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  1. Homer or not?

    If there are no eligible subs some rules allow using another player anyhow in this circumstance and if not you invoke the "not covered" provision in the rules and allow a sub runner.
  2. Coaches jawing at each other

    They aren't disputing a judgment call by an umpire - therefore it doesn't apply
  3. Homer or not?

    They both say replace the runner and let the replacement finish the run.
  4. Glove dislodged from fielder

    If it isn't detached it must still be on this hand. It isn't.
  5. Interesting Play

    Is assistance illegal? Interference is hindering. Did this hinder anyone?
  6. Glove dislodged from fielder

    Only to apply the penalty.
  7. Third strike not caught by the catcher...yet.

    If the pitcher caught it the catcher can't.
  8. Third strike not caught by the catcher...yet.

    Ought to apply the foul tip criteria in that only the catcher an catch a foul tip so only the catcher can catch a pitch.
  9. HBP

    Any time the ball hits the batter it's dead. There is then no pitch to be caught or uncaught. Maven posted the FED case And also in OBR: Batter gets first Rule 5.05(b) (2) He is touched by a pitched ball which he is not attempting to hit
  10. Little League bat rules

    It's not altering the bat.
  11. Run scored on interference call

    Please describe the play at first better - include what happened when.
  12. Pitcher Loses Hat on almost every pitch

    Is anyone complaining? If not let it go. Reference: Jim Bouton.
  13. Deflected Ball Base Award Confirmation

    Not in baseball.
  14. Deflected Ball Base Award Confirmation

    Nope - first play by an infielder - TOP
  15. Obstruction Question

    But you call the obs when it happened. You're stuck with it now.