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  1. yawetag

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    If he's coming out calmly and it's not obvious what he's doing, then he's probably making it to me before I know it's to argue a call. For all I know, he's coming out to tell me the coach is having a heart attack. Now, once he gets to me and wants to question a call, I'll say "Coach, you can't come out to argue a call. Go back to the dugout." If he continues to argue, I'll give him a "If you don't return to the dugout, you will be ejected." Remember, this is a situation where he's calm and it's not obvious to anyone else what's going on. The moment it's obvious he's not coming out for a non-game situation, he's getting a stop sign and an ejection if he continues to walk. The book has me covered here, so I don't need to give him any warning - the hand is enough. Then that's their fault. They expect me to know the rules, I expect them to know it, too.
  2. yawetag

    Re-entering a starter

    With the way you describe the changes and situation, then yes, you can re-enter #5.
  3. yawetag

    Other Sports to Officiate

    Thanks, Kevin - and everyone else who has given suggestions. I don't want to walk away from the diamond, but I have to. But I can't step away from officiating - it's too fun and I love doing it. Plus, I'm still in the red for my 2019 expenses! I see myself putting as much effort into learning the volleyball officiating craft as I have (and will continue to do) with baseball. However, without the experience of really being involved with the game (PE doesn't count - even if I spent the time getting spiked in my face), I know that I'll be ignorant to the nuances. Situational awareness in baseball can be a day-long class; I imagine the same can be said with volleyball (or any other sport). I'm certainly not coming in with a "holier than thou" attitude - but I'm also aware that I'll put a lot of time into learning the game before I ever step foot on the court (it's a court, right?). I don't know that the training here is nearly that intense, but I should find out soon. Apparently, the assigner listed for this area has changed, so he forwarded my email to her. I hope to hear something soon so I can start delving into the books. Maybe I can ask her if there's another official who I can contact and start getting to know; it certainly helped with my umpiring, so can't hurt here, either. Since you know so much, @Kevin_K, are you a volleyball official yourself? If so, apart from the rules and case book, are there any other resources I should look into? Websites, forums (preferably active), reference books? Once I start studying, I'll probably find some high school level games on YouTube and just watch to start understanding the flow of the game and what to expect. Also, how different are the rules across the different levels? One of my biggest complaints about baseball is how different the rule sets are.
  4. yawetag

    Other Sports to Officiate

    Are you calling me old?
  5. yawetag

    Other Sports to Officiate

    Funny you both said that. I have already emailed the assigner in the area for volleyball. Waiting to hear back. I know very little about the sport, though, so there will be a learning curve. But I don't doubt I can get educated by the fall, when the season starts. It also appears around here that the schools provide line judges, which means I'll probably be thrusted into the person at the net. That will be a fun shock my first time.
  6. yawetag

    Other Sports to Officiate

    It has become clear to me that I might have to stop umpiring baseball. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc issue in my lower back. After suffering through my back "going out" on a yearly basis, I had it happen twice in a month in 2017. A trip to the doctor and some x-rays showed the issue. I didn't umpire at all in 2018, as I was spending my time looking for a new part of the country to move. I didn't have any back issues. When I returned this year, I was fine until my 5th or 6th game back. I was working the bases and as I started to jog from my position between 1B and 2B to A, I felt my back tighten. It was a chilly day, so I thought it was a muscle issue and dealt with the tightness through the game. The moment I got home, the pain got worse and became obvious it was my old issue cropping up again. Maybe I'm throwing a "correlation = causation" here, but it's becoming apparent that umpiring is not helping my back issues. But, and to the point of this post, I don't want to stop officiating. I have zero experience in any other sport, so anything I go into will take some time for me to actually learn it and the officiating behind it. That excites me. So, fellow umpires, what sport should I look into? It needs to be one that doesn't require a lot of running (I think that's the biggest issue with the back - the constant jarring on it). I have some ideas, but wanted to throw it out there before I put some bias in the results.
  7. yawetag

    Finding the pitched ball

    Not the one I was thinking of. Only did one game at Heine Meine, and it was a night game. Brentwood Park was the one I had in mind.
  8. yawetag

    Finding the pitched ball

    There's a field in the St. Louis area that requires a 20-minute delay when the sun is going down. With one particular league with time-limits, you take 10 minutes off each game, even though the delay is wholly in the first game.
  9. yawetag

    Baseball Tweet of the Year

    In reverse, but in drive.
  10. yawetag

    Complete game

    That makes sense @Lou B.
  11. yawetag

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Let's be fair here. No evaluator will be out watching games in that weather.
  12. yawetag

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    I think the word is "liable". But I'll leave the legal ramifications to those who have gone down that road or are lawyers.
  13. yawetag

    Is an appeal usually denied?

    I'm confused. You called him safe. Your partner is visibly laughing and you go to talk to him. He's still laughing and tells you "great call." Yet he then says the runner was out (how does that make your call great?), but since there's only 30 seconds left you should call him safe so you can "go home". If there's only 1 out, this out (which was the correct call to your "good" partner) would have made a second out with 30 seconds to go. I don't see a third out occurring in 30 seconds. I won't even go into the laughing, the "great call" comment yet telling you that it was the wrong call, or the keeping the wrong call correct, or using the game clock to base your call. I'll give my opinion, though: He might be older, but he's not good.
  14. yawetag

    Complete game

    Home team. Maybe my math is wrong, though. Home team is down by one and two runs scored, yet the final score has them winning by two. -1 + 2 = +1