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  1. okay so bases loaded... no outs.. championship game.... 2 umps. I'm plate, the vet is in the field. batter smashes ball to fence... Runner on 3rd misses plate, 1st and 2nd both cross plate, batters on 3rd which was irrelevent... anyways other team appeals that R3 misses home, which I call him out.... then they argue that the other 2 runners are considered out 2.... my vet umpire froze on me and said I called it right, hes been around for 25 years so we counted the 2 runs and game ended in favor of the team who got the runs. final score 10-9... after the game I caught hell from the crowd saying I was terrible and stuff, which I really dont care about, I just want to make sure I get this right for the future!!! thanks.
  2. Professional players coaching....

    sooo Its been awhile since i've come to this site, but I had a question and its unanswerable by my own association... i'm in washington state and Dan Wilson coaches his sons team.... they came to 1 of our tournaments... his son threw out like 6 people in 1 game, then hit a grandslam in another to win it...<---300ft fence. these are 12U... question is, do you ever see ex-professionals coaching they're sons team, and the kids always insanely good?? or.... is this kid beast....
  3. OK Im pretty sure i was suppose to eject him but i thought it was funny but anyways, let me know if i did anything wrong.. besides not getting rid of him. 1st, batter bunted ball which bounced off home plate, the batter took 2 steps towards 1st but he was TOTALLY 100% infront of the plate in fair territory, ball hit him in foot and stopped in fair territory, i called deadball batters out. it was the 3rd out with nobody on base.. the coach comes running out THE BALL DIDNT EVEN HIT HIM, HES 3 FOOT TALL CMON UMP!! i didnt expect anybody to argue it, but the way he ran out and started freakin was unreal so i said Your in the dugout, im 2 feet away. the other teams crowd all says cmon coach it hit him... next inning they have runner on 1st base 1 out and a kid hits a fast grounder to 2nd, 2nd picks up ball and "tagged" the runner out, threw to first but the kid was safe.. Super fast kid.. anyways.. the coach comes out screaming STAY ON 2ND BASE. UMP WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ARE YOU KIDDING ME HE DIDNT EVEN TAG HIM! i said Dude seriously your gonna argue with me again?? either way your kid was out, he went out of the baseline, which he did in a way to avoid the tag, its kinda wy the kid was safe at 1st. then i yell super loud, 2nd base go to your dugout please, your out. he said, oh cmon call the kid out. i said What are you doing to me right now?? you put him on the spot not me. you should have listened the 1st time i said out. End of conversation.. so the next inning they loaded bases no outs, batter hits a ball about 4 feet high next to the pitcher, out of his reach almost.. the pitcher drops the ball on accident, picks ball up throws home and catcher throws to 3rd for double play. he yells WHAT IS THAT, INFIELD FLY RULE WHAT CMON UMp. I said you need to go back to your dugout before i toss you. he turned around wnt back in. next play batter hits ball to 3rd, long throw across infield to 1st after the kid bobbled the ball. 1st catches ball while reaching so far out, foot was still on bag, he caught ball and his foot came off bat like half second after he caught it, so i called the runner out, HIS FOOT WAS OFF THE BAG!! DONT START COACH. end conversation. the other team is practically in shock at whats going on.. they kept sayin through fence dude dont listen to that guy/calls are right/i cant believe that coach so the blue team's assistant coach runs over to me after like bot. 4th and says sorry about coach we got 10 run'd by thse guys last night and we dont want it to happen again.. so i say thats got nothing to do with my game tonight.. score was 7-1 at this time with the red team at bat, Blue=bad coach Red=7 runs, nice team. red team gets 6 run limit, they were home team so game was over in bot 5th. games over and i go watch the other game for a minute, talk to the other ump for a sec, then head towards car. theres 6 fields at this park and 6 games played at same time so theres tons of people. the coach is way down the path towards cars and he turns around, sees me commin, slows down to like 1/4th his speed unil i caught up with him, then turns around and starts sayin somethin. i cut him off by saying dude im not tryin to make it unfair to any of your kids, honestly i dont care who wins, i call the game how i see it and your taking this way to seriously. he says I was a umpire for 8 years and that call you made at the plate was the worst call ever, it didnt even hit the kids foot. Then he said the batter was his son and he said it didnt hit him.. i was like ok dude im outta here call my boss or somethin cuz im callin your league director tomorrow and filing a complaint. i walk away, like 40 people watched us sit and yell at eachother for like 30 seconds.. i take like 50 steps and i see the other teams coaches come around the corner n say We got you back, that guys a complete jackass. all your calls are right and were sorry you had to go through that.. Your the only umpire on the field and you call great games, please dont let this fool blow it for the rest of us. so i was like ok cool yea thanks... i got in car n left.. im callin my boss later today n ill tell him what went down. All im worried about now is having to umpire for his team again. Nothing good can/will come from it.
  4. umpiring while sick..

    so i umpired my first 3 games perfect, had 2 days off.. during the 2 days got sick.. so yesterday im throwin up all day b4 the game... gametime comes, weathers nasty, parents n kids looked mad from the start. i feel like . first inning lasted 35 minutes(NO JOKE). then a car catches fire in the parking lot.. some kids were playin with a lighter.....burnt the whole back seat of the dudes van. thank god 1 of the kids dads comes in his police car and was parked right next to the kids he put the fire out so quick.. my head was about to explode.. anyways the game lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes with a total of 34 runs scored.. I felt like i missed calls/or like i was doing something wrong.. the crowd was so quiet the whole game it was just weird Got another game tonight Soo sleep till gametime since im still yakin:ZZZ:
  5. Games tonight. 10u

    Well my 2nd game was a total success : ) thanks again for the tips, everything went as smooth as i could have hoped for. I never heard any parents complain, infact all i had were compliments on my "strike zone" and keeping it consistant. apparently i missed a Batted ball hit a runners foot to second, but from my view it looked like he was passed it and the ball didnt take a bad bounce or anything, i just heard ooowwes from the crowd. 1 problem im having is seeing the call at 1st base... i cant seem to get in the infield fast enough without getting in anybodys way so i just go down the 3rd base line until i can see what i think is good enough... btw no jokes : )
  6. Games tonight. 10u

    y would i joke? im a new umpire with practically no training. just checked rainout hotline, GAME ON!
  7. Games tonight. 10u

    yeah the kids can steal any base after the ball crosses the plate. anyways its been rainin so its not lookin good so far.. now i dont really have a reason to bring a list.. the umpire who taught us everything only gave us half the training. he never went over pregame or anything. All they did was gave me a umpire book and said go work.. i've played baseball since i was 4 n always played 2 years up so i know everything about the game (so i thought) I really do have a whole new level of respect for umpires. obviously people are going to get mad because of missed calls but i use to razz umpires for the stupidest stuff.. i just feel bad now. In any case, during the 1st game score was 5-4 in last inning when away team scored 3 runs to make it 7-5. home team came up and scored 1 run but the pitcher caught a linedrive for the 3rd out. game ended 7-6. i never thought being an umpire could be so exciting. After the game i couldnt help but smile because i thought about all my past games when we either upset another team or we epic fail'd. Once again, thanks for the advice and im sure ill be postin here sometime soon : )
  8. Games tonight. 10u

    YEAaa crap its the ground rules i forgot to go over in the 1st game!! thanks! so when going over Ground rules, what are some basic examples.. This is the only part im going to have trouble with. what does the hc takes us around field mean? this is the 1st time these team's have used real umpires and i dont think they really know the parks that well.
  9. Games tonight. 10u

    so does it really matter how long your coaches meeting lasts?
  10. Games tonight. 10u

    so yea i got another game tonight if its not rained out. i was just wonderin if anybody could post some "coaches meeting" tips. i seem to have a problem remembering stuff so i wrote a list before my 1st game and, eventho it sounds "nooobish" i busted it out during the meeting so the coaches knew i ment business. some of the things i wrote down are obvious but ill post them so you know what im going off of. (1 man mechanics) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pregame~~~~~~~~~~~ .no stealing till ball crosses plate .check swings are called how i see it .6 runs per inning/unlimited after 6 .2 warnings issued before enforced balk .Equipment check- Please make sure your players equipment/gear safe and proper. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Side notes to coaches: Make sure your pitchers are paying attention to catcher, batter, and myself at all times. make sure they DO NOT pitch unless the batter is in the box, catcher is set, and they have my attention. Avoid all contact if possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for the "Equipment check" i was told by our head ump to never check the gear since we are "solo" umps they told us it would take too much time, and your never suppose to go in the dugouts or somethin.. I had a real problem my 1st scrim game with the pitcher pitching while i had time up to let the on-deck batter get to the circle. Also 1 of the catchers would stand up until the ball was halfway to plate, i was told never to "coach" a player, so i did the best i could to call balls and strikes without getting mad : ) all tips/advice are WELCOME!! i neeed something to read.
  11. is this a joke?

    so yea i didnt really mean "screw warren" lol.. im just sayin i got tricked.. felt like a fool the 1st minute on the site LoL. Anyways yea my 2nd game got rained out : (. thanks again for highlighting the important terms with a definition. im anxious about screwin up cuz my 1st game ever went so smooth. the only thing i got challenged on was a check swing. then same coach started screaming at me next inning because he doesnt know the rules : ). (2 outs nobody on full count, kid foul tips ball into catchers glove, i call strike 3 batters out) he starts in, did you not freakin hear the foul tip!?!?! HOW DID YOU NOT HEAR THAT? I go on to explain that if the catcher would have dropped the ball then it would have been The same as a foul ball.. he totally missed the point. so his other coach comes over and explains it.. while the Opposing teams coach says, cmon tom you know the rules, dont try n pull a fast 1 on the new guy. then "Tom" said sorry and went to his dugout.
  12. is this a joke?

    man that crap isnt funny. im laughin but still. screw warren. lol. thanks for clearin that up.
  13. is this a joke?

    I just made an account for the first time ever on here.. i googled "umpire forums" because i am a new umpire for little league and my first game was yesterday. Anyways I see a post saying my name in it, what is this about? is that somebody somewhere else? I just thought of this name because i thought it was cool.. im sorry, i googled, Little league umpire forums. i just read some pages in the other post but im not that person and i have no clue what they did, i can create a new name or something if you want, i can show you my myspace and everything.. im 20 years old and umpired my 1st game last night.. was amazing but the coaches tried testing me.