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  1. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    Just for clarity, those statements were being made by the coaches (and fans, of course). My responses to the head coach were brief, using rule book terminology.
  2. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    I had this play on Sunday. With one out, R1 is stealing on the 3-2 pitch. The RH batter swings at a slider in the dirt and steps completely in front of the plate. F2 picks it clean and comes up to throw and cocks his arm but doesn't throw (definitely hindered by the batter). I call the batter out on strikes and R1 out for the BI. It wasn't a popular call. "He has to throw it." "He had no chance to throw out the runner." I even got, from the batter, "Didn't you see me tip it?" (he missed the pitch by a foot).
  3. Online Clinic

    Mine stops at 3:16 on slide 1. I'll try on my iPad to see if that changes anything.
  4. Safe or Out

    I think it’s okay in situations like you described, but on the play in the video, BU saw the whole thing (albeit from a terrible angle) and simply judged safe. Without the benefit of video, if PU sees it differently, who’s to say he’s right?
  5. 2 ball bags behind the plate?

    My 2017 numbers are a little understated. It's probably more like 120 games, but I worked a bunch of "free man" games this fall that I didn't record. "Free man" as in, jumping on someone else's solo or 2 man game to work 3 man for little or no money. I probably worked about 40 3 man games in 2017 to gain experience to make a push to get invited to work D2 baseball. Hoping it makes a difference in the next year or two.
  6. 2 ball bags behind the plate?

    I have never had an assigner give any direction with respect to number of ball bags.
  7. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    Coordinators look for people that know how to work. I suspect CaBlue attended a camp to show his capability which is why he was added to a roster. He will now have to score an 85 or better on the NCAA test to keep his schedule.
  8. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    Do you have any St. Katherine's games at Poway? Maybe we're working together.
  9. Any update for brd

    Seems like I read that they were doing a complete format change of the book, so it's no wonder they had to skip a year.
  10. Balk Question

    I've had varsity coaches try to convince me to call a balk on this. Yeaaahh...no.
  11. My thoughts on the 2017 World Series

    I thought Miller's zone was fine too. Yes, his zone favors pitchers, for the most part, but it didn't seem to matter since the game was 13-12. I would be curious to see @Gil put together a report card on Miller's zone since it seems to be a hot topic among the unwashed masses who are using the superimposed box on the TV to render judgment. I'd rather see real data.
  12. Black and Blue clinics

    It was humbling. That is an incredible instructional staff they have put together. I walked in hoping to get onto the radar of a couple of coordinators and walked out knowing that I have a great deal yet to learn. If I want to get noticed for all the right reasons, I'm going to have to work even harder (and smarter) over the next year to make that happen. I was impressed with many of the other campers as well. Overall, it was the best thing I could have done for myself and am looking forward to next year.
  13. As we all know, two man is a series of trade offs. The trade off here appears to be which you value more: (1) the potential illegal slide at second and potential pulled foot/swipe tag at first, or (2) the potential play at third base. Clearly, the safe/out at third is the most important call since calls on runners closer to home are more critical. However, it's also the least likely scenario (R1 safe at second and advancing). The potential illegal slide is also important and fairly infrequent, while the pulled foot/swipe tag is the most likely but happens furthest from home. MiLB appears to value the potential play at third the most, even though it's less likely to occur.
  14. Backswing INT vs foul ball situation

    If a catcher steps in front of the plate to receive a pitch with R3 stealing, it's CI even if the batter never takes the bat off his shoulder. I recognize that this is a specific situation, but the rules makers decided to call it CI anyway.