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  1. boyinr

    Batting around

    IMO "A" would be batting through the line up "B" would be batting around.
  2. https://www.pressherald.com/2019/05/19/his-only-home-is-the-plate/ A nice article about being a minor league umpire.
  3. they likely sold too many and could not keep up with the demand .
  4. Picked up a pair of these and wore them for the first time tonight. I really like these and I think I will wear these more than the NB. As stated above they are flatter than the NB. The toe area is more roomy than the NB in the D width The traction was fine even on a poorly maintained field especially for a turf shoe They cleaned up well and look great IMO Highly recomended.
  5. boyinr

    F3 shins sliding up

    How tall are you? Are they the right size? I have had some issues like this in the past with the 17" Wilson Plat. and the 17" All Stars. Both were too long for me. Switched to the 15.5" Platinum and the 14.5" F3's and the problem is gone.
  6. boyinr

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    With the exception of the Force 3 there is no technology in one frame vs another that makes it any more or less likely to result in an injury. Some frames may have a shape that promotes deflection vs others that are more flat but, I think the actual measurable impact of the shape is likely very small. The only purpose of the frame is to physically keep the ball from hitting your face and to hold the pads. IMO the weak link in this case is more likely your pads.
  7. boyinr

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    Maybe next time I lose my senses and decide to order from them I will have you do it for me and then send it to me. It would have been well worth the extra shipping charge to avoid chasing him for 2 months and a half hour on the phone with the credit card company.
  8. boyinr

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    My advise to you is to call your card company now and get a head start on the credit process. I messed around for two months last year. Whatever he sells isn't worth the trouble.
  9. boyinr

    Where should I put my water bottles?

    https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/igloo-05-gallon-sport-jug?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqIWJ6cbn4QIVRVcMCh1i7Q2REAQYASABEgJDzPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds This. $5.99. Hangs on the back of the fence.
  10. boyinr

    Throat Guard Question

    The way I look at it is, if I maintain the exact position at all times, my CP never slips, a 4" might be okay most of the time. I wear a 6" all the time. Why take a needless chance? There's a lot of other opportunity to get hurt that we can't prevent. I have been "clacked" a couple of times hard enough to break the nylon zip ties.
  11. boyinr


    The OP reports that the score was 4–1 when they sent that R3 to give himself up. Why not let him score? Two can play silly time limit games. Because the defensive coach wasn't as strategic. Let him score then have a mound visit. Game over.
  12. boyinr

    Tricks Plate Dodgers Use...

    I took my plate shoes out of my car to clean and polish them. I must have left them at home. I always have a extra/spare of almost every item with me. I have a spare cup that is available "at market price".
  13. boyinr


    Try a spray of a silicone based lubricant. WD-40 will work in a pinch.
  14. boyinr

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    I held and tried one on last night. Crazy light and great sight lines.
  15. boyinr

    +POS Zro-G now $69.95

    Maybe he will actually ship them if you pay $69. I tried to get one last summer and after two months of emails and phone calls I let my credit card company deal with it. Had it resolved in a week. I don't care if he is selling rainbow colored unicorns. He can keep them. Caveat emptor.