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  1. I saw this and I agree that this was a filler segment. I cant imaging any ex-MLB catcher and Manager would support it. One of the points he pressed is that it gives the Umpire a better view of in and out. Point taken, but this just addressed the incident of the day.......which was Angel Hernandez calling out Rizzo on a pitch outside the zone. The mound is not the place for an Umpire to call any serious baseball....
  2. Stan W.

    Musings on All-Star FM2000 mask

    Pirates Catch Francisco Cervelli has had a few times on the DL this year from foul balls following the concussion protocol..........after the first one, Cervelli came back behind the plate wearing the Force 3 traditional mask. Another shot and he returned wearing the Force 3 bucket.......this most recent one, he came back and was outfitted in the All-Star Bucket...... we have to be happy that some companies are working on gear to reduce concussion related injuries.....
  3. Stan W.

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    what was the ultimate ruling on this play?......
  4. Stan W.

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection

    NO problem at all with the EJ..............
  5. Stan W.

    Batter's box fair territory

    I'm pretty sure I saw Elvis at the Piggly Wiggly last night picking up some Bananas and Peanut butter.........But I had stopped at Uncle Amos's house for a quick taste of his "Who Hit John?" , so it could have been just a fat guy in a Cadillac.....
  6. excellent point....
  7. Every time I see even the words "High -Five" in the heading I cringe.......... Not illegal...........not assistance..............not excusable for an umpire to call this an out..........
  8. Stan W.

    FS- Black Nike Pads Brand New

    PM sent.
  9. Stan W.

    Time between games

    Our usual stated time is 30 minutes...........the realities differ.......
  10. Stan W.

    All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

  11. Stan W.

    Calling Balls/Strikes Early

    I'm going to echo the thought that in game there really isn't any real way to address this. I'm sure we all agree its clearly an Umpire mechanics FAIL. Pretty clear you aren't watching the ball all the way to the mitt when you are calling B/S prior to the plate. And its most certainly not the time for a "I'm an umpire too conversation". I guess since the zone was acceptable, and didn't adversely affect your teams performance you just chock it up to the crazy things you see on a ball field.... And I have seen some crazy things.......
  12. Stan W.

    Tragic murder of one of our own

    Prayers unceasing.........especially for those that run towards the danger to save lives...........
  13. Stan W.

    Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    This thing is starting to take on a life of its own. I saw a report that MLB in its contract with Umpires, has a clause that if they agreed to wear microphones, that certain types of conversations would not be released. One of which is profane belittling of Umpires. This release of this video has the potential to be a breach of contract on MLB's part. Interesting eh? Also its said MLB is doing all it can to wipe it off the internet...........the OP now shows the video as being removed as per the request of the copyright holder.....( which is MLB)
  14. Stan W.

    Mike Estabrook helmet/traditional mask

    Based on my comfort level with the traditional mask, this is probably the only way I will wear a helmet. I tried the HSM and it just doesn't work for me on so many levels.
  15. Stan W.

    Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

    WE have ALL been there...........Don't let anyone kid you. The one piece of advice I wont give you is to forget it, that is doesn't matter or you should just move on. Because from your post its clearly bothering you, It matters to you how well you do your job and it needs addressed so you CAN move on.... There is very little you can do about the field conditions. A foot drop in 4-6 feet is dramatic. I can see how it would affect you. You didn't say if you caught any flack from your zone during the game. If you didn't, the results of your efforts to accommodate the situation may not have been noticeable to the participants. And that's a good job by you. How to move on...... First question?..............have you been doing too many plates?............if you are the default "plate guy" maybe a break is needed. If not: Time to take it one pitch at a time. Absent a field that has a pothole behind the plate.....focus on your training.........set your stance.....get your zone focus points......and take it one pitch at a time. then one batter at a time. Then one inning at a time. One game at a time........ Build on success....don't try to be perfect, no one is......