU overcommit to 3B and missed R1s touch of 2B.
  10. Dislodged base after slide

    Basically the OBR approved ruling.
  11. Squeeze Play

    Some might make the semantic argument in FED that the bailing batter's swing was not obstructed. That argument would be refuted by a current caseplay. That argument also was used to support non calls of two college triple steals in years past that might actually have been CI. NCAA later came out with an interp that did not require a batter's swing to be hindered.
  12. Squeeze Play

    Sorry to resurrect this from last year but what @maven says bears renewing in your mind every year or actually anytime there is an R3:
  13. Drop 3rd

    It used to be a no call in OBR but they changed the rule and the MLBUM interp in 2013. Distance up the line is no longer relevant.
  14. Drop 3rd

    Because most of the time it would be an out anyway.