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  1. Dropped third strike

    Read the OP. Deduce it.
  2. Little batter catches pitch

    Little League is majors and below. Intermediate Division of LL is the 50-70 game Junior League is 13-14 Senior League is 15-16 Big League 16-18 was discontinued. Those kids go elsewhere now. Most people use the correct terminology when discussing them.
  3. Little batter catches pitch

    It was a LL game. It wasn't any douchebag move - just a kid trying to be funny.
  4. Little batter catches pitch

    "Time" (Ball is always dead when a pitch touches a batter) "Ball" (Call the pitch) "Stay right here batter" (Didn't try to avoid - blatantly) "Don't do that again"
  5. Balk

    OBR is the basis for LL, Ripken, Babe Ruth, Dixie, USSSA, PONY, etc. It is by far the most widespread rule set.
  6. Third out run scored

    This is the key rule (USSSA may be numbered differently): 5.09 (b ) Any runner is out when: (6) He or the next base is tagged before he touches the next base, after he has been forced to advance by reason of the batter becoming a runner.
  7. throwing glove

    MLB Ruling in the MLB Umpoire Manual: Any defensive player deliberately touching a batted ball over foul territory that, in the umpire's judgment, has an opportunity to become a fair ball with detached equipment will entitle all runners-including the batter-runner-to advance three bases from the time the ball was touched without liability to be put out. The ball is in play, and runners may advance beyond the awarded base at their own risk.
  8. Well - OBR is MLB rules in the first place and the MLBUM is an official publication of MLB so I'd vote that their interps of their own rules are correct. So you'd need a separate ruling from your own league to override them.
  9. Call at the plate

    What are you ingesting?
  10. Call at the plate

    He can ask. Don't hold your breath for a favorable response.
  11. Runner leaves early on a hit and run

    in LL baseball no. Loophole maybe but no. If it happens consistently invoke the "intentionally violates the rules" rule.
  12. No. I said I put a weak fielder at 3B occasionally, quoting a comment that stated the no one plays the weak fielder at 3B.
  13. I've done it. Takes having the right pitcher. Weakest usually goes to LF.
  14. Head first slide

    I think so. Can't hurdle either in FED. Can in LL.