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  1. ScubaUmp

    NB base shoes

  2. ScubaUmp

    2018 POE

    Volump, My apologies for the typo and poor grammar. I must work on that 'BIGGLY' Ricka56, Exactly, screwed either way. Started this post for pretty much that response. By crews choosing to allow pitching infractions we foster the crappy baseball everyone complains about. Are we to the point of 'zero tolerance' of all pitching infractions, including illegal pitches with no runners on??? I'll go ahead and grab this one, 'ZERO Tolerance on rules = ZERO games on the schedule'
  3. ScubaUmp

    2018 POE

    https://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/baseball-points-of-emphasis-2018/ No power point presentation, no pictures, Five clear directives. Is the consistent enforcement of these POE by all umpires the NFHS' expected payoff for changing the runner designation in the case book? was this rigged from the beginning, are the Russians involved? Seriously though, As part of the CORPS how do you plan to administer these POE? In particular, 'Pitching Positions' Hybrid Stance this has become so egregious, I was in C position and the shortstop calls to the 2nd baseman "is he in the stretch or the windup?" 2nd baseman "I don't know"..Time! '"I've never heard of that, you're making it up", "your the only one who calls this", " he's been pitching that way the entire tournament", "He''s the starting pitcher for varsity team and pitched that way at the regional tournament" These are just a few of the classics, I have heard over the years. I look forward to your input and guidance, Strikes&Outs!!! Singing off with the handle my friends and fellow Umpires 'Joel Church & Lee Miller' gave to me, may the Rest In Peace. THAT GUY!
  4. ScubaUmp

    Rawling's NC HC

    Thanks for the correction
  5. ScubaUmp

    Rawling's NC HC

    Yes in Florida High School baseball. FHSAA allows for the PDH, He can pitch and DH, but that is it, no other defensive position can be played by the PDH same as college.
  6. ScubaUmp


    same here
  7. ScubaUmp

    Double play question

    Shortstops the ball intentionally???? Do you mean dropped it? If so, this is an immediate dead ball, the BR is out and all runners return TOP. The defensive coach is more than likely coming out for an explanation, Coach, in my judgement he intentionally drop the ball BR is out, all runners return to base occupied at the Time of Pitch. How do you know he intentionally dropped it??????? Coach you would not roster anyone that could not catch that line drive, so it had to be intentional, right? I do not endorse nor promote the use of sarcastic responses to coaches, the italicized example is purely for entertainment purposes, stick with response in bold. Strikes&Outs!!!!
  8. ScubaUmp

    When is the game over?

    Com'on Kid don't fool around. Just let your hand drop to your side, don't let your mask fall out, so they'll know you're still on the job. They're gonna be staring at your face. So, walk outta the place real fast, but, you don't run. Don't look nobody directly in the eye, but you don't look away either. They won't know what to do, believe me. So don't worry about nuttin.
  9. ScubaUmp

    Nutty Buddy

    I love mine!!!!!!! Just found out the have a new one the Nutty Buddy Flex http://www.purchaseofficials.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&category=1085
  10. ScubaUmp

    Clarification Since No One Knew

    Hey, you gotta respect these guys sticking to their guns. Luckily they didn't burn down the house. One can only hope the crew looked it up themselves in there post game. Was that a dream???? Where are you getting your umpires? Talk to the association assigner, if these guys are volunteers from your league, the league should have a clinic.
  11. ScubaUmp

    Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    99% of all statistcs are made up. That being said, 99% of people in uniforms working games don't call the most basic balks, no stop, no step, start stop, let alone a Hybrid in FED. I have heared some of these guys say this proudly "I have never called balk" aaaarrrrggggg....... Then there are Umpires,
  12. ScubaUmp

    Outside Chest Protector

    BrianC14, No Shave level, that's funny. I keep saying I'm going to quit working that level, that day hasn't come yet, and with someone swinging a round stick at a round ball somewere, 260 days a year in FLA, it may never come. Age old problem, to much baseball not ehough umpires.
  13. ScubaUmp

    Outside Chest Protector

    My apologies for the late update. In my judgement, this will always have a place in ametuer baseball, until we are replaced by camers. It Paid back the $30 the first night. For timid newbies that need to delvelop behind the plate confidence, dramaticly decreses blunt trauma injury to the arms and other aeras not coverd by the inside protector, remember 2" above the belly button. Like any other piece of equipment you have to train. Use the slot as you normally would, taking the mask off tucking it away, you may be altering your srike three call, and you will need to practice the quick doning of the protector and mask after trailing batter runner, or a rotation to third. Hope this helps and would appricate any constructive coments and those that make me laugh. Strike&Outs!!!!
  14. ScubaUmp

    LL-Catcher Injury

    Just had this come up the other night. All levels of LL start with 9 and finish with 9, no exceptions.
  15. ScubaUmp

    Between Innings

    90 seconds if you let it play in your head 3 times. No need to break out the stop watch.