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    So let's go. You got the 10am, 1pm, 4pm, or 7:30pm game tomorrow? Bare down back there. Punch a hole in that mask. Where was that pitch?That pitch isn't low. Have fun, good luck and congrats to you and all of your partner's that were chosen.
  2. dumbdumb

    It is all Angel's Fault

    I would be much more inclined (not) to grab a tissue for my eye allergies, if Rizzo took responsibility for the 5th pitch outcome in the sequence, at this level.
  3. Wouldn't this have been like the old American League positioning (outside) that Hickox was originally taught and used for first 10 years and 900 games of his career? A very well respected AL colleague used another position (inside) and had this outcome below. There are tradeoffs to be made under any position used, and even when clearly seen from a proper (by 100% concensus) position, errors in judgment still occur.
  4. dumbdumb

    CWS TOR Bucknor situation

    Well, Bellino is a pretty smart whipper-snapper with that law degree like lawump, in addition to an MBA to boot. Wonder which degree, and the thought processes involved in each degree, played a more prominent roll in the way he handled his situation.
  5. dumbdumb

    OBR Legal Windup Options

    So, is this part of the 'declare' rule with a runner on 3rd only, but not with runners on 1st or 2nd (which kills little ball and favors home run ball, since the runner cannot tell, and therefor just hangs back rather than risk a steal).
  6. Don't believe this guy lives far from your upcoming tournament. He might get mad as a hornet just watching. http://www.charlottestories.com/gastonia-just-ranked-one-worst-cities-america/
  7. absolutely no worse a 3rd strike call in the 3rd inning on the 5th pitch to Harper on Sunday, than a 3rd strike call in the 3rd inning on the 5th pitch to Marcell Ozuna on Saturday by none other than recent All-Star game and 3 time WS umpire Ted Barrett. When an article refers to a mistake by an individual umpire, let's also go to pitch fx or instant replay to find other umpires making the same mistake, but not written about, as we comment on the original mistake from the article posted. http://www.brooksbaseball.net/pfxVB/cache/numlocation.php-pitchSel=592314&game=gid_2018_07_22_atlmlb_wasmlb_1&batterX=24&innings=yyyyyyyyy&sp_type=1&s_type=3&league=mlb&pnf=&zlpo=&cache=1.gif http://www.brooksbaseball.net/pfxVB/cache/numlocation.php-pitchSel=500779&game=gid_2018_07_22_slnmlb_chnmlb_1&batterX=19&innings=yyyyyyyyy&sp_type=1&s_type=3&league=mlb&pnf=&zlpo=&cache=1.gif
  8. dumbdumb

    How does this happen?

    So, how are you guys handling your PU partners who are getting chirped on by both teams due to a poorly called game, who will not even take 1 of 10 check swings. The batter's bat barrel points at the pitcher, and then the PU points to you 'every time' to take the heat off themselves and get them yelling at you when you call a strike. Looks like the base umpire sent that weak, horse manure no swing call, right back to his partner to tell him to grow a pair and take the heat.
  9. dumbdumb

    Fulmer calls out PU

    Kinda tough to win a game when your team only gets 3 hits in a 9-1 game. Seems like you could rant about getting no support. Others have. But let's go cheap shot the umpires. You can go look at the starter for Houston (Cole) and I bet dollars to doughnuts the same amount of pitches were unintentionally arguable but Houston hitters gave more support to their pitchers and the Houston pitchers held the Tigers despite the arguable pitches. A 40-57 team versus a 64-34 team and that 47 game swing cannot be due to malfeasance on the count of the umpires.c One can also do an inning by inning, batter by batter pitch analysis for Fulmers 4.2 innings of work, on the left hand side of pitch fx statistics. And of course a 2011 bonus baby of $937,000 right out of high school and an additional 1.6 million in his last 3 years in MLB, with less than a 500 record so far, is the be all end all player spokesman for the Tigers concerning individual umpire quality on a game by game basis. Were there previous outbursts when he won 9-1 or is he two faced on his outbursts.
  10. In certain instances, if the ball hits that hand/bat would be hard to tell anyway. Can they get New York involved in all instances of hand/bat that are exactly like this one? If not, this would be one of the few left (like check swing), that if one wants to fire up the team, even if nuts to do so, it leaves the old time judgment argument intact without NY having a say.
  11. You said that right.c Guess when any batter takes a home run swing on a down and in slider, and the ball cleary hits the batter on that back foot, Boone will be tearing out of the dugout for that HBP. He will even totally ignore the fact, when/if it happens, on a swing that was so obvious and was so hard that the swing drilled the catcher in the head on the follow through, that he will claim the HBP on the back foot over-rules any other action or rules that need to be adjudicated.
  12. And used to be delivered by Pilot Air Freight run by Richie Phillips.
  13. dumbdumb

    Women in the profession

    And BT_Blue, just to catch you up on a little of the crew history.c Boise Hawks at Tri-City Dust Devils. On July 2, in the top of the 7th inning, Boise 10th round draft pick, number 306 overall by the Colorado Rockies, bonus baby slotted for $138,000 but signed for $150,000, from the Oklahoma Sooners, Cade Harris, was summarily ejected by taking care of business plate umpire Emma Charlesworth-Seilers after striking out swinging to end the top of the inning. In 62 at bats so far this year, the eagle eye Harris has 21 walks, but also 21 strike outs. Harris had just finished going O for 4 for the night with a swinging strikeout in the 1st, a called 3rd strike in the 2nd and a fly out in the 5th, before his dismissal from the contest in the 7th. Best I can do. P.S. 55 fans had left there seats and were already at the hot dog stand while 100 were lined up for for the facilities usage and missed the excitement and the take me out to the ball game song. You are on your own from here on out. added below 7/25--- On July 6th in a game between Vancouver and home team Everett AquaSox, in the bottom of the 3rd inning HPU Emma Charlesworth-Seilers took care of business bby dismissing Everett AquaSox manager Jose Moreno during a dispute. On July 14th in a game between Tri-City and home team Hillsboro, in the top of the 5th inning, base umpire Emma Charlesworth-Seilers took care of business by dismissing Tri-City Dust Devil Manager Mike McCoy during a dispute. As a side note, since Jen Pawol has moved up to Long A in the MWL now, while she was in the Short A NYP last year (2017), Jen had to take care of business as the HPU on July 14 and 31st, and again in August on the 23 and 31st, by dismissing 1 player in each of those games and 1 hitting coach on July 31st, over balls and strikes for the year.
  14. dumbdumb

    Umpire arm shield

  15. dumbdumb

    Umpire arm shield

    Just following you around. Jerry Neudeckeur was the last to wear the outside/shield in 1985. However, it was only taught and allowed to come into the AL until the 70's as you have proposed. They gave a grandfather clause to those who still wanted to wear the outside rather than switch over and Neudeckeur had been there quite a while.
  16. dumbdumb

    Women in the profession

    All right, I will be nice. She worked last night in Everett on the plate to finish out that Series with Vancouver. So, they had to travel to new cities for tonights games which have new 3 game series coming up. She will work the bases. So if you pull up the Northwest League and go to scoreboard in just a little while you can check 'gameday' on each of the 4 games tonight until you find her. Then go watch her work the plate again tomorrow and wave to her and her partner. added As you know by now, the crew is in Vancouver.
  17. dumbdumb

    Women in the profession

    BT_man. You must have taken a couple off the mask. Matt has given the correct answer. But, I told you Emma worked the rookie GCL last year. She started 20 days ago in the NWL Short A League like the NY Penn but more out west, skipping the advanced rookie Pioneer and Appalachian. Pretty much no where else to go after only 20 days in the League. If she had started in the GCL last year and moved to the NWL last year after only 20 days in the GCL, then they 'might' could think about moving her to the MWL or SAL but not without a full 70 games in the NWL, IMHO. Now a late career starter like Torres at 30, could allow for possible speedier moves, as most past stats will show, although that phenom Brendan Miller started right off the bat in the NYP and the next year he went right to High A FSL then 2 years in AA and now is in AAA. However still one full year at Short A League to start with.
  18. dumbdumb


    You got that bottle of 'just for men' yet, or more to the point, have you started using it yet? And, do you have that pill in your bag for another 163 pitch game that goes 1:27. Congrats. Sorry, but we do not get the 'Seniors Only' channel in our area. Will depend on you to provide pictures on this site again this year.
  19. I would like Gil and the staff to help Bob not get hung out to dry and have his back on some potentially set up question, that he may not see coming or that can have a double meaning. I would also like Bob to be able to clarify on a potential question where he is trying to be rail roaded by the doctors of the English language people, who can turn anything around or right side up or down, or spin things in a totally embarrassing way to get Bob's goat so to speak. I think it would be appropriate for Bob to answer a question with a question of he needs help to further understand the context in which the question was asked. Asking Bob about whether he thinks an umpire in a particular video handled himself appropriately in a hot verbal confrontation, and that video is about any member of the current staff or past staff or even Bob himself is about as low rent as it gets, (if) some feel he is obligated to answer this type of question or he might as well go home. Did Earl Weaver handle himself appropriately from the beginning of the balk video with Haller? Hopefully Bob can add some insights strictly on the umpiring end with mechanics, positioning, timing, angles, judgment, situations, skirmishes and anything else he is willing to share that came up in his career, including the minor leagues, or even the umpire school(s) back in the day. Some incidences have already made the papers, but maybe Bob could add a little more that would give everyone a little extra giggle as long as he felt that extra was appropriate and in good taste and not cause horribly bad feelings to others involved. Now that he is out, of course there is no gag order and he can speak freely, but let's leave things up to him to decide, and not be disappointed if he will not go into some areas he knows about, but does not feel comfortable to this day to discuss. It is perfectly okay to pass or (no comment) on situations that just cannot be answered appropriately and he would feel uncomfortable about divulging. Silence can be golden, when needed.
  20. Seems like this type of situation reared its head concerning the double switch in days gone by. Seems like there had to be some clarifications to the procedures of announcing and signaling due to some misunderstandings on the double switch, to try and de-escalate some tensions (ejections) involved in that process from time to time. Of course, if a manager has been displeased with some of the umpire(s) body of work during the game, it makes for a perfect situation to get in a little dig or verbal scuttlebutt with the umpire. Much like waiting on the mound for the umpire to break things up to get in some extracurricular verbal judo on the managers part. A quick use of the fingers when the umpire may or may not be looking before getting the umpires attention by calling out his name first and watching him looking right at you before giving the visual signal, is one of the old school tricks to start a skirmish. Of course the camera will show the sign was given, even if the sign might be blocked out by the railing or a player or be too far back in the dugout or the umpire not looking for the signal, but the manager not getting his complete attention to start with. But getting the umpires complete and undivided attention verbally first, before giving the visible signals is the key to a smooth transaction and maybe, just maybe, in a hotly contested game with some unfavorable situations the manager just might want to accidentally forget to gain the umpires complete and undivided attention.
  21. Now that Bob Davidson has been confirmed, as a contributor on your cite, with comments backing both Angels recent balk and ejection and Joes recent ball/strike judgment and ejection, (as the haters on the cite would expect), let's not forget Bob's 2 major situations that presented themselves during his 30 year career. Most people will note the situation after 18 years of his tenure in 1999, but many are forgetting the situation that occurred right at the beginning of his career to start with. The story 5 years into his career may be found in the 1980 Baseball Guide. Mr. Davidson started his career/journey from retrosheet in 1974 in the Midwest League, back when those in umpire school that were determined to have shown the highest skill level during school, could be moved directly into long A ball and totally skip Short A ball. Bob was moved to the Florida State League for a year and a half in 1975/76, AA Southern League for a year and a half in 1976/77, and the American Association under the legendary President Joe Ryan's tutelage in 1978. After one year of work in AAA, Bob was adjudged by those in the decision making process in the Major Leagues such as Future Hall of Famer Al Barlick and Tom Gorman to be of Major League potential and caliber. In 1979, after just 1 year of AAA work, the MLBU made the decision to stage a walkout for better wages and benefits which included a vacation, after a failed attempt at a strike on August 15, 1978, when a Philadelphia judge issued an injunction which ordered them back to work. The starting pay at the time of $17,500 which rose to $39,000 after 16 years with long time senior umpires Ed Vargo and Doug Harvey Nestor Chylak and Bill Haller the only ones at the top. With a per diem at $50 per day the umpires were having to dip into their base salaries to pay for their rooms/meals, etc. in many of the cities, since MLB was in all the Major Cities in the US. This severely hampered the new umpires making $17,500 and was probably straining many marriages with the low pay and no in season vacations to see the family. C Bob Davidson, along with several other AAA umpires including Drew Coble, Gerry Davis, Dan Morrison and Rocky Roe of The American Association and Randy Marsh, Charley Williams, and Mark Johnson of the Pacific Coast League were offered 3 year guaranteed MLBU contracts to work during the walkout and continue when the issue was settled. Bob and the other umpires declined the 3 year offer and went back to their respective AAA Leagues as a 2 year MLBU agreement was reached. After the 1981 season, a new contract was negotiated for 1982 in which the umpires who had turned down contracts during the 79 walkout would be the next umpires hired to MLBU as job openings occurred. Bob became a full time MLBU in 1983. With the next incident in 1999, Bob has endured and persevered during quite a lot of drama over his former 30 year career until his retirement after the 2016 season.
  22. dumbdumb

    How quickly they forget

    Seems like they forget their own shortcomings from the night before, in the ninth inning no less, to try to pick on/bully and scapegoat someone for their own terrible playing again the following night. Real class act. But I guess this is what/how the head coach/university wants to be represented in the field and the NCAA want, with more than one display of barking from the dugout like little weasels during the championships. https://mobile.twitter.com/sportstalksaw/status/1012485217452462081
  23. dumbdumb

    1952 American Association Ejection Reports

    But in another life as the old saying goes, I think you would have enjoyed the task much better if you knew the recipient in charge of receiving and ruling on these reports, was the gentleman in charge of the AA from 71-87, from things i heard from an old guy i met that went to the umpire school years ago.
  24. Possibly yes/no. Obviously if he crossed the back plane (however the MLB is written for that infraction) that would probably be easier to see by the 1BU, than the PU. A lean in, with the shoulder would probably be easier to see by the 1BU than the PU. A step back off, like Terry Mulholland use to do would probably be easier for 1BU than the PU. The step to home would definitely start tipping the scales much higher towards a possible call from the PU, and just like balls/strikes, there will be differences in opinion on what is and what isn't judgmentally, no matter how the rule is written, a step towards home from either umpire when they work as the 1BU and as the PU for that step balk. Very much like when the PU takes that check swing and calls it a strike, rather than ask for help because he saw him swing and did not need help. We have also seen that check swing call missed on Replay on both ends of the equation, no matter who/whom we felt should or should not have made the call based on the complexity of the situation. There are others on this site who can run circles around me all day long and add tons of insight on this particular matter.
  25. The haters are out there in force. What they don't mention, is that he balked 5 times in College, once in 2014 and four times, twice in one game, in 2015. A good guess would say it was probably on that exact move, or one very very similar, and some fine Collegiate umpires in the Mid-American Conference, called him for it.