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  1. yawetag

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    http://www.lsusports.net/ViewContent.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&CONTENT_ID=2150066 9-inning game.
  2. yawetag

    “45 degree rule”

    The usual interp of "directly" is "more toward the base than anywhere else," hence the 45-degree line you reference. This call is the toughest to make at any level and is one of those "you know it when you see it" type of situations. I wouldn't nit-pick a 44-degree step, but you can tell when F1 took a step more toward the plate than 1B. Welcome to umpiring! I'd suggest you set up an account and join us more.
  3. yawetag

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    That was the old Fed rule. If the ball was lodged, immediately dead and two bases.
  4. yawetag

    foul ball danger chart

    I meant "it". As in, the things covered by your cup. And, yes, your whole body tenses when you know it's coming.
  5. yawetag

    foul ball danger chart

    Suck it up. Literally.
  6. yawetag

    foul ball danger chart

    I've never adjusted for the green zone based on the batter, but only based on the catcher. For me, my nose will NEVER be closer to the plate than the edge closest to the batter, but I can always move closer to the batter if needed. If there's a huge gap, say catcher set up outside and the batter sitting in the outside part of his box, then I'm gonna drift a slight bit closer to the batter and hold on, cause there's not much of another body to block a bad pitch or a foul ball straight back.
  7. yawetag

    First games of the year!

    There was some year back, when I was in St. Louis, that I had 3 days of games canceled in a row (in this order): too windy (70 degrees), too cold (20 degrees), currently snowing. I also remember a day when I went to work at 7am and it was 70ish, left at 3pm in 2 inches of snow.
  8. yawetag

    foul ball danger chart

    You don't even have to go across the Pacific to find a great example of red zone problems in professional baseball:
  9. yawetag

    Interesting rare play

    I disagree. Nothing in F2 OBS/INT states the ball has to be something the batter "would" swing at - just that he has to give the batter the ability to swing at the pitch. Situation: R3 stealing on the pitch. F1/F2 knew it was coming, so purposely threw the ball far outside of the left-handed batter's zone. F2 steps in front of the plate to receive the pitch, then places the tag on R3 before he touches the plate. The batter never would have swung at the pitch, but he most definitely could have, had F2 not stepped in front of the plate. OP's situation #2 - at its core - is no different.
  10. yawetag

    Interesting rare play

    I'd agree with the J/R interp. While the batter wouldn't have the ability to swing, the first baseman still prevented a ball from being added to the count. Think of a 3-1 count; F3 just prevented the batter from reaching base on a walk. I see no difference in this than the multitude of situations of an F2 reaching forward to get a pitch early on a stealing R3. OBS, send batter to first. Though, I'd suspect the best way to rule this is to give the batter a ball to the count and tell F2 not to do it again.
  11. I will start with the disclaimer: This shirt is FREE to a NEW umpire that replies. New includes one (or both) of the following: Less than 100 posts (if replying here is your 100th, I'll count it) Account is less than two years old (created on or after 02/13/17) I would also prefer that you meet one of the following, though I can't prove this: In your first three years of high school baseball Any level of experience in baseball below the high school level Absolutely free. No shipping. No handling. No nothing. Just pull it out of your mailbox after it arrives. Anyone meeting the above requirements can post in the thread. On Sunday night, around 7pm Eastern, I'll randomly choose one and get their address. If a new umpire does not claim it by Sunday night, I will re-open it to any umpire, only they must pay shipping. Now, on to the description: This is a barely-used (less than 5 games), Extra Large, black, Cliff Keen short-sleeve shirt. The collar and sleeves have double white piping. The shirt is essentially brand new, EXCEPT for one issue: when I went to remove the pocket patch I had on it, part of the glue section remained on the shirt. This wasn't originally glued on, so it's only the top part, near the seam for the opening to the pocket. This can probably be removed with minimal effort. You can also see a small outline where the old patch was located, but this may also go away with a wash or two. Alternatively, both issues can be covered by a new patch or American flag. If you want more pictures, let me know and I'll take them. I have attached one that shows the shirt, and you can see the residue on the pocket.
  12. yawetag

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Here in South Carolina, they were adamant that this was disrespectful to America and is not to be tolerated. I suspect in Missouri, the response would be "Who plays the National Anthem before a baseball game, other than American Legion?"
  13. yawetag

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Reminds me of a story as my time at the casino. We had a drunk who refused to leave, so we called the Highway Patrol to take care of it. In Missouri, each casino has a Highway Patrol Officer on duty at all times; these Officers are dressed in suits and ties. Officer arrives, asks drunk to leave (who again refuses), and then escorts him to the Highway Patrol office. While in the office, and the drunk still refusing to leave, the Officer leans back in his chair and unbuttons his suit coat. The Officer says "Well, it looks like we're in a contest to see who has the largest dick." He moves his coat to the side and shows his firearm and says "And it looks like I've got the bigger dick." The drunk stares at the firearm, realizes he's in the depths of the back hallways of a casino, probably doesn't remember this guy is a Highway Patrolman, and says, "I'll leave."
  14. yawetag

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Before I crack open a reference: (B) Incorrect. My mind says to direct both of them at the same time. After reading the POI in the Rule Book: (B) Incorrect. The POI implies it's the coach's duty to fix it: "Coaches are the closest role models to these students and are held accountable for the behavior of their players as they represent their school and community. If those actions are not representative of high school sports and what they stand for, then corrective measures should take place." Knowing that, I'd ask the coach to take care of it and, if he doesn't, restrict/eject him, then go to the new head coach. Lather, rinse, repeat. That said, I would probably start with a general "Let's go!" direction to both teams, followed by the speaking to the coach(es).
  15. yawetag


    This. Once I see a fielder look utterly confused on a fly ball, I'm going to be a lot more mindful on the next one. With rain, we're also taught to watch the pitcher and runners. If you see a slip around a base or plate, then it's probably time to pull them off the field.