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  1. Slide situation

    Jboval, I don't think it matters. It's a safety rule. In part, they're trying to protect the fielder from getting a spiked shoe to the head, so it doesn't matter if the fielder is trying to tag the runner or making a play on the ball. The runner is not allowed to do jump a fielder who is not lying on the ground.
  2. Post Of The Month June, 2010

    I found this post on "Slide situation" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Post Of The Month June, 2010"
  3. position and seeing the whole plate

    I've also found it's helpful to have someone video tape me for a few batters or a few innings. I can see how I'm setting up and which calls I'm missing (which never happens, right?). I have my 13 yo son setup in center field, behind the fence, and video me similar to the view on MLB. He can get closer to direct center because he doesn't have any advertisements to show behind HP. frank
  4. illegal pitch?

    OP stated F1 would "would lift his foot and step with his toe off the rubber and back on". That looks like he's not just temporarily lifting his pivot foot off the rubber while he rotates. He might be taking a complete step off the rubber, rotating, then stepping back on the rubber. I have no problem with him taking his foot off the rubber a little while he rotates, but for him to take a complete step off the rubber while he rotates, then step back on the rubber seems like a balk/illegal pitch. frank
  5. Umpire Draws a line on the circle

    Seems strange to me to put positioning lines in the dirt because if I need to get to that spot, I'm not looking down to find my line, I'm watching the play. My luck, the minute I look down to find my line (after a bunch of batters, the catcher, and I walked thru it), some big-time OBS or INT will happen and I'll miss it. But at least I'll be positioned ok! :stir
  6. Galarraga's Perfe...1 Hitter

    I just heard on a sports radio program that MLB announced they would not reverse the ump call. Instead they will look into "reviewing the umpire system including expanding the role of instant replay". So this chapter is over. We do many things each day because "it's the right thing to do" even though it might go against the rules, and no, that's not being touchy-feely or any or anything similar. To me, it's pretty cold if EVERYONE involved in an issue admits a mistake was made and we don't make an effort to correct that mistake because of some allegiance to a 'rule'. Rules change, every day, for many reasons. Not doing the right thing (again, after all parties involved agree a mistake was made), that's a shame. http://wcbstv.com/local/umpire.bad.call.2.1730488.html
  7. Galarraga's Perfe...1 Hitter

    Ok, I'm sorry for hijacking this thread, but I think it needs to be pointed out that MLB HAS changed calls in the past. This is nothing new. After they changed past calls, no revolution happened, it didn't rain dogs and cats, the cities didn't burn down, life went on and so did baseball. As for George Brett, Lee MacPhail, American League President at the time, ended up overruling the umps for having too much pine tar on his bat and reinstated his HR. Not a perfect analogy, but one none the less, and found while doing a google search for only a few min. My point is, and I do have one, is that there's historical precedent for overruling ump calls and the game survived. frank -------------- if i keep going on this thread i might hit 100 posts!!
  8. Galarraga's Perfe...1 Hitter

    The Commissioner can change the call and has changed calls in the past. I've read over and over on this, and other, forums that the most important thing is getting the call right. Why is this any different? Joyce already admitted he made a mistake, so the right thing to do would be to overturn the call in deference to the spirit of the game and not hold so tight to the letter of rule (in this instance, so as to prevent anyone from responding saying we should have all calls changed in order to make everyone happy....).
  9. Galarraga's Perfe...1 Hitter

    I respectfully disagree with you. MLB opened the door to changing the game when they allowed replays of HR's. Once they did that, they allowed the calls and decisions of the on-field umps to be changed. Plus, the MLB has a history of overturning ump calls as well as retroactively changing the outcome of games (granted, this is not a normal occurrence, but it has happened several times), so it would be following historical precedent. frank
  10. Galarraga's Perfe...1 Hitter

    http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=5246454 Joyce will take his spot behind the plate today and Galarraga will walk out to hand him the lineup card. "Tigers manager Jim Leyland said MLB gave Joyce the option to not work Thursday's game between Detroit and Cleveland, but Joyce chose to stick with his job behind the plate. Leyland added that Galarraga would present the lineup card and shake hands with Joyce at home plate before the afternoon game." Selig should do the right thing in this situation and change the call, giving the perfect game to Galarraga. This is not something that should be done lightly or often, but in this case it's warranted. Joyce also indicated his family is receiving a lot of flak right now. That's not right. It would be nice if there was a way us umpires could send him an email and show him our support. Anyone know how to do that? frank
  11. Post Of The Month May, 2010

    I found this post on "So I'm In The Lead...." interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Post Of The Month May, 2010"
  12. Last nights games

    Wow, that's amazingly cool! The most we get flying around our fields (outside of Chicago) is a few stray geese, and you don't want to be looking up when they fly over your head!
  13. Conference ?

    Looks like the coach was taking advantage of the stop in play to have a few words with his pitcher. To me that's a chargeable conference.
  14. Davis Shield about to go on Ebay

    Hey guys, I'm not complaining! I'm happy there are items on ebay and glad Warren can make some $ off of it. I was just posting a suggestion to make it easier for us to find items we need, that's all.
  15. Davis Shield about to go on Ebay

    Just a suggestion, Warren, if you could please list the sizes in the title on eBay? For example, you just list "Umpire Shirt". I have to go through and actually search thru each item to find the size I'm looking for. It would just make it easier on those of us the want to buy your stuff! Thanks, Frank