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  1. Catcher hits batter's bat

    Thanks all. I agree with the concensus. @noumpere... the reason I posted it here is because nobody posts on the softball threads!
  2. Catcher hits batter's bat

    Interested to hear what everyone thinks. This happened in a USSSA U18 softball game. Here's the situation: F2 receives pitch and attempts pickoff throw to F5. But throw hits the batter's bat. Batter was still in the batter's box. There was clearly no attempt by the batter to hinder F2. I was in the field. My partner called the batter out for interference. Here's USSSA Rule 7.12: A batter shall not interfere with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by leaning over home plate. By stepping out of the batter’s box, by making any other movement which hinders action at home or the catcher’s attempt to play on a runner, or by failing to make a reasonable effort to vacate congested area when there is a throw to home and there is time for the batter to move away. PENALTY: Dead ball; the batter is out. Was "out" the right call?