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  1. Finger stiffeners

    Needs Cialis. No waiting.
  2. Finger stiffeners

    How is it a hazard to others if it's inside the finger stall? How would you know it's there anyhow?
  3. Does the homerun still count?

    Two runners crossed the plate. You have to announce which you are appealing. the exclamation by "someone", IF A TEAMMATE, would count. But it needs to be announced.
  4. Does the homerun still count?

    And he has to announce why he is tagging home plate. It isn't automatic.
  5. Keep this in mind. A missed base is a missed base. It requires an obvious appeal. First base is NOT special. It's just a missed base. If you wouldn't call it an appeal at any other base it isn't an appeal at first base.
  6. Is this a balk?

    Watch a video of Pettitte
  7. baseball 'look back'

    The logic holds. And answer the part about where the rule says interference has to be intentional
  8. baseball 'look back'

    That doesn't make sense. UNintentional is not interference? Then logically intentional must be. But then if this is true then breaking up a DP or sliding into home is intentional so it must be interference - right? But it isn't Where, other than with a thrown ball, does interference mention intent?
  9. baseball 'look back'

    Doesn't require intent. They were tangled at the time F3 tried to throw home.
  10. baseball 'look back'

    OP: " . . batter-runner rounds first and pretty much collides with F3 who tags BR. R3 starts for home on the throw to first, F3, tangled up with BR, throws late and wild. R3 scores" What more do you need?
  11. baseball 'look back'

    BR was tagged out then interfered with the throw home. R3 is out on the interference.
  12. baseball 'look back'

    2, but what does it have to do with lookback?
  13. Who's Out

    I think this has to be followed so no one can abandon on purpose to erase a force play.
  14. Who's Out

    And don't even think about C and D.
  15. You're hung up on 6.01(g) (7.07) Interference With Squeeze Play or Steal of Home You need this too: INTERFERENCE (b) Defensive interference is an act by a fielder that hinders or prevents a batter from hitting a pitch. And the latter is why it's CI.
  16. Ball in play from bullpen

    Why didn't the fielder know which was the real ball in play? At our park the fields are side-by-side and foul balls from one frequently come onto the other. I've never seen anyone not know which was the "real" ball in play.
  17. I beg to differ. I will differ - to heck with begging. The batter can (as has many times) thrown his bat at the ball in an attempt to break up the pitchout. If the catcher catches the pitch before it gets there how can he then do that? It's CI all the way.
  18. If the pitch is caught before it reaches the plate how could you not say it deprived the batter of a chance to hit the ball.
  19. Catcher stepped to the front of the plate. Not over but to the front nonetheless. It's interference because the pitch hasn't reached the plate yet. Not the only time it's been called
  20. Bases loaded, 2 outs question

    If it was the runner from third that was tagged out it was a forced runner and no hit. If it was the runner from 2B or 1B it's a hit. Note that tagging a runner instead of the base is still a force out if the runner was forced to advance.
  21. Batting out of order

    Read noumperes's post again. He described the rule correctly.
  22. Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    It's not an IFF until it is fair. Declaring the rule in effect isn't enough. It has to be fair too. In the OP it wasn't an out-creating FF until the ball hit the B-R in fair territory. SO the B-R running is normal.
  23. Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    Of course there is. The B-R is running when the IFF is declared. Even then the B-R is not out until ball is fair. What do you think the B-R should be doing?
  24. End of game situation

    We know the OBR outcome. FED is the one that is causing the consternation.
  25. Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    Where is that? The IFF rule says that if it drops untouched and stays fair it's still an IFF.