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  1. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    This is very true. Our association started pressing this several years ago and now almost every school has a place for us to dress. It has also drastically cut down on the number of incidents involving fans and umpires after the game.
  2. What's the Call?

    Almost got it right. With 2 outs, the batter should have been out. WIth less than 2 outs, then the runner would be out.
  3. Detached equipment

    I actually had that this year. Ball 4 bounced, catcher blocked, ball went up in the air, catcher took mask off (yes, hockey style mask), ball bounced (on turf), catcher caught ball inside helmet. We awarded batter 2B. No arguments. Just a state of disbelief and bewilderment.
  4. Does Pitcher Have to Pitch Bottom of 1st

    So what's the penalty if he doesn't? I know in NFHS, the penalty is he can not pitch in that game at all. So in this scenario no real penalty. But I do not know what the penalty is in OBR.
  5. "Some other umpire"?? This was game 3 of the series meaning the same crew had the prior 2 games AND Davis was on the plate Monday night. And Yes, he does always stand there along with most of the Rangers. I agree with @kylehudson, laugh and tell him to move it back.
  6. Texas State Tournament - Balks in winning run

    Without getting into how I know this, he told the rules interpreter that he called the balk for not stepping towards third. That should remove all supposition!
  7. Going back to my roots

    http://ntso.net/2016-USSSA_RULES.pdf Try this
  8. Throwing ball around during pitching visit

    In Texas, we have been told not to allow this. Nothing specific as to why other than "safety" but that's the ruling from above. And as usual, Maven comes thru with the ruling (as I was typing my original response).
  9. My Obstacle Course Racing season begins.

    Great!! Try a Savage Race and let me know what you think of the obstacle they call The Shriveled Richard!!
  10. FED: Courtesy Runner

    TX - yes
  11. Illegal Courtesy Runner Penalty Assessment

    @VolUmp By "Point of no return", are you referring to the point at which we no longer impose any or all penalties?
  12. That would make sense. Sorry. Answered too early this morning.
  13. What ruleset? That is the correct call for FED. Balk is immediately dead.
  14. Something like this?? http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/94951848/v1203913683
  15. Arbiter Pay

    Finally got information from Arbiter. The schools/districts that contract with Arbiter for this payment service have the option to process 1099's themselves or, for a fee, to let Arbiter handle it all. The payments from the schools/districts that pay Arbiter to process the 1099's will be combined and a 1099 issued (if it is over $600) under Arbiter's tax ID number. And for the record, I report all my income.