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  1. Hello all, i have two Champion hardshell cp's and a pair of Diamond shins that I'm looking to sell. One of them is the "13 and the other is "15. The "13 was slightly used and the "15 is new. Im asking $90 for all three,if interested pm me.
  2. How much for a Douglas?

    Great! I was unaware of this,thanks guys!
  3. How much for a Douglas?

    Hello everyone. There is a veteran in my association who is toying wih the idea of selling his Douglas CP,which he said he bought a couple of years ago. My question is how much would you pay for a Douglas cp? How much do you think a brand new Douglas would go for? Thanks in advance!
  4. ump-attire sale!

    Just a heads up for anyone looking to buy new gear..ump-attire has an 11% off sale all day till midnight.
  5. "Wish List" for my LL Umpires

    I have a hardshell champion cp 13' and a rawlings mask that are both in great condition,great asking price. Pm if interested
  6. The Wilson Platinum

    The WV platinum is great! No desire of wearing anything else at the moment!
  7. Look what I found ??

    The all star shin guards look ok. If they would only have the hard shell ankle plates.
  8. Look what I found ??

    Very nice! Anxious to hear reviews!
  9. Look what I found ??

    Wow..is this what everyone has been waiting for??
  10. Wearing Mask and Hat

    First thing,never wear your hat backwards. Have you tried adjusting your mask harness? Seems like you might have it too loose.
  11. Trying to stay cool when it's 90!

    Hey guys, saw this on the other forum. Cheaper as well. What are your thoughts? .... http://www.amazon.co...8417788-0466251,
  12. Shin Guards

    I have been using the Wilson platinum shin guards and they're great! The protection is superior,they're confortable and pretty much bullet proof! I wouldn't use anything else other than giving the Wilson gold sg's a try!
  13. reebock catcher gear ??

    I assumed it was a Nike frame by the looks of it. The frame looked identical to the Nike mask frame.Looked nice with the all black wrap arounds.
  14. reebock catcher gear ??

    I also watched this game and noticed that as well. Also the "Reebok" catchers mask's frame looks identical to the Nike frame. The only difference was the Reebok pads. By the way, did you see Scott Barry's mask? Nice combo..Nike titanium frame with all black Wilson wrap around pads!
  15. Looking to trade sg's

    Hello everyone. I have a pair of Diamond ix3 '17 sg's that fit me a bit long. I'm looking to trade sg's if anyone is interested please send me a pm. Thanks in advance!