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  1. Here is Shag and Weaver in the World Series in 69. Also, the game back when the knuckle ball throwing Niekro brothers were around and Jerry chewed out the catcher for holding a knuckle ball pitch on him, after butchering and missing pitches all day long himself, that was picked up by the plate mike, is a classic, if that instance/game can be found. And one might enjoy this article about umps being fined. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1988-05-05-8803140633-story.html
  2. Wiki says there is no AAA baseball in Maine. Maybe back in the dark ages with Cory Snyder or something. So, was Rehak recuperating from a concussion with an AA assignment in Portland. I'm confused.
  3. dumbdumb

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    As you said, since things worked out in the end to make this situation (right or wrong with the call), a nonentity, where very few will ever remember. Some people just live with the Angels, and get out of the questionable call situation which would be brought up forever and ever like Larry Barnetts call.
  4. dumbdumb

    2019 Changes

    Hope you went over the Machado intentional Kupcheck or intentional punch on the thigh (oh, that's just how I naturally slide excuse) on every slide into second and the intentionally stepping on 1b foot. That will be picked up and done by the youngsters, or at least tried to see if they can get away with it. And the running lane to 1st. The first 45 belong to the runner, the 2nd 45 belong to the fielder, no questions asked, barring something totally off the wall or totally intentional. You are either in the lane or out of lane and of course that last step to touch the base from inside the lane would be allowed to touch on the base outside the lane. You can decide how they can step on the line going the last 45. One foot in the line and one foot in the field of play or both feet touching the line all the way. Or one foot touching the line and that other totally in the box. Make it clear and concise. Any interpretations must be in print, not off the books so to speak.
  5. dumbdumb

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    So a Larry Barnett fan you would not be. But Larry was a supervisor for 2000-2001, and would have been instrumental in the hiring of Tim Timmons during the 2001 season full time, as the replacement for Al Clarke. And you did get off on the right foot with a win to start the Series with Timmons behind the plate. Seems like? there might be some "last step", interpretation/provision/clarification to try and help with the judgement of making this call determination, since the entire base is totally in fair, and 15 inches of fair territory at that. That being said, at some point there will always be that grey area that stands, when there is no clear cut yes or no as to what is seen. Others with superior knowledge can weigh in on the fact or myth of a last step provision and when that step comes into play exactly, or if there even is a last step provision. Oops, check out ccs analysis that went up. .
  6. dumbdumb

    2019 Changes

    Are you politely telling me to put the knotty problems book where the sun doesn't shine, or to go get the bullpen key? Baseball is known for being reactive rather than proactive unless forced, like they were forced to answer the handling of a cheat sheet index card pulled out of the pocket this year, since they did not directly answer the situation with a case play in the rulebook back when Harvey had the situation with Herscheiser, and Herschheiser being proactive and going right to Harvey with the card from the get go. Just thought of the plate huggers and wanted to make sure that things were as simple as you were describing. This is a much appreciated guidance point being presented, especially with the freezing/not attempting to move in the batter's box situation IMHO, which has been the main bone of contention/friction in the games i have attended and heard complaints/arguments from the coaches. And then of course there are the hypothetical/knotty problem, stump the ump to try to make them look bad questions, that will always come up. You have always given great help on this sight. I am glad for them being more proactive at the collegiate level and you specifically bringing us the latest updates and guidance.
  7. dumbdumb

    Champion Sports Armor Style Chest Protector

    Call Tim Tschida at the bar. I believe there are old pictures of him wearing one. See if he gave it away. If not, maybe he would sell it to you, or let you borrow it for historical purposes for a game or two.
  8. dumbdumb

    Game 3

    And let's not forget other professional sports have a skew component to them. Every call is a life or death component to someone, and putting someone in the hole, is just as terrible to them as a punch out missed strike or walk in all sports. If you miss anything at all, that miss totally changed the whole complexion of the game and made us lose, no matter how when or where the mistake was made. And many times a skew just means that if one call is for them, means you owe me one now, regardless of 'right or wrong' anyway, just ask Billy Martin. It is not about 'right or wrong', it is about close. If you call a close one on me, you got to call a close one on the other guy to even up the skew. and here was PF skew in the NBA. guess that skew caused the wizards loss https://www.usatoday.com/sports/nba/event/2018/993021/boxscore/ but here was a PF skew. don't know how this skew helped so much https://www.usatoday.com/sports/nba/event/2018/993019/boxscore/
  9. dumbdumb

    2019 Changes

    So why not just go crowd the plate and wait to get hit like Frank Robinson and others whose feet were the only thing in the box but nothing else. The rest of their body way inside the 6 inch neutral zone before the plate took over. Some even had their elbow and hands naturally over the plate and a high pitch over the zone but too high to call a strike would hit them. They 'did not' go after the pitch, and the pitch 'did not' go after them, in the neutral zone or high over the plate but out of the strike zone. Guess somewhere along the line you just cannot make everything non judgmental. And the supervisors get to decide for employment reasons whether you live with the angels or not. You have to read the supervisors mind for the answer every time like Spock would do, before making the judgment call. If you make the call the way the supervisor would have made the call, you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if not, you get the 'you are the worst' rap.
  10. Did anyone go take a leak last night during the game? Nobody on Jack Lietz's(3BU) crew with Denny Cregg(PU) and Tony Maners(1BU) did for over 8 hours before their game was stopped. Inquiring minds (or those who have lost theirs) want to know.
  11. But you got 2 famous teams that last met in 1916, although the Dodgers were in New York. This was when Babe Ruth was known for his pitching prowess and before the worst trade ever in baseball. And his pitching teammate Ernie Shore won 2 games in that WS and was traded with Ruth. Shore also pitched the perfect regular season game, where Ruth was tossed after walking the first batter, and Shore came in. Shore picked off the runner and then retired the next 26 batters. Shore won games 1 and 5 in the 5 game series and Ruth won game 2 in which he pitched all 14 innings. Fred (Bonehead) Merkle and Casey Stengel played for Brooklyn.
  12. dumbdumb

    New Diamond CP

    I am assuming if things are like medicines we read about, that come off patent protection after 20 years, (with a few legal side deals with generics for a short extension) the generics are allowed to muscle in for utility patents. I think design patents have a 14 year protection clause. But, I do not know how anything technically and legally works, nor do i know about licensing agreements, or trademarks. Sorry, but my sign on, is true to form.
  13. dumbdumb

    New Diamond CP

    Patent filed April 10, 1995. Patent issued July 2, 1996. Utility patent, of which this is one, are protected for 20 years from date of filing. And of course that means Greg Bonin's utility patent for 'Rain Out' and Ed Hickox's utility patent for an 'indicator' are still protected.
  14. dumbdumb


    little action of one of your buddies i believe. Or do i have the wrong American Legion? https://www.clipsoon.com/abq7WDJV3Ww/americanlegionworldseries-alws.html
  15. Does football have this problem? https://mobile.twitter.com/Mike_Ferrin/status/1052730686107312128?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1052730686107312128&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fsports.yahoo.com%2Fsecurity-guard-keeping-us-knowing-truth-jose-altuves-home-run-191336836.html