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  1. Rich Ives

    Can an infielder deliberately drop a line drive?

    You betcha it was.
  2. Rich Ives

    Stoping motion with no runners on.

    The arguments against ties in baseball usually degrade into looking at the event in millionths of a second so you could also do the same to those horse races. For all practical purposes there are ties.
  3. Rich Ives

    Stoping motion with no runners on.

    This coach agrees.
  4. Rich Ives

    R1 and R3, Batter Interference

    What did the batter do that got the interference call?
  5. Rich Ives

    In field fly

    It asked what happens to the batter. Maybe be asking about a call. May be hypothetical. Just answer it. Adding wouda shoulda couldas just confuses people.
  6. Rich Ives

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Way to go champ. Throw at someone's head
  7. Rich Ives

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    It has been proposed at least four times at the LL Congresses. it has failed every time by significant margins.
  8. With the Lugnuts F8 threw ti ball to F4. There was no "F8 getting close" involved.
  9. Rich Ives

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Only in LL Tee Ball. It's a legit attempt to hit the ball everywhere else and it's not a bunt.
  10. At this stage of the lack of action - probably. If a fielder catches a fly ball to end the game/inning and trips over 2B on the way in and drops the ball is it then not a catch because it wasn't a voluntary release?
  11. Hanging around pondering is sending a signal to the defense. They think it's over - don't tell them it isn't.
  12. N O T T H E S A M E P L A Y. Cleanly fielded. Noticed right away. Two fielders involved who knew what they were doing. Clear attempt at the force. No chasing a ball that went through the fielder. No defeated jog to the infield. No dumb luck involved at all.
  13. SO - everyone on the field, offense, defense, fans, think the game is over. Some amount of time has elapsed. Why are you still there watching?
  14. In the Merkle play was a deliberate act by the fielder. Don't know the basis for the out. At least recently an abandoned effort in a force situation is still a force.
  15. Rich Ives


    No. Rule: "A TAG is the action of a fielder in touching a base with his body while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or glove; or touching a runner with the ball, or with his hand or glove holding the ball (not including hanging laces alone), while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or glove. It is not a tag, however, if simultaneously or immediately following his touching a base or touching a runner, the fielder drops the ball."