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  1. newblue4co

    Talk about lack of support from your association!

    I have worked with Brian before, and I will say that he is considered to be a very good umpire in our area. I honestly have learned a tremendous amount of skills from working with him. He gets alot of the top Varsity games here in Denver. He has been asked to be a mentor to new umpires and I consider him my mentor, even though I was assigned another one. He is always willing to help a newer umpire.
  2. newblue4co

    Length of games..LOL

    Last year, I was BU for a freshman game that lasted 4 and a half hours. The final score in 6 innings was 37 to 25. The visiting team won finally. We had one half inning last a complete hour. Home team actually pulled within 8 runs in the fourth. Funniest thing about the game. Home team has two outs and batter drills a ball to CF fence. I am thinking an easy stand-up double. The kid rounds second and for some reason starts to 3rd, and missteps. I am ahead of him at set up at the cutout. The CF'er throws a rope right to 3rd and it is about two feet off the ground while caught. The runner slides into the tag and I bang him out. The HC says "Blue, can you get help? There is no force at third." I told him that the runner was tagged on the shin and he was tagged before reaching the base. At post game, I told my partner what was said. He laughed and said the on deck batter even said he was out while throwing down his bat, knowing the game was over.
  3. newblue4co

    My Last Frosh Game

    Don't forget that at least one school in our area has two freshman teams, a Sophomore team, a Junior Varsity team, and a Varsity team. The only school in the area, that I have ever seen a kid throwing in the low to mid 80's only on the JV team.