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  1. Knee Pop

    As U1, I’m like looking at that front knee and trying to discern one move or two.
  2. Call at the plate

    Hmm, bad according to who? I had a coach this year yell, “That’s a bad call!” from the 3B dugout on a play at first base. It wasn’t even that close and I’m 100% sure I got it right. My partners agreed with my call too. “Bad” is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is wrong much of the time.
  3. Funny F2

    I hate it more when it happened 2 years ago. [emoji48]
  4. Umpire interference?

    The correct call? "I'm an idiot. Play on..." A fielder running into an umpire is nothing. Don't look up, look at the fielders - they'll take you to the ball.
  5. Out of Baseline No Call

    I had a partner use "step and a reach" when a coach argued his out of the base path call. The coach wasn't happy with the explanation because he said that's not in the rulebook. My partner was pretty green so I intervened in the argument and told the coach that he was correct, but that umpires use "step and a reach" to approximate 3 feet. He accepted the explanation and we got the game going again. Just another case where using something other than rulebook terminology can get you in trouble.
  6. Mike Estabrook helmet/traditional mask

    It looks odd, but I would never fault a guy for seeking a safer way to do this job.
  7. Great Call at the Plate. Excellent Mechanics

    Adam Dowdy. He worked several hundred MLB games as a call-up umpire. He also happened to be the lead instructor for plays at the plate and being a 360 degree umpire at the Black and Blue Umpire 3-man Camp last year in Riverside, CA. Dude is a straight up badass. And a super nice guy to boot.
  8. Catch/no catch in regional

    Typical asshole behavior by the player. I tried to showboat, effed up the catch and now I'm going to blame it on the umpire. Go F*#K yourself, kid.
  9. Chirping Assistant

    A friend of mine shut down a pitching coach in a college game recently. He heard some comments from the dugout, looked at the guy and said, "Who ARE you? The message being that he's not the head coach and needs to STFU. It was also a message to the head coach that he needs to take care of it. The coach turned tail and headed to the back of the dugout. YMMV.
  10. It actually makes more sense when you see why they called it after the fact. Although if Fonzie knew he was in the set, he should have called it. But that would only be one umpire brainfarting rather than four.
  11. Balk and Base Awards

    This thread is a good example of why Fed makes balks immediately dead. There is a lot to learn pertaining to delayed dead balks and thousands of umpires would be all over the place in their rulings.
  12. Balk and Base Awards

    Time should be called when the catcher catches the pitch. R1 awarded second.
  13. Rules Survey

    I thought they were asking if they should mirror the new MLB rule limiting the total number of mound visits (by anyone) to 6 for the game.
  14. Right-handed pitcher move to first

    Jim Evans demonstrates this move in his balk video. It's awkward, but a legal move.
  15. Pitching from the stretch

    Depends on the rule set. In Fed (HS), this would be a balk with runners on base. In OBR and NCAA, this is a legal set.
  16. Yup - just like coaches out of the coaches boxes.
  17. Ignore it unless someone says something.
  18. Modified Force3 Tights

    A friend of mine had an extra pair of McDavid Hexpad shorts that were made for rugby players, and he gave them to me so I could incorporate the hexpads into my Force3 tights. The pads on the rugby shorts are placed on the outside of the thighs, so they are not in a good position to absorb a straight on shot. I took them to a seamstress and for $40 they cut the pads out of the shorts and sewed them into the tights. The result is great protection on the inner thigh where the kevlar inserts are positioned, and good protection on the front of the thigh as well. Here is the result:
  19. High School Playoffs

    For those interested, you can watch the CIF-SS Division IV Final tonight (10pm ET) on the NFHS Network (free to register). I will be U2. https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/cifss/gamee15dbcbef
  20. Modified Force3 Tights

    Thanks Max. But I don't really care about being acknowledged or getting any kind of credit. I am much more interested in having good products available for umpires.
  21. High School Playoffs

    Thanks Kevin - it's a privilege to have the opportunity to instruct in our association. I believe there is no better high school umpiring association in the country and it's run by a group of guys that truly want everyone to improve and advance. Looking forward to working a CIF Final tomorrow.
  22. Time Out for baserunners

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  23. Interference with R2 and R3 both on 3B

    Yes, but it would be highly unusual. Like if there was an overthrow and the ball was in the outfield, at which time the runner turned home and ran into a fielder. If the ball is anywhere near the fielders in the rundown when the runner was obstructed, it's safer to call type 1 and kill the play.
  24. Interference with R2 and R3 both on 3B

    Okay - then this is an immediate dead ball, R3 awarded home and R2 to third if you feel he would have gotten there if not for the obstruction (sounds like he advanced there during the rundown). In OBR, almost all rundowns are type 1 obstruction. The only time it wouldn't be is if the defense had already thrown the ball away and then the runner was hindered.
  25. Interference with R2 and R3 both on 3B

    1) You should have awarded home. 2) Since R2 achieved third base during the rundown, then keep him there after R3 is awarded home. This is obstruction, not interference. The offense interferes, the defense obstructs. What rule set? I ask because in Fed, all obstruction is delayed dead. If OBR or NCAA, this would be type one obstruction (play being made on the runner) and an immediate dead ball. In either case there is a mandatory one base award and since the obstruction occurred between 3rd and home, you would award the runner home. In Fed, the award is at least one base from where the obstruction occurred - doesn't matter where the runner was going - he's awarded home in this case. In OBR and NCAA, you would call time and award the runner home, and place other runners where they would have ended up if the obstruction hadn't happened (R2 to third).