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  1. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    REALLY?! He invited trouble. He got it.
  2. Safe or Out

    Miss one by two feet and you deserve whatever happens.
  3. 105th pitch

    FED pitch count rules are set by state. Which state are you in?
  4. Runner

    Comments embedded above.
  5. Runner

    Not unless a tag was attempted - and then only if the runner then went more than three feet from his baseline.
  6. Pitcher shall notify the Windup position

    That's not what you said. You said "The pitcher shall not raise either foot from the ground in the windup except as part of his normal pitching motion" A pitcher can pick from windup so the foot movement isn't necessarily the start of a pitch. You also need to raise the pivot foot to step off.
  7. LL Catcher's Headgear

    A bit out of date. All age groups can wear the "standard" length chest protector now.
  8. Pitcher shall notify the Windup position

    He announced windup. The runners know it. Treat it as such.
  9. Pitcher shall notify the Windup position

    If he announces windup just treat it as windup.
  10. collision resposibility

    In OBR and NCAA you have an out at second and maybe no run because the award is based on what would have happened had there been no obstruction and what would have happened is that the B-R was out at second. You could award the run if you judged that the run would have scored before the out at second.
  11. collision resposibility

    It'as a teaching moment. Call it so they'll learn.
  12. collision resposibility

    No harm but there was a foul. Call it. It's not like F2 was going to foul out. Then F2 will know he was guilty.
  13. Logo removal

    Why? Proper color Sharpie. Proper color gaffer tape.
  14. Obstruction or Interference

    You need to decide which fielder is the one with the play on the ball. That fielder is then protected. No other's are. Making an attempt matters. Who knows, maybe the batter falls and there is a play on him. Is the batter thunderfoot or swifty? SO - if you think 2B was making the attempted play he is protected and the runner must avoid him or be guilty of interference. BUT - If you think the SS was the one making the attempted play then the SS is protected and 2B would be guilty of obstruction.
  15. Base Hit?

    No. And being asleep at the switch isn't an error either. FC all the way