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  1. A botched EJ situation - how to help partner

    Hey Michael....I saw your site as a regular poster from Ask the Ump.....good topic here. I have done a lot of Orlando area travel ball mostly now in the 14-18 range but have done my share of 10-12 under. don't disagree that you have to be ready to toss any of them if they cross the line and while it may be a little jagged individually we all know it when it happens. Definitely agree it is a lose-lose if you let them go to the rulebook. I love what you said how "it won't end well for them if they do it." Missed calls are part of baseball at all levels, all we can do is read up on them constantly and attend mechanics and other clinics to be as sharp as we can be. Thanks for the post opp.
  2. A botched EJ situation - how to help partner

    Probably the worst thing in this example is we are talking about ejecting a coach in a 9U game? That said, I usually will take a little behind the plate about select pitches. Certainly not going to take a constant questioning of my strike zone, nor allow the rule book or change places actions to happen without severe warning or ejection. The key is to establish control right away as I don't think many coaches in this type of division are interested in getting ejected. I have also found the occassional between inning private sidebar with the team manager (who may not be the coach in question) gets their attention about how the rest of the game is going to go and whether or not they want to be a part of it.