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  1. boyinr

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great sale to @Richvee. Highly recommended.
  2. boyinr

    Champro Rampage

    @Thunderheads. Jeff- Lock it up please. It's sold. Thanks.
  3. Looking to sell an All Star steel that has had the lower plate removed and has been repowdercoated in gloss black. His is in very good shape and was used mostly as a back up. No dents or bends. This would be a great frame for a special occasion project (I can sent direct to Tony if you would like). I will ship this frame the next day for $30 PP F&F.
  4. boyinr

    Champro Rampage

    Brand new Champro Rampage (CM 83) silver with Bio-fresh two tone pads. Frame was worn in two games (never hit). Pads and harness have never been used. Includes the nylon storage bag. This will ship to you the next day in like new condition. $85. PP F&F.
  5. boyinr

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    I thought the Red Sox should have at least asked for video review. They said that Cora spoke to Ted Barrett. I thought it was RLI at the time of the play and nothing I saw on replay convince me it wasn't. That might have been my rooting interests coming out and clouding judgement. after all, I am still "convinced" that Armbrister interfered with Fisk in the 1975 WS. https://www.mlb.com/video/turner-scores-on-error-in-6th/c-2518182983?tid=63106348
  6. boyinr

    Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    Nope. I ordered the same thing earlier this year. I wanted an inexpensive lightweight black mask. I registered as a user and got a confirmation email very quickly and had great hopes. Waited a month with no response to any attempt to communicate. I finally called my credit card company and they sorted the mess out within a couple of days with a full refund. In the end I bought a Wilson AL from Offer Up. Good luck to you
  7. boyinr

    Epic Sports.com. Ever had any issues?

    I have bought from them and never had a problem. You should note that they don’t stock a lot and most stuff is drop shipped from the manufacturer. If you return something there is a significant restocking fee. I have never bought any thing used from them.
  8. I had t Hooks installed so I only had to send the lower plate. It was $32.50 inc shipping. Turned it around ASAP.
  9. boyinr

    Cheatin SOB

    Let's see @Jimurray.....4 of the best mlb umpires standing 60' away didn't see anything, no one on the Astros bench or on the staff saw anything but, Cody's uncle managed to figure this out from his basement man cave and you call someone you likely have never met a profane term and insult his mother? Really? Stay classy. Don't believe everything that you read on the Internet. The link below isn't from Codys uncle but, may have some merit about certain unsporting behavior in the ALCS. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/10/16/report-astros-employee-accused-of-suspicious-behavior-throughout-postseason/
  10. boyinr

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    I never thought I would spend >$100 on shin guards. I really doubted that I would be happy about it. In this case, I certainly am. The Force 3 are the lightest, the least bulky, the coolest, most comfortable and most protective SG out there. They are the tops in every area. The difference between something that you might like and may do the job is about $50. Buy the best and you only cry once. Good luck. I hope you make your goals.
  11. boyinr

    Flat Black Allstar FM4000MAG

    He got it from Baseball Express. I am pretty sure he blocked out his address. He must not want all of us sending him Christmas cards.
  12. Interesting interaction between Tom Hallion and Todd Frazier from last nights game.
  13. boyinr

    Champro Magnesium

    Just got my silver frame loaded up with black Team Wendy pads, a Diamond harness and a 6" Champro ventilated TG. Will be getting a test run next week. It is light and seems to have good sight lines. It is certainly, different than more "traditional" designs.
  14. boyinr


    Maybe U1? confrimed at least he was listed by ESPN in that position.