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  1. Composite bats in LL Senior Softball

    Thanks Rich. Don't have a LL Softball rule book but I will get one.
  2. Does this regulation under the LL manual under 1.0 for Senior/Big League apply to softball? "The bat shall not weigh, numerically, more than three ounces less than the length of the bat (e.g., a 33-inch-long bat cannot weigh less than 30 ounces)." I just bought a Louisville Slugger Dynasty composite bat for my daughter and want to make sure it is legal for LL Senior softball. Thanks.
  3. Runner ON BASE - hit by batted ball

    Thanks Rich. I'll have to get one of those casebooks.
  4. Runner ON BASE - hit by batted ball

    UmpJM, "A runner who is in contact with his base need not avoid a fielder who is attempting to field a batted ball,..." I coach girls senior softball and this occured last night. My 3B could not get past B3 to catch a foul pop-up. Where is this referenced in the LL Rulebook? Is it 7.01 "The runner is then entitled to it until put out or forced to vacate it for another runner legally entitled that base." 7.08b had me thinking the baserunner should have moved. Thanks
  5. Question an Interference call

    Thanks for the help on this one.
  6. Question an Interference call

    Bikerider, the first baseman had no time to move anywhere. Only a step or so from the bag and hit by the runner immediately. So even if the ball was bunted to the right of the pitcher but not beyond, so long as the first baseman is not making a play at the ball, obstruction would be the call? Could the defensive coach argue that the first baseman was trying to get to the bag to take a throw? Thanks again for your explanations.
  7. Question an Interference call

    Thanks for the response. Would you say it is to the coach's advantage to position the first baseman directly in the baseline with a runner on first? Make the runner go around and take more time to get to second? I ask since with any ground ball there is an opportunity for a play to first. The runner has to go further and there is the potential for an interference call.
  8. This occurred a few years ago in a LL Major girls tournament game. I would like to know if the call was correct. With two outs in the bottom of the last inning and a runner on first, the batter hits a dribbler a) to the 3B side or 1B side of the pitcher (not sure). Runner immediately collides with the first baseman who is two steps off the bag in line with second base. As soon as the collision occurs, ump at 1B calls interference on the runner and game is over. The ball had not even been fielded yet. No throw to first. In either case a) or was this the correct call or would obstruction have been applicable? Tough way to end the game.
  9. Was this batter interference?

    Thanks to all that responded. I will try to do a better job keeping track of where the ball is during future situations. Someone told me after my post that in LL Minors the kids cannot steal. Planning to call the manager tonight since he has the book. Maybe the runner at third should not have been able to steal home on the past ball?
  10. Was this batter interference?

    I lost track of the catcher as I got caught up with the 'dance' on the field and the runner about to score. My focus was on the plate but I should have tried to see where the catcher was.
  11. I was umping a boys minor league game. The pitcher threw a past ball, the batter took a few confused steps out of the box and towards the pitcher, runner on third scored. The pitcher avoided the batter but did not get past him. I could not see the catcher. The catcher a) may not have gotten to the ball when the run scored or did get to the ball and:confused: was prepared to make a throw. There was no throw to the plate. I did not call batter interference since I did not think the batter impacted the result of the play but later I am not sure this was correct. Any help would be appreciated.