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  1. Agree with miles. Expenses, for me, mainly tolls. Also a way to mark when you have been paid for it.
  2. @yawetag Next time I visit our Chester plant, I'll buy you a beverage! I usually stay in Fort Mill.
  3. Let's see if this works. If not, go to YouTube and search for it.
  4. Careful using the TASO mechanic. UIL wants FED mechanics to be used. They were not aware TASO was using their own until this past September, and were not very happy about it.
  5. OK, thanks!. I was just trying to get something authoritative to take back to the chapter. They are is trying to get an answer from FED.
  6. I'm not doubting you but who has stated to follow the new case play? TASO State Interpreter?
  7. *2.9.1 SITUATION D: B1 hits a two hopper back to the pitcher. F1 gloves the batted ball but cannot get the ball out of his glove. He quickly removes the glove with ball that is securely stuck inside the webbing of the glove and shovels the glove to the first baseman who is in contact with first base. The first baseman catches the glove with the ball in it, just before B1 touches first base. Is B1 out? RULING: B1 is out, because F3 had secure possession of the glove and ball. 5.1.1 SITUATION Q: A line drive rips the glove from the pitcher's hand. The pitcher retrieves the glove, which contains the ball, and throws the glove and ball to the first baseman. RULING: Illegal. A fair-batted ball is dead immediately when it becomes lodged in player equipment. 2.9.1 Situation D is a new Case Play this year, it was not in 2018's book. Thoughts?
  8. Once the ball is touched by the cather while over foul territory, the ball is determined to be foul. If he catches it, the ball remains live. If he drops it, once it hits the ground, the ball is foul.
  9. If he does, it is Batter's Interference. With less than 2 outs, the runner is out. With 2 outs, the batter is out.
  10. MAYBE the runner could not avoid contact. But he never even tried to. He ran THRU the catcher, that's what makes this MC.
  11. He must return to the base where he was at time of pitch, in this case, second base.
  12. This is very true. Our association started pressing this several years ago and now almost every school has a place for us to dress. It has also drastically cut down on the number of incidents involving fans and umpires after the game.
  13. Almost got it right. With 2 outs, the batter should have been out. WIth less than 2 outs, then the runner would be out.
  14. I actually had that this year. Ball 4 bounced, catcher blocked, ball went up in the air, catcher took mask off (yes, hockey style mask), ball bounced (on turf), catcher caught ball inside helmet. We awarded batter 2B. No arguments. Just a state of disbelief and bewilderment.
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