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  1. Should the base umpire intervene?

    I agree, but walking halfway down the LF line and pointing to where the coach believed the ball hit the ground is akin to a batter drawing a line. There’s a difference between disagreeing with a call and showing up the umpire.
  2. LL Omission/Loophole?

    I don’t have my LL books anymore, but aren’t the balks under 8.05? I think the first one is the start/stop balk.
  3. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    "Two guys with bats, please." Works every time in HS and college - never had anyone argue.
  4. Home run, fake throw, passing

    BR is out for passing and it’s s time play so no runs score in your scenario.
  5. It’s impossible to have a force play when a batted ball is caught in flight.
  6. Force3 Shin Fit

    Took a hard shot to my right shin guard yesterday - didn't feel a thing.
  7. What's there to say about it? It's in black and white and they got it wrong. MLB umpires are the best in the business, but are not infallible.
  8. Are you referring to the incorrect application of the passing rule? If so, I'm not sure there was much to say. They got it wrong. Just matter of fact. This ejection, however, is purely subjective and a more interesting conversation.
  9. Not a fan of this ejection at all. Very minor little bat flip and Rendon never looked in his direction nor uttered a word. Martinez likely said something with the intention of getting tossed, so that one was probably warranted (though it should have never been necessary in the first place).
  10. Hit by pitch walk off denied

    What I believe happened was the 1B coach saw the BR didn’t run to first, so he came down to tell him to advance. The opposing coach saw this, and ran out and made a verbal appeal. The umpire granted the appeal at about the same time as the BR started to run. If I’m the umpire and saw the BR start to advance right as the coach is requesting an appeal, then I am not allowing the appeal under the rule that all runners must be given the opportunity to complete their awards before an appeal can be made.
  11. High School Hybrid Stance

    Does Michigan use NFHS rules?
  12. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    Yes, he uses it in all his games, including college.
  13. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    A buddy of mine uses this CP and loves it.
  14. Rain!

    I know, right? If not for the rain, I would have 49 games in the books instead of only 45.
  15. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    I don't use a cup pouch - it just doesn't keep the rim of the cup tight against my body. The boxer brief/Nutty Buddy (or any good cup)/regular jock/compression shorts combo is the best solution for me. I just use the cheap Franklin jocks that I bought at Wal Mart several years ago and they do the job.