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  1. Interesting interaction between Tom Hallion and Todd Frazier from last nights game.
  2. boyinr

    Champro Magnesium

    Just got my silver frame loaded up with black Team Wendy pads, a Diamond harness and a 6" Champro ventilated TG. Will be getting a test run next week. It is light and seems to have good sight lines. It is certainly, different than more "traditional" designs.
  3. boyinr


    Maybe U1? confrimed at least he was listed by ESPN in that position.
  4. boyinr


    What a great game. I was there yesterday for 2 games. Watched yours from home. Great job.
  5. boyinr

    Problem with Force 3 shins

    I have worn these for most of this season and never had that issue. I bought these because of the lightweight and they had a 14.5" model. I have never heard the recommendation to removed the padding from a item of protective gear to make it fit better. I am thinking that yours are too long regardless of what she says.
  6. I was searching online for a new mask and came across a brand new, with tags Force3 Defender V2 mask in silver with tan pads. Included with the mask was the matching F3 bag. Not necessarily what I was looking for but, I figured if I could get it for decent "Buy it Now" price I old see what the deal was with the F3. The seller accepted my offer and I got the mask quickly. I tried it on and figured I would give it a fair try. It arrived as advertised. New, unworn with tags. A little heavier but not too bad. Plus if the springs do work, the added weight will be worth it. The more I looked at it though something wasn't right. I thought it was my imagination. I set it aside and went back to it the next day. It then dawned on me. The outer cage was crooked and welded wrong. The spacing between the cages was off and the chin extension was all jacked up. I am not sure how this one got out the door past QA or which door it left via. Either way, the seller was willing to take it back. I imagine it will be relisted. Heads up.
  7. boyinr

    Gerry Davis's mask

    4 ply, multi-strand, cross-oriented and fully bonded unobtainium.
  8. boyinr

    Gerry Davis's mask

    John Tumpane is wearing the same thing in tonight's Brewers vs Braves game.
  9. boyinr

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    I just received my Force3 Defender V2. I have a Champro 6" TG with the All-Star rubber looks. It seems like it will work fine. I think the original Champro snap loops would be fine too.
  10. boyinr

    Shin guards question

    Not my choice but, here is a low profile option in your price range https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Shin-Guards/DLG-LITE_Diamond-Featherweight-Umpire-Shin-Guards
  11. boyinr

    Shin guards question

    Shin guards get the least amount of attention and are the least costly of our gear to buy. However, I would be willing to bet that my shin guards get hit more often then any other item. If $50 is your price point I would look at the Honigs K-2010 models. I wore these for several years and never had an issue. They are a little bulky but, they are bomb proof. They even come in multiple lengths. These are built like tanks and close to your price point ($63). I wouldn't do anything above wiffle ball with what you posted. Call me tender but, I don't like to get hurt if I can avoid it. https://honigs.com/honig-s-elite-2010-leg-guards-reg.html
  12. boyinr

    Musings on All-Star FM2000 mask

    This is a nice mask. Very under appreciated. I had one and regret selling it. It was a bridge between the FM25 frame and the FM4000.
  13. You can't be wrong if you have the NB. Everything else may be okay. If you are good, it won't matter. If you aren't good it won't matter either.
  14. boyinr

    How do you pack you're hard shell CP?

    I have a Diamond 33". CP, 2 masks and SG's in the top zippered compartment.. Masks on the bottom, nest the shins, CP on top. Play with it a bit. It's like a puzzle only everyone puts it together a little different.
  15. boyinr

    Cather pick off at 2nd base

    The Jim Evans manual is great too. A little more pricy but, well worth it IMO.