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  1. Funny Catchers

    LL Juniors. Both catchers are on the same travel team and close friends. One of them I have had several times before---solid and chatty. Warmups and I say, "Glad you're behind the plate." "And I'm glad you're behind me." So, we start the game-- first pitch drills batter in the back. " Was that inside?" " And we're off. Several inside pitches that I ball and he asks "Too far in?" "Yep." Very next pitch is 2 feet behind batter. "Guess that's a ball, too." Next batter has a check swing, not even close. " Can You check that?" And he knows damn well that i am solo. For the first few innings,the other catcher is bouncing the throw down to second. And I ask if he's OK. " Yeah, I'm a spider." What? First batter walks. Attempts to steal on a short passed ball and a laser nails him. " Told you. Coaches are stupid." I'm laughing inside. 4th inning and the heat and humidity has the 3 of us dripping. 2 consecutive wild pitches has the catcher chasing to the back stop. Sweat running down his face as he comes back. " I'm getting too old for this." "Time" Because I'm laughing out loud. Chatty catcher hits a moon shot to left that lands just short of the 304 sign for third out. Comes out to catch and looks me dead in the eye and says." Wind held that one in." And there is not a breathe anywhere. Wish all my games were this much fun.
  2. I cheated

    "Meaningless Game" is truly a misnomer. Especially at Rec level. As your post so eloquently pointed out. Every pitch is important to somebody. One moment of "glory" for a child ( yes Major players ARE children) has meaning. And unless you took the bat and hit it for him, IT AIN'T CHEATING!! We may not be there to"coach", but in this specific case we can surely be creative. Personally, I found your post rewarding and one boy is probably still smiling.
  3. Homeland Security Keywords

    We're safe---umpire and blind are not on the list.
  4. Thanks to all

    WWI-My grandfather WWII-My father, 2 uncles Korea-3 uncles Vietnam-My brother and me Desert shield and Desert storm- My much younger brother Today- My grandson and granddaughter in high school ROTC. It has been an HONOR!! We will be at the ceremony today and pay our respects. In every country we have ever fought, the ONLY thing we asked for was a piece of land to bury our dead.
  5. Overkill

    What? No moon walk? SO DISAPPOINTING!!
  6. Memorial Day

    Send him off with thanks from everyone at Umpire Empire!!!
  7. Memorial Day

    ALSO, a very good weekend to take some time to honor our American brothers and sisters, alive and dead, who pay for our freedom!!
  8. Obstruction or Out?

    Michael, Thanks again. Now perfectly clear. I appreciate your taking the time to clarify. Jack
  9. Obstruction or Out?

    Michael, thank you for the reply. Call me dense, but the OP says only the fielder got in the way and PU called the obstruction. THEN the catch was made. If the OBS call is not made immediately, do you not have a problem? I have been taught to see it, call it. Is it a possibility the runner thought the fielder was DELIBERATELY keeping him from 3rd and put his head down to reach 3rd on the "base hit"? I recognize that the OP doesn't fully describe the OBS and I get all you have said. What I am asking (poorly perhaps) is when you determine to announce that there has been OBS.
  10. Obstruction or Out?

    Michael, help me out. Please explain your decision to call nothing as the play develops. I am definitely not baiting you. The what ifs later in this play is my concern. And I really am interested in getting better.
  11. What part of the plate is deemed "touchable"

    Just last night, bases loaded and a dribbler back to the pitcher. Catcher awaits the throw, but pitcher runs it in. Catcher backs up a little and pitcher steps in front of and behind home plate. Runner is called safe, "Missed the plate!!" loudly I call. Nuclear war ensues. Coach comes out, " I can't believe he missed home." Let him vent. Fans are brutal. Game goes on. Between innings, opposing coach asks if pitcher missed the plate and I said yes. " Takes some balls to make that call!" Coach who lost the call has to pay me. Half joking says there is no money and pays me. I ask him, "Why do you think I made the call?" " " He missed the plate?" "Yes he did." Went home and slept like a baby. Will be back at 9:30 today for a suspended game with team that lost the call. Kids will have forgotten, but I will get an earful from the parents even before the game starts.
  12. Umpire collides with runner

    Runner is out for being in the umpire's path and ejected for excessive embarrassment to umpire. I don't have a rule cite.
  13. State Championship

    Congrats. Don't suck!
  14. The comment was a straight forward remark. I never expected a 9 year old to be that aware. I was in No Man's Land as an umpire. Usually,when this happens, I wait to tell a coach after the inning since this level is a learning curve for the kids AND coaches. I felt the best ( and "fairest") was a subtle hint. Anybody who works this level that has an idea on how to deal with this unique situation, I really would appreciate the feedback. Maybe the best thing that came out of this was the big smile on his face from the coach's high praise.
  15. Priceless! Get him to a clinic ASAP. Along the lines of sharp players, I had a same age catcher watch a run score on bases loaded walk, " Blue, he missed home plate." I replied, "Yes, he did." I dusted the plate and said " The ball is alive. The ball is alive." He didn't pick up on it. Between innings I taught both sides how to appeal. Coach of the kid praised him big time. I so wanted to reward this boy. Had his head in the game all day and caught everything he could.