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  1. All you need to know is "hit within the infield". If that happens then the penalty applies. Whatever happens after never happened.
  2. Rich Ives

    MiLB Interp - OBR 6.03(a)(3) Batter Interferes with Catcher

    Just make sure you read the part where the new part only applies if the batter is out on strike three.
  3. 12U does in the 60' version
  4. Rich Ives

    Does run count?

    Sure he did. He became a runner and he wasn't out. If he didn't reach then he leads off the next inning - but he doesn't because he became a runner.
  5. Rich Ives

    4.10(e) is a vote required to use?

    And yes the board must vote on it before the season starts.
  6. Rich Ives

    Same Runner Called Out Twice - Defense Leaves the Field

    Play in MLB years ago now: R2 called out going to 3B. Heads to dugout. U3 calls him out again for abandoning.
  7. True. Not ready until after he gets the sign.
  8. Rich Ives

    Same Runner Called Out Twice - Defense Leaves the Field

    Is there a question here? Only two outs - bring the defense back out.
  9. Rich Ives

    USSSA 8U Coach Pitch Tight Bases Question

    There are no balks at the LL level that has tight bases.
  10. Rich Ives

    USSSA 8U Coach Pitch Tight Bases Question

    It can get loud and people can miss a verbal. Having the flag on the ground lets everyone know - everyone - players, coaches, mom, dad, uncle bill, loudmouth lout on OF fence. Also shows that it wasn't an afterthought.
  11. Rich Ives

    Dead ball

    The example play in 6.01(d) in OBR pretty much has the "unintentional - play on" language PLAY: Batter hits ball to shortstop, who fields ball but throws wild past first baseman. The coach at first base, to avoid being hit by the ball, falls to the ground and the first baseman on his way to retrieve the wild thrown ball, runs into the coach. The batter-runner finally ends up on third base. Whether the umpire should call interference on the part of the coach is up to the judgment of the umpire and if the umpire felt that the coach did all he could to avoid interfering with the play, no interference need be called. If, in the judgment of the umpire, the coach was attempting to make it appear that he was trying not to interfere, the umpire should rule interference.
  12. Rich Ives

    Throw to first

    That just says he owns the base if he gets there before he is out. Read the rule I posted. It's the one the defines when he becomes out.
  13. Rich Ives

    Throw to first

    QED Go back and read the ones denying it via the excuse that the rules don't actually say "tie goes to the runner". It is easily proven true.