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  1. Cather pick off at 2nd base

    The Jim Evans manual is great too. A little more pricy but, well worth it IMO.
  2. Mask Choice

    That's a really good friend. Could you wear a 6 stitch cap with it? That's my only complaint with the steel version of the FM4000.
  3. Mask Choice

    I am partial to the FM25TI. Never had an issue with the double bars. I have had mine for many years and the frame is still like new. Loaded with LMX pads.
  4. FS Wilson Memory Foam pads

    @Thunderheads lock it up please.
  5. I have two pairs of Wilson memory foam pads that I want to sell. These are very lightly used and like new. There are no snags, fading or wear. Theses have been freshly hand laundered. I will ship both sets within the continental US for $30 PP F&F. PM me for my information and I with send them the day after payment is made.
  6. MHSAA Finals

    Jeff: Congratulations @Thunderheads , on this assignment. You have worked hard to earn this and we all very happy for you. Soak it all in. Roger
  7. Chest Protector For Smaller Guys

    ^^^^ This, IMO, will be the best if you are will to spend the money. I am a smaller frame guy too. I would recommend the T hook mod with a flex harness. I could never bend the plates enough to to get it were I wanted it without the pad coming off the plates. Lightweight low profile and tight fitting. I also have a S7 that fits me very well. The champion with a harness mod won't set you back too much ($150 less than a Douglas) and could always be a very good spare/back up.
  8. Douglas Tee Hooks w/Force 3 Harness

    Opps. I intended to ask if the straps will be long enough as is or do they need to be extended?
  9. Anyone out there have a Douglas with Tee Hooks and a Force 3 harness? I ham considering sending mine in to add the tee hooks but, I don't want to make my harness obsolete.
  10. Please add calls of "foul" on balls that land on the softball field or hit the back stop in your rant.
  11. Douglas Padding

    I used a nylon strap and strapped my plates to the water heater. Then heated them and let them cool over night. It was a lot less of an entertaining visual. Just saying there are a couple of ways to accomplish this.
  12. Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @rjdakin everything as promised, great communications and fast to ship. Buy with confidence.
  13. Diamond Masks

    Not a thing. I owned one for many years. A great value. Just using it as a metaphor.
  14. Diamond Masks

    Think of it this way. Some people drive to work in a Nissan Altima. Other people choose to drive in an Infinity. Both are sedans and both have airbags. Some people apreciate the difference and others don't. I think in all the games I have done I have had only one person who wasn't an umpire about my mask (All Star FM25TI). Catcher picked up off the ground after being knocked off. The frame is there only to physically stop the ball, the pads are there to absorb the impact of the ball hitting the frame. You have great pads and your frames are likely sufficient for what you need.
  15. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    I am not trying to talk you out of anything but if you are interested why not try the steel version at + an ounce or two and -$300 and satisfy your curiosity?