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  1. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    I wear this exact protector, the one who buys it will enjoy it for many years. Best protector I have ever worn, and I worn just about all of them. GLWS
  2. Plus POS in Trouble?

    Just to update, I did get the CP yesterday, and other than the strapping it seems to be a very well-made protector. Looks like UA is getting some more $$$ in the morning.
  3. Plus POS in Trouble?

    Thanks for the report! The problem is I need the gear I ordered, and some kind of reply to my calls and messages on his site would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Plus POS in Trouble?

    Hello! I sent in an order to +pos on 10/3, got an e-mail saying it was shipped and a USPS tracking number. To make a long story short the USPS still has a tracking number but no package, and it should have been here last week. Anyone know what is going on? I cannot find anyone to talk to there? Thanks!
  5. Sorry, slow typist. But I am still curious what people here think about the call, the thread had universal calls for multiple guys to excuse themselves for the rest of the day. .
  6. Hi men, Sorry to bother you here and our good friend Gill, but I am ill and sat home all day. Lucky for me I got to see the Tribe get #21 in a row. But I was off the TV when something happened I didn't like at all, and I'm hoping I just missed something. Detroit was all hyped up to win which I understand. However after supposedly being squeezed by PU Quinn Wolcott the F2 for Detroit, James McCann, got dumped and Brad Ausmus ejected himself shortly thereafter for arguing balls and strikes. Then, according to a replay I saw and a report by David Schoenfield of ESPN, the replacement F2 intentionally (in my view)/unintentionally missed an inside pitch and it hit Wolcott in the shoulder and knocked him down. If I am the PU I am dumping the F2 and the R1 the moment I get up if I saw it correctly. The replacement bum of an F2 named John Hicks ought to be suspended by MLB. Now if I'm wrong about what I saw please let me know and I will apologize, but if you saw it and/or can post video so we can all see it tell me what you would do here.
  7. 20

    Best post ever Maven!
  8. confusion at 2b-

    In my opinion, that's a tired umpire being caught in a situation that you rarely see.and he missed it. If that happened in April or May he gets it no problem.
  9. Mask, Pads, CP

    PM sent
  10. Stalling

    Fed 7-6-2: "When a referee recognizes stalling occurring at any time and in any position, the offender shall be warned and thereafter violations shall be penalized when stalling recurs. These provisions require the referee to penalize stalling without hesitation. Stalling shall be penalized in accordance with the Penalty Chart ("Table" above)." First a warning, then one penalty point, one penalty point, two penalty points and disqualification. Oops, sorry that's Wrestling.
  11. Should I have got involved?

    I think that's the case but I'm not sure. I hope I'm wrong. I'm sure not planning to find out for sure.
  12. check swing interp OBR

    dumbdumb, With all due respect, I went to pro school in 1985 and keep up with rules and mechanics. The volunteer strike and its usage is nothing new and I regret bringing it up now. As to the FED case play, I spent fifteen minutes on it it at a local rules meeting I am involved in, is that enough? If not please let me know.
  13. Should I have got involved?

    Of course you are correct, but relief from guilt was a ll I remember later. What would be a really interesting case would be what my partner would do if the defense protested the game, since in our state protests in HS games are not allowed. What if he refused to accept the protest???????????
  14. check swing interp OBR

    I am the local HS rules interpreter, it is my job to make sure umpires are up to speed on it. But we have very, very few OBR games anymore and I did happen to bring up the FED case play this season in one of our meetings. However, unless the BRD has a ruling that says the Voluntary strike is able to be used in FED, most of our area umpires will never have a rule set that can use it.
  15. check swing interp OBR

    Yeah, I can see that, and that's why in one case I didn't use it when I probably should have. But since nobody in my area understands or even heard of the rule and I don't want to eject 5 guys over it I didn't use it. .