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  1. With the number of "um"s and "I mean"s, you aren't far off.
  2. OK... it's not a rulebook. It's no different than a Case Book for Fed or the scores of other interpretation manuals out there for OBR.
  3. yawetag


    Fed (bolding mine): 3-3-4: Whenever team members are loosening up in an area which is not protected by a fence or other structure, another member of the team with a glove must be positioned between them and the batter to protect them from a batted or thrown ball within the confines of the playing field. No one is to interfere with a live ball.
  4. Don't say that too loudly, or coaches will be using the word for anything that goes against them. I'd rather quality over quantity when it comes to coaches using it.
  5. Makes sense, but I'd hate to penalize F5 for all three bases, when F3 and F9 are standing there next to the ball.
  6. So I've got: E6, 2nd on OBS3 (not sure how OBS is scored), 3rd on E3, home on E9?
  7. While it's legal, I don't understand the rationale by the coach. Pitch to the batter; if he gets a hit then appeal the BOO. If he runs into an out of some kind, wait and see who they send to the plate next.
  8. yawetag

    Been awhile....

    Probably gonna be a 6-man crew. Or, a multi-day tournament.
  9. Add to this that an additional out can be called if the umpire ruled the INT was intentional to prevent a double play. An example would be R2 stealing and F6 closer to 3B than 2B; R2 caused INT to get the one out, rather than BR out on the fly and R2 out on the appeal.
  10. yawetag


    Any pitch that is legally hit by a batter doesn't matter whether it would have crossed or not. In fact, almost every batted ball was struck before crossing a foul line.
  11. For the same cost (or less) you can get a watch or timer that looks a lot more professional.
  12. Even if that umpire isn't doing those things, there's the perception that he or she is. And we all know that perception often leads to reality, especially when a problem occurs. My wife was involved in a moderate car accident years ago, in which she was rear-ended by another car, causing her to be pushed a few car lengths forward into another car (they were slowing down at a stop light - the car behind her didn't slow down). No major injuries to any of the three people. When statements were written and filed with the police and insurance, the "back car" wrote that my wife was on her phone, causing her to stop quickly at the light, leading back car to have no time to slow down. My wife knew for a fact she wasn't on her phone, and ended up getting phone records to prove the last time she used her phone was to me 15 minutes before the accident, then a call to 911 at the time of the accident (this was before smartphones were a thing; we had texting and it was proven she wasn't using that, either). The reality was that the accident happened and my wife called 911; the person in the back car saw her on her phone and perceived she had been on it when the accident occurred. Long story short: just pulling your phone out can give a perception of your non-stopwatch use of it. Spend a few bucks and get a stopwatch.
  13. You do realize that "citing" means charged with a crime right? And you realize that not all crimes require you to be held in jail, right? Are you suggesting some new charge "Assault of another person at a youth sporting event"? I believe "Assault" covers this. These were adults fighting other adults. Look, I want these parents to be in trouble just as much as the next guy. But I'm not suggesting you throw them in county jail, given a $100k bail, and held because their family can't come up with the bond money. File the charges and let the DA handle it.
  14. yawetag

    Base Running

    Has this mechanic changed? I'm 99% sure that if the tag is missed and the base is missed, you make no call. In fact, this mechanic has changed at plays at 1B. We used to give a safe if the fielder was off the bag and the runner missed the base; now we give no signal in those situations.
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