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  1. LLWS 2018

    well done! @maineump
  2. Celebrating 10 Years

    Ol McGriffs, the Dodge City of Umpire Sites...................Jim Porter, Buttsnuffler war, CARLS, umptalk?............
  3. Celebrating 10 Years

    Proud to be in that company of umpires!
  4. CP advice for college games

    Love to see the pics when you are done......
  5. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    I took the survey. My issue would be that on close plays whether or not it lit up, buzzed or honked there will be those that disputed which came first...........then we would still need super slow mo cameras to "check the checker"
  6. The Third Team 2017 WS ??

    Just wondering if the MLB channel was filming another "the Third Team".........it would be a good one.......good umpires, great teams............lets hope!
  7. Relocating due to rain

    When I take a game from my assigner, I've already made the judgment that the time/distance factor is within my acceptable limits. An "in town" location change due to field conditions as described in the OP would not ruffle my feathers.... I'm there... I came to do a game... As the TD just be as up front with the crew as you can.........."across town" or "a few miles away" "nearby" are subjective to the locals idea of "nearby". But for 10 miles?...........my car gets 25 MPG.......I'd be embarrassed to ask for $1.50 in gas money.....
  8. After this type of call, am always interested in asking that "umpire" what rule he used to justify an out call in that instance...............all the answers usually fall in the range of "making stuff up"......... shameful...........
  9. Burn out

    I think we all get to this point on our careers ...often more than once.........A few years back I found myself in the same situation, I was once noted for umpiring any game played with a white ball and red stitches.............. I had become fed up with bad baseball, poorly coached and dominated by over the top parents..........Like many, my real job does not allow me to make many HS games, but I get by with the few night games under the lights and a number of JV Saturday games.....The real job has been good to me so that my financial rewards from umpiring baseball were never needed to pay bills. I am now making less money per year, but enjoying it more.... I came to the conclusion that I was going to dedicate my baseball efforts to doing "better baseball", Not just "any baseball".........again in my area that is a schedule limiter for certain times of the year.........but the benefits are worth it. I am more energized when I get to the ball park, I am more tolerant of the negative aspects of the game, I am doing a better job between the white lines.........
  10. When is it time to hang it up?

    My goal for the past decade was to do "better" baseball and not just "more" baseball. There was a time prior to that when I umpired any game that was played with a white ball and red stitches......Pretty much I've been able to do that. I was attending a Sunday double-header as a fan when I noticed the crew contained Umpires that I knew well. Both umpires were senior citizens and had retired years ago from any competitive baseball. I spoke to them pre-game asked them how they were doing. It was great to see them. I learned a great deal from them back in my early HS career. Both of them said they were "working their way down the ladder and out"....meaning umpiring younger baseball on smaller fields.......I wished them good luck. I then witnessed the saddest 2 games I can remember. Age and infirmity had robbed these two war horses of everything. And the coaches and parents were brutal to them. Between games another umpire from my association and I went to them to check up on them. We asked them if we could do a little free 4 man with them for old times sake.....NO, NO, they had it...... piece of cake..... We left them with a couple extra water bottles and went back to the stands. My association mate said " those guys used to be really good umpires" Right then I knew when I was going to call it quits......I will not "work my way down and out"..........
  11. Ebay finds

    that thing was run over by a car...........
  12. Hit or Fielders Choice?

    What did the scorekeeper in the actual game call it?....................if its a rec game, the offensive team probably called it a hit and the defensive team probably called it a FC..........The reason most of us ignore the scorekeeping rules is that they are not our call and subject to the quality and bias of the scorekeeper. I've read newspaper accounts of games in which I was the HP umpire, that did not even remotely resemble the game I umpired. FC's and errors called hits, wins and saves given to non-situation entitled participants.........and on and on.....
  13. New ump from PA

    Welcome and congratulations to an outstanding first year!
  14. Out or safe

    In yesterday's PLWS play, the PA Catcher caught the throw, went to his knees then dove out to attempt a tag on the legs of the TX runner. The TX runner leapt over the tag and landed squarely on home plate. But there was no contact with the catcher's helmet. It is viewable on ESPN as last nights #1 play and PLWS.com....