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  1. boyinr

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    I held and tried one on last night. Crazy light and great sight lines.
  2. boyinr

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    Maybe he will actually ship them if you pay $69. I tried to get one last summer and after two months of emails and phone calls I let my credit card company deal with it. Had it resolved in a week. I don't care if he is selling rainbow colored unicorns. He can keep them. Caveat emptor.
  3. boyinr

    diamond mask pads

    At least if it goes wrong, it isn't like they are really valuable.
  4. boyinr

    Cold weather and Team Wendy's pads

    If you like the micro fiber covering the All Star LUC pads are like Goldilocks said. Just right. IMO they are not too hard (TW) and not too soft (Wilson). The All Star also seem to be less affected by the temps.
  5. boyinr

    Cold weather and Team Wendy's pads

    Same here with my Diamond BL. Original pads in the Spring. TWs in the summer.
  6. boyinr

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    The HS Quarterback/Home Coming King/Girlfriend Stealer was named Wilson and drove a black and yellow Camaro is my guess.
  7. boyinr

    All-Star MAG Smaller Bottom Pad

    https://www.all-starsports.com call customer service and they will send you a whole set.
  8. boyinr

    Equipment question

    Diamond BL is my recommendation for what you describe. The pads that it comes with are good enough for most games and can be upgraded later to TW. The frame is good for any level that most of us will ever see. I like the finish on the BL better than the painted finish on the standard model. Between the pads and the finish its worth the extra $30 IMO.
  9. boyinr

    Stretching Routines

    Here you go https://mlburbanyouthacademy.mlblogs.com/stretching-exercises-for-umpires-9c0f1c9124
  10. boyinr

    Shin Guards with Mid-Cut Plates

    Agreed. Just get the right length. In this case, too long is not better.
  11. boyinr

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great sale to @Richvee. Highly recommended.
  12. boyinr

    Champro Rampage

    @Thunderheads. Jeff- Lock it up please. It's sold. Thanks.
  13. Looking to sell an All Star steel that has had the lower plate removed and has been repowdercoated in gloss black. His is in very good shape and was used mostly as a back up. No dents or bends. This would be a great frame for a special occasion project (I can sent direct to Tony if you would like). I will ship this frame the next day for $30 PP F&F.
  14. boyinr

    Champro Rampage

    Brand new Champro Rampage (CM 83) silver with Bio-fresh two tone pads. Frame was worn in two games (never hit). Pads and harness have never been used. Includes the nylon storage bag. This will ship to you the next day in like new condition. $85. PP F&F.