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  1. maninblack69

    Hello from Atlanta

    Welcome aboard! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. maninblack69

    'REAL' job

    Just changed jobs back in December from private security to insurance sales. Much better gig. Taking a leave of abscense from umpiring this year to spend more time with the family and the little tike. We'll see how it goes this summer. May be back on the diamond before I know it!
  3. maninblack69

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @mbkcoach
  4. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    Send me a pm @pabs66.
  5. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

  6. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    @JoHart10 - I would say they could probably safely be hemmed to a 30-31 inch length - there appears to be about 3-4 inches of material cuffed up under the current hem
  7. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    Platinum CP is back up for sale since I have no confirmed payments or offers on it.
  8. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    Everything that has been bought and paid for has been deleted. I know the edited post with strikethrough wasn't showing up on mobile devices. Thanks guys! Always open to offers if you want something.
  9. maninblack69

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transactions with @gnhbua93.
  10. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    All items without photos are in excellent condition. I will get the items cleaned up and post pics if you need them. Everything will be cleaned and washed before it's shipped. Any questions or offers, let me know.
  11. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    @JoHart10 - Just checked the zigs and they are size 9. Sorry.
  12. maninblack69

    Gauging Interest

    Starting up a new job in the fall which won't leave much time for umpiring in the next few years. Instead of throwing the gear in storage, I will probably end up selling it if people can use it. Right now just gauging interest in what I have to see if there's enough where I won't be stuck with half a set. Here's what I have: Reebok Zig plate and base shoes (Size 9) - $65 shipped Also open to offers via PM. Thanks guys!
  13. maninblack69

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ....................

    Happy birthday!!
  14. maninblack69

    Gold or platinum?

    I have the platinum vest and shins since I got a great deal on them. The gold was more expensive and I didn't really see the need to shell out the extra money if I didn't need to. Didn't see enough differences protection wise to justify the cost. Never had any issues with the platinum and often don't feel a thing when hit with balls. Couldn't be happier with them. I'm currently umpiring LL to HS. My .02 ymmv :-)