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  1. Balls/Strikes: How much do you tolerate

    High/Low is really easy to see from the dugout. Take that into consideration if you're getting it from both sides.
  2. Causes for MLB Umpire ERAs

    No. It's info the bookies would use in setting odds.
  3. Balk or Not

    Not in LL majors and lower. It's legal there.
  4. Baseball Umpire

    Rosebud was in the test?
  5. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    It wasn't the first play. I think t's TOT.
  6. LL mound visits

    He's wrong.
  7. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    Award is two bases from where the runners were physically positioned at the time the throw left the fielders hand. Right call. Grandpa is incorrect, even by the mythical 1+1 rule.
  8. Foul or Fair Ball?

    " . . touches the ground after . ." FED can't even write it logically.
  9. Foul or Fair Ball?

    What if is doesn't touch the ground? Batted ball hits 1B and is then gloved by F3. Ump says foul. Did not touch the ground after it was declared foul. Then what?
  10. Foul or Fair Ball?

    It's fair by rule because it touched the base.
  11. Stealing home with a foul ball

    The coach is thinking of the horrors of R3 getting hit with the bat or a line drive and devising the punishment for whichever one missed the sign.
  12. Stealing home with a foul ball

    No. Back to 3B. Really stupid on someone's part.
  13. F7 in Dead Ball Territory

    There is no catch involved. You can only catch a batted ball in flight. This is basically a ball thrown/kicked out of play.
  14. Our Association makes the local TV news..

    They do if aware.
  15. Our Association makes the local TV news..

    It is NOT.