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  1. grayhawk

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    Angels and Royals
  2. grayhawk

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    Well, I'm no Dodgers fan so rub it in as much as you want!
  3. grayhawk

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    When I saw it live, it looked to me like Bellinger touched the base prior to the ball reaching F3, and nothing on replay shows otherwise. Would a true throw have retired Bellinger? It's possible. However, F3 was taking the throw inside and the throw tailed out, preventing F3 from being able to stretch to receive it. There is some validity to giving the benefit of the doubt to the defense on this play, but I am okay with the no call.
  4. grayhawk

    Interesting Play

    As Ives explains, this is not an overrun. The BR achieved first base, and left the base. He needs to be tagged to be put out, unless called out for abandonment.
  5. grayhawk

    Interesting Play

    Personally, I would not use the force reinstatement rule because this is not a force out. I would require the runner to be tagged unless I called him out for abandonment.
  6. grayhawk


    I take "(no foot is entirely outside of the batter’s box)" in the second case play to mean that this was not an illegally batted ball. Unless the batter has completely left the batter's box when the ball hits him, it's a foul ball in Fed (as the first case play illustrates).
  7. grayhawk

    2019 Changes

    Sounds to me like the ball hit him and not the other way around. Award him 1B.
  8. grayhawk

    Video about the Brotherhood

    Actually, the interviews were post accident.
  9. grayhawk

    Video about the Brotherhood

    This video was produced by the Ryan Lemmon Foundation which is a huge supporter of high school baseball here in Orange County. They wanted to show the behind the scenes of high school umpires and their families. Great inside look of the brotherhood!
  10. You should keep it - it's the best CP out there. I love mine.
  11. grayhawk


    I never have to deal with it at upper levels - batters don't do it.
  12. grayhawk


    Was there any talk about the South Korea batters almost standing on the plate in the championship game? Once they got behind by 3 runs and the lines were gone, most of them had their front foot no more than an inch from the plate. I suppose we all deal with it differently, but it should have been addressed. Kudos to the Hawaii pitcher for pitching through it and even busting them inside which turned the advantage they were trying to gain into their own disadvantage,
  13. grayhawk

    @Grayhawk GoFundMe

    Thanks for trying! Not sure if there's still a problem - there might be since the last donation was 8 days ago. I'll check it out.
  14. grayhawk

    LLWS 2018

    Iowa/Michigan B5 - RLI no call. Batter was dirty all the way and the throw hit hit his hand on his last stride to the base. Definitely should have been called.
  15. grayhawk

    Walk off balk

    If I see it, I'm calling this in any HS or college game that I'm working.
  16. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    I think the latter would be wise...
  17. grayhawk

    U1 in 3 Man

    Going out from the inside is certainly not common, but two SEC umpires should recognize it and act accordingly. Nobody's perfect!
  18. grayhawk

    Picking off a runner

    OBR and NCAA: Legal play as long as he throws. NFHS: Balk. R1 to second.
  19. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Thanks Kevin. Its been great being home and getting out as well. It'll be fun being the rules interpreter again, and it appears I'll be handling ejections as well. That will be interesting.
  20. grayhawk

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Thanks - I’m home and getting stronger every day. No opinion on his zone. He’s missed a few which is expected. I’m more interested in mechanics because that’s how to fix an inconsistent zone.
  21. grayhawk

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Watching the NE Regional Championship PU reminds me of why verbaling strikes down is a bad mechanic. I think it makes him come up too quick on balls and he’s struggling with the crowd because they think he’s going to call a strike on some close pitches but he’s not.
  22. grayhawk

    It is all Angel's Fault

    Way too much has been made out of one pitch in a 10-6 ball game.
  23. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Been doing rehab 3 hours a day since July 13th. Finally going home Tuesday! I’m more than ready since I’ve been in a hospital since my accident on the 5th.
  24. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Thanks Jeff - all of the support that I have gotten has made a huge difference in my recovery. About sliding past the bag, I think it’s important to understand that when a fielder is on or in front of the bag, rather than behind it, and the runner makes contact and then slides through the bag that this is not an FPSR violation as long as the slide is otherwise legal. So in this case the runner sliding past the bag is legal, but the fact that he doesn’t have one leg and buttock on the ground prior to contacting the fielder makes this an illegal slide and an FPSR violation.
  25. grayhawk

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Going past the bag isn’t why this is FPSR, IMO. The fielder wasn’t behind the bag when contact first occurred. I have FPSR because the runner didn’t have his leg and buttuck on the ground prior to contacting the fielder. As others have said, being “safe” on the play itself is irrelevant.