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  1. UIL State Tournament Batter interference

    From what I could see, he called the strike on the batter, and then saw the interference and immediately called time. Didn't look like he pointed and called the interference - just called time as soon as the catcher was hindered.
  2. MHSAA Finals

    That's awesome Jeff. I know you worked really hard to get there and so glad it was the experience you were hoping for. I was also selected to work a final this year, and I had a great time and worked with 3 really good umpires.
  3. Can you do anything here?

    Our HS association requires U3 to be in C when he's inside. CCA allows B or C and I would say 80% of the umpires that I know prefer B. It's just a better look at the most likely tag on a steal of second base.
  4. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    That's a sweet Nike setup with those pads. Wish I could afford it.
  5. Can you do anything here?

    I'm not a fan of deep C (in 3 or 4 man) with R1 stealing. The potential issues are: 1. Runners slide to the outside of the bag, and the angle from C is not good. B gives you a much better look for the most likely tag locations. 2. Being deep in C gives you only an instant to see the critical action. The reason is because the ball is supposed to turn you to the play and if you're deep, you have to turn at the last second. If you are in regular C (if B isn't an option in your association), then you can turn earlier and even wrap around a little to get a better angle.
  6. Can you do anything here?

    They probably interviewed the announcers who thought that only in pro ball does the offense get the choice of the penalty or the result of the play. Unfortunately, it seems the crew on the field didn't know the rule any better.
  7. Can you do anything here?

    I get what you’re saying, but if I’m the defensive coach, I’m saying that you called time and it doesn’t matter that the players kept playing. Which coach is more likely to win a protest?
  8. Where is the arrow pointing?

    Which makes us look like the assholes when we call it during the season.
  9. Can you do anything here?

    Agree with all of the above, and as you said, the "rectify situation" rule (10-2-3L) doesn't provide enough latitude to "unkill" a play.
  10. Glove Knocked Off - Detached Equipment?

    Those guys could be two of a hundred umpires whose posts I’ve read on Facebook.
  11. I agree with you in NCAA and OBR, but once a fielder misplays a ball in Fed and has to move from his original location, he cannot regain his protection. This would be obstruction in Fed.
  12. Knee Pop

    As U1, I’m like looking at that front knee and trying to discern one move or two.
  13. Call at the plate

    Hmm, bad according to who? I had a coach this year yell, “That’s a bad call!” from the 3B dugout on a play at first base. It wasn’t even that close and I’m 100% sure I got it right. My partners agreed with my call too. “Bad” is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is wrong much of the time.
  14. Funny F2

    I hate it more when it happened 2 years ago. [emoji48]
  15. Umpire interference?

    The correct call? "I'm an idiot. Play on..." A fielder running into an umpire is nothing. Don't look up, look at the fielders - they'll take you to the ball.