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  1. You're A Grand Old Mask...!

    Now I never have to wonder what would happen if Ted Nugent and a Wilson Dyna-Lite had a baby... h/t Uni Watch
  2. Uniform Requirements

    My New Balance high-cut plate shoes. Most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn in my life. But if ever forced to choose between umpiring a game with NB plate shoes or my Nutty Buddy, you'll find me behind the dish in flip flops...
  3. Two types of coaches

    Had this gem from over the weekend. Babe Ruth game, bottom 6, bases loaded, 2 out, VT up by 2. Batter has already seen a few pitches (think the count was 2-1) and VT coach suddenly yells from the dugout, "Hey Blue, they've got the wrong batter! #33 is up, should be #11, that's the third out." [You probably can guess where this is going...] VT players start walking off the field. I call "Time" and tell everyone to go back to their positions. I look over to the HT coach who's already talking to an asst. who's keeping the book. Coach looks down the bench at a player and I hear him say coolly, "Devon, you're at bat. Get up there." Think he knew he dodged a bullet there. While proper batter is walking to the plate, VT coach comes out to tell me the inning is over for "batting out of order." I tell him he appealed too early and explain the proper time to appeal BOO - and he's looking at me like I have two heads. He got hot under the collar but didn't get personal w/ me or say anything to get dumped. Proper batter finally comes to bat. He takes a ball, then he dumps the next pitch way over F9 for bases-clearing triple. (He scored on wild pitch before pop out ended the inning.) After the triple, VT coach yells out, "This is f*-ing' unbelievable!" Don't know if that was directed at me or his players...doesn't really matter...I tossed him. VT went in order in top 7, game over. There are two types of coaches. Those who know the rules. And those who think they do.
  4. Catcher not in control of mask

    I'm assuming this 11U catcher is wearing a hockey style mask? Or at least a mask attached by snaps to a helmet? We're not talking about a mask strapped over a skull cap here. Maybe it's a HTBT sitch, but how does an 11U catcher fling off a HSM with enough velocity to hit an umpire in the face - multiple times?
  5. Father's Day Masks

    Agreed - you got to look sharp from the moment you step onto the field. I guess my style is more subdued and traditional, like dressing for a job interview. So I don't accessorize with "loud" colors. YES! Anytime I'm wearing navy I've got the matte grey Wilson bucket or a silver Diamond w/tan pads. Never liked the black mask with navy.
  6. Father's Day Masks

    Really...? I remember military-themed caps but not camouflage pads. Interested to see what that looked like.
  7. Father's Day Masks

    I believe the cause behind wearing those masks is great. Personally, I'm not a fan of the light blue and pink masks. As an umpire, the less attention I'm drawing to myself the better for game management. I also think it's more difficult to take an umpire wearing those masks seriously - just my opinion. I'd be fine myself wearing more discrete signs of support - e.g., blue/pink wristbands or pins or patches. Also, where is a tasteful line to draw when it comes to customized masks? Do we expect someday to see patriotic-themed masks (red upper padding, blue lower padding, white frame) for July 4? Or camo pads for Memorial Day weekend?
  8. Narrowing Down Chest Protectors

    I used to own the Diamond iX3. Skip it. Hard shell ONLY. I recommend Champion. I've had it for two seasons and it's taken shots from 16U pitching - including a batted foul ball that went direct to my chest. I felt nothing. An inning later my partner comes in to talk and tells me my bottom shirt button is gone. The ball had shattered it and I found pieces of it lying behind the plate. Ultimately, take @kylejt's advice...find the [hard shell] CP that fits you. My other CP is Wilson Gold and the main reason I bought that instead of Wilson Platinum is I tried them both on at a retailer and the Gold fit me better.
  9. Diamond iX3 or Big League

    I've used that mask at games from Cal Ripken to varsity. I've also seen minor league umps wearing the Diamond at the AA level.
  10. Diamond iX3 or Big League

    @BrianC14 - I have the Diamond iX3. Scrapped the pads after one game and installed Team Wendy pads (tan). Best decision I've ever made for my face...next to my Harry's razor subscription.
  11. Fielder wearing batting glove on throwing hand - is that legal?

    Yeah, wasn't planning to make him take the glove off. It was just one of those youth games where between calling 12 consecutive balls your mind starts to wander a bit and you think...hey, I've never noticed a fielder wear a batting glove on his throwing hand before...wonder if that's legal...never seen it covered in a rule book...I think after the game I'll ask the guys over at Umpire-Empire what they know...what if this comes up in a meaningful game and the oppo coach starts complaining and something as silly as a batting glove becomes a problem because I never asked... That's kinda where I'm coming from. And did I mention this happened on a cool New England evening, around 7pm? Low 50's, maybe high 40's with the wind chill. Partly cloudy with a steady 8-10 mph breeze blowing from the southwest.
  12. Fielder wearing batting glove on throwing hand - is that legal?

    It was a darker color, likely black from where I could see.
  13. Fielder wearing batting glove on throwing hand - is that legal?

    It was a cool New England evening - low 50's. That's my only guess as to why F9 wore that batting glove. But I can't recall ever seeing that in a game before, even ones I've called in colder weather.
  14. While umpiring Cal Ripken game today, I noticed F9 was wearing a batting glove on his throwing hand. Can fielders (other than pitcher) legally wear a batting glove on their throwing hand? Is that point covered in any rule set?