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  1. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    I think the latter would be wise...
  2. grayhawk

    U1 in 3 Man

    Going out from the inside is certainly not common, but two SEC umpires should recognize it and act accordingly. Nobody's perfect!
  3. grayhawk

    Picking off a runner

    OBR and NCAA: Legal play as long as he throws. NFHS: Balk. R1 to second.
  4. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Thanks Kevin. Its been great being home and getting out as well. It'll be fun being the rules interpreter again, and it appears I'll be handling ejections as well. That will be interesting.
  5. grayhawk

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Thanks - I’m home and getting stronger every day. No opinion on his zone. He’s missed a few which is expected. I’m more interested in mechanics because that’s how to fix an inconsistent zone.
  6. grayhawk

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Watching the NE Regional Championship PU reminds me of why verbaling strikes down is a bad mechanic. I think it makes him come up too quick on balls and he’s struggling with the crowd because they think he’s going to call a strike on some close pitches but he’s not.
  7. grayhawk

    It is all Angel's Fault

    Way too much has been made out of one pitch in a 10-6 ball game.
  8. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Been doing rehab 3 hours a day since July 13th. Finally going home Tuesday! I’m more than ready since I’ve been in a hospital since my accident on the 5th.
  9. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Thanks Jeff - all of the support that I have gotten has made a huge difference in my recovery. About sliding past the bag, I think it’s important to understand that when a fielder is on or in front of the bag, rather than behind it, and the runner makes contact and then slides through the bag that this is not an FPSR violation as long as the slide is otherwise legal. So in this case the runner sliding past the bag is legal, but the fact that he doesn’t have one leg and buttock on the ground prior to contacting the fielder makes this an illegal slide and an FPSR violation.
  10. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Going past the bag isn’t why this is FPSR, IMO. The fielder wasn’t behind the bag when contact first occurred. I have FPSR because the runner didn’t have his leg and buttuck on the ground prior to contacting the fielder. As others have said, being “safe” on the play itself is irrelevant.
  11. grayhawk

    Force play slide INT video

    I have a legal slide. The fielder is in front of the bag, not to the side, and not in a protected area. The res of the slide is legal as well.
  12. grayhawk

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Hey all, Thank you so much for the concern, prayers and well wishes. I’m two weeks into a month long rehab at Long Beach Memorial Acute Rehab Hospital and my progress is evident every day. I’m walking with a walker and getting stronger. The amount of support I have received, especially from the brotherhood, has been unbelievable and humbling. My wife and I truly appreciate those that have donated to our gofundme as that money will be used to help me transition back home safely. My goal is absolutely to get back on the field as soon as possible, and I believe that is God’s plan for me. Along with my wife’s help, we are going to win this battle together. All my best, Steve
  13. grayhawk


    Keep that guy at the plate that leans into the pitch this year.
  14. grayhawk

    Another "OOO"??

    This is why people hate umpires. To answer your question, is this “OOO?” Absolutely not. It’s ODMFO (Overly Dumb Mother F’ing Official.”
  15. grayhawk

    Runner Interference...ruling?

    It's part of it, but the rules makers still had to decide what to do with the BR once the interference occurred.
  16. grayhawk

    Runner Interference...ruling?

    Because the rules makers decided that getting two outs is too punitive when two outs wouldn't have resulted without the interference. The other option would have been to call out the BR and send all runners (including the interfering runner), back to their bases at the time of the interference. That's not punitive enough because the BR would have been out anyway.
  17. grayhawk

    How quickly they forget

    The butthurt is strong with Arkansas fans. The pitch the previous inning caught the hollow of the knee. The pitch that led to the ejection was down. The pitch that ended the game also caught the hollow. There was one pitch that I can remember that was called a strike that was just barely down, and a couple that were outside that were called strikes. If we were able to look at Burleson's plot, I suspect that it would look a whole lot like and MLB umpire's plot.
  18. grayhawk

    Runner Interference...ruling?

    No. The catch is irrelevant since it never happened. While we are waiting to actually kill the play until the fair/foul status can be determined, the play is functionally dead the instant the interference occurs. You can get two outs if the bases were loaded and the ball was fair and ruled an infield fly. In that case, R3 would be out for interference and the batter-runner would be out on the infield fly.
  19. grayhawk

    Is this a balk or not? (Video)

    The first video you posted isn’t a jump turn. A legal jump turn to first means jumping in the air with the right foot coming down at the same time as the left foot, with the right foot towards third and the left foot towards first. The feet must land before the throw. In your video, the pitcher stepped back towards first with his pivot foot and then stepped with his left foot and threw. It’s simply an illegal step and a balk. There’s a reason nobody outside Russia tries this.
  20. grayhawk

    Is this a balk or not? (Video)

    That's a jump turn, which is also legal to first base. I am talking about the pivot foot moving first, which did not happen in the video above.
  21. grayhawk

    Runner Interference...ruling?

    Scenario 1: When the interference occurs, the umpire should point and say, "That's interference!" and then wait for the fair/foul status of the ball the be determined. Once fair/foul is determined, he should call time. R3 is out for interference. Because the ball was foul, the batter returns to bat with a 1-2 count. Scenario 2: When the interference occurs, the umpire should point and say, "Time! That's interference!" Since the ball is obviously fair, there is no need to wait for the fair/foul status of the ball to be determined. R2 is out for interference. Because the ball was fair, the batter is awarded first base.
  22. grayhawk

    Is this a balk or not? (Video)

    If the pitcher moves his pivot foot first, he can either step backwards off the rubber to disengage (which did not happen here), or he may step with his pivot foot towards third base provided that he then steps with his free foot towards first base in one continuous motion (this also did not happen here). When a pitcher steps towards third with the pivot foot, sometimes called a jab step, prior to stepping and throwing to first, he is still considered to be engaged with the rubber. There's a section in the MiLBUM that maps out the step. Stepping with his pivot foot towards the base is neither of these, and is not considered to be a legal step. Guest Anton, there are some things that the rule book doesn't spell out directly, so umpires use official interpretations that are published in other manuals. The Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual (MiLBUM) and the Major League Umpire Manual (MLBUM) are two of these publications.
  23. grayhawk

    No call or Out

    Ditto. This is not level dependent in my experience.
  24. grayhawk

    Late force out call

    Do umpires make mistakes? Of course. You know who also makes mistakes? Players, coaches and fans when they claim umpires made a “bad call.” We get a lot of them right that the participants just KNOW we got wrong. I won’t even go into rules interpretations.
  25. grayhawk

    CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    I don't think F6 stepped to his right to draw the call (I know that's not what you're saying). He was going to throw and then saw nobody covering first base. He double-clutched and then threw hoping someone would get to the throw. I don't think R1's actions had anything to do with F6's hesitation, but on FPSR, the usual axiom of "no hinderance, no interference" doesn't apply.