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  1. Douglas - $$ ??

    Just to clear up, guys. I was hit by a ball that was up and in to a left-handed batter. He didn't get the bat down, and the foul ball glanced down to my shoulder. I was working the Davis stance at the time. I think my arms locked to the knees contributed some to the problem. The fracture was nothing that disabled me from work, and other than some initial soreness wasn't much of a hamper. The doc who looked at my x-rays advised me not to umpire for 4-6 weeks to ensure I didn't do more damage. Unfortunately for me, I gave the CP to a guy who was getting started in LL. If I had known Douglas would attract a cult following... ah, the story of my life!
  2. Douglas - $$ ??

    I wore a Douglas for 5 years and never felt anything until I took a foul ball to the shoulder in a high school game. I couldn't raise my arm to call strikes the rest of the game, but I thought it would pass. A broken collarbone ended my season! I bought a Wilson Gold. At 6'2", I wish it had a couple more inches on the bottom, but the shoulder/clavicle protection is way superior to the Douglas. After seeing an All-Star in person, I may opt to spend a game check on one. I won't, however, go back to the Douglas. Good company. Good service. But I only call H.S, legion, and college, and I wouldn't be able to "lock in" knowing I'm just a foul ball away from an injury.
  3. new site

    Good look to the site. Happy New Year to all!!!
  4. Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Helmet

    I agree with Brian. I've used a Wilson for two yrs now - high school, legion, college - and I've not had any trouble. I take care of my stuff, and I haven't had any pads come loose. I got itchy last spring and pulled out my conventional mask for a couple of games, but I got hit and realized I like the helmet. As far as the sizing, I wear a 6 7/8 and the Wilson fits fine, even though it says 7+. I'm interested in buying a new All-Star. I like what I read on here. The biggest hangup I've had so far is the design of the bars, and I realize that's not much. I think the old design was classic, and it will take me a little time to get used to the new look.
  5. During the early part of the season when it is cool and I'm wearing the pullover, forearm pads are a part of my equipment. McDavid makes a really nice pair for football that work great. Nobody knows they are there. I've never worn them with short sleeves, but I loaned one to a buddy who had a serious bruise he wanted to protect.
  6. Ump-Attire Announcement

    For the record, I wasn't necessarily knocking anyone who chooses to wear the Champion. I merely wanted to pass along the notification I got in case anyone is shopping and didn't receive the memo. Party on...
  7. Ump-Attire Announcement

    FYI. Got this on facebook this morning from Ump-Attire: Ump-Attire.com - after reviewing the re-designed Champion hard shell chest protector (P200) we have decided NOT to resell them due to the lack of padding behind each of the 18 rivets.
  8. SOS Sales

    I've got a buddy who ordered several items. After seeing on here that there were some problems he called but was assured everything was in stock and would be sent asap. After two weeks he called back and was told nothing he ordered was in stock. He said the guy was very polite on the phone, but he had been waiting patiently and needed the stuff that week for fall baseball and softball. He didn't have any problem getting his credit card refund.
  9. New Douglas on EBay

    Crap. I gave away a Douglas about 5 years ago to a buddy who was just getting started. He's still wearing it. I lost $300! I bought a Gold from Maz this spring. After wearing a little bit of everything, I think it is the ultimate in protection. At 6,2 and 170, I don't mind the bulkier look of the Gold, but I do remember thinking the low profile of the Douglas was very cool. As I've said before, I really liked the Douglas, but I took a shot where the shoulder pad meets the CP and cracked my collarbone. And once that happens, it's hard to lock in and trust the CP!
  10. Charcoal vs. Platinum

    I wore a Charcoal for three h.s. games about 12 years ago. Took a slow curveball off the collarbone area that hurt. I was angry after the game and my partner asked me how much. I took $20, wished him luck, and bought a Douglas. The Charcoal definitely isn't in the top tier of CPs or it would cost twice as much. At the same time, it is a vast improvement over a ribbed or most soft-shelled CPs. Check out the recent threads on here of Platinums that have sold on ebay. If you can scrape up the cash to buy one, you can wear it and then sell it for more than the Charcoal will cost you to begin with.
  11. Observations

    Our state high school association limited eye black in the state playoffs to "One thin straight line" which was left up to our judgment. The coaches and players didn't like it. Funny thing, when we told them at the plate conference to wipe off the excess, most of them got rid of the entire thing. They only wanted it for the look anyway.
  12. Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Titanium on Ebay

    Congrats on the sale. I guess I'm just different, but it would have to be a super deal before I'm wearing a hat or helmet that somebody else has been sweating in. Again, congrats! Just another example of the fact that buying good equipment pays off.
  13. Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Titanium on Ebay

    Was that for $200?
  14. Diamond iX3 Mask: Replacement Pads

    Good info. I thought I'd thrown around just about every combination possible for building a mask for next year, but I haven't seen a silver frame with tan pads. Of course feel is most important, but I'm also concerned with the looks. Do you like the way the silver and tan goes together? Any pics?
  15. Another Platinum on Ebay

    I always wondered why people bid on items that have 6 days left.