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  1. Super Regional Crews

    It says New for 2018: The 'preference' (oops i used the word recommendation) that an umpire work the (CWS) only once in a 3 year period is no longer applicable. I am not positive about any technicalities in that wording or the word preference. Just sounds like the same guys can claim preference and work every year now.
  2. Super Regional Crews

    Seen so far at CWS. The recommendation that umpires not return to the (CWS) the next year(s) to help get others trained for the future, and give others a chance at working the pressure packed (CWS) finals has been rescinded. Wonder why that was rescinded. Seemed to make sense to keep more than just 8 or 10 of the same umpires working the finals all the time and I am sure the quality goes more than just 8 or 10 deep, as the Supers selections should at least encompass another 16 that are right up there in quality and eligibility. Chris Coskey Travis Katzenmeier Jeff Henrichs Barry Chambers Frank Sylvester Joe Burleson Perry Costello Billy Van Raaphorst
  3. I take exception to the "we amateurs" portion. Everyone working games for remuneration are just as much a professional as the ones mentioned in these posts. The only difference is in the players status (receiving remuneration or not) and the speed of play involved. Each professional umpire gets to decide which type players he or she will pursue, to attempt to ply their trade with.
  4. Always nice to see this calm, cool and collected umpire come down at 3:10 mark, to help his fellow umpire out, back in the day when you went toe to toe for a while with each other, before the troops moved in to help out.
  5. Poly spandex in MLB?

    But what type pair was ted giannoulas wearing under his uniform when you threw him out in the round picture by your name in the upper left corner?
  6. I think when these extra educational insights are brought up, a link to the old CCS post should be provided. For historical purposes that old post was page 32 (for me anyway) here on UE, and there were 55 comments to the original ejection that day in 2016 on CCS. And Hamari was added to the full-time staff in 2017.
  7. High School Playoffs

    Have you offered your body to science yet, so they can clone you? Need more like you that enjoy seeing and working towards others success, (and there are definitely others like you), more than worrying about your own personal success, (maybe to your own detriment at times). On another note, as I post, are you attending one of them there D1 Regionals that are popping up/underway in your state right now, to pick up on some umpiring tips for future use, both for you and those who will be taught/mentored by you in camps and clinics.
  8. I have seen this rolling around in the grass in pain holding the leg routine in games, and then stealing a base on the very next pitch before, and similar exploits in other sports. Also, enforcement of a rulebook infraction by an umpire or any official of any other sport, such as that of interference in baseball, does not necessarily guarantee future nonproliferation of a former incident.
  9. Just for historical purposes with someone else originally from same organization that has had inclusion issues in the past. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1986-06-08/sports/8602110312_1_pcl-president-bill-cutler-larry-bowa-pam-postema
  10. Women in the profession

    Before we start commenting on the female officials working/or not working professional men's sports with professional players, let's talk about female officials working/not working Major D1 men's sports of amateur players. Not 1 female is working any of the d1 conference baseball tournaments going on, much less the power 5 or 6. There is a great feeder system with the women's d1 major conferences in softball to bring the women into the baseball ranks if all the men were so inclined towards inclusion. I have never seen any women in the last whenever, working any D1 Conference Men's Tournament or working the power 5 or 6 Conference Men's Tournament. So no kudos to the pro umpires working the amateur College Mens players either, and we will not even mention the fact of no women ever at the regionals, super regionals or CWS ever in history. Go to the D2 and D3 levels and see how many are working the NCAA men's Regionals, SR, and World Series in those areas either. If some women have by chance made it into d2 or d3, then why no promotion to d1 Conference games on weekends and why no d1 Conference Tournaments or NCAA post season? And the NCAA men's basketball at the d1 level should not be let off the hook either. How many women are working d1 Conference season games. How many working the Conference Tournament, and NCAA post season. Not 1 lately if ever. Basketball has a perfect feeder system built right in also, with the D1 Women's game and moving the D1 women right on over to the D1 men's game if they were so inclined for the inclusion of women. Dee Kantner and Violet Palmer where hired by the NBA back in 1997 and Kantner was let go (and which D1 Conferences Mens staffs stepped up to the plate to hire her for their Conference games staff after she was let go in 1999- seems like Dee is still around for D1 women staffs). So it took the NBA almost 20 more years before they hired another woman recently. With all the D1 College women out there and the ones who have worked in the WNBA which has been in existence for quite a while now, but no job offers for 20 years basically until Lauren Holtcamp recently. The NBA is not to be commended for their piddling poor outreach to get good press, yet not back an aggressive effort over the past 20 years. And an amateur league that hired a former NBA official to supervise, did not back up a woman on the staff who T'd a coach and the coach deserved it. When the former NBA guy was outed, he quit and this was not that long ago. The NFL gets no kudos either at this time since it took them forever and there are more openings on the field to start with, with crews of 7 and if it was not for Jerry Austin taking a personal interest in this endeavor to include women. How many are trying to find the women for the d1 NCAA men's football since there is not a D1 women's football teams feeder system like baseball and basketball. But, before we harp on those professional players in men's leagues and the inclusion of women s officials in those leagues, let's harp on and take a good look in the mirror at the highest amateur D1 men's player leagues and the inclusion of women officials, just as hard if not harder since there are many more openings to start with.
  11. NCAA Postseason

    Congrats to @Haid D' Salaami on Big South Conference Tournament sighting.
  12. And I would have thought calling time for everything, all the time, like in a rec league slow pitch softball game, would be at the top of the list.
  13. MSU @ Alabama Batter's Interference

    Paul Nauert, Tripp Gibson, Greg Gibson, Randy Marsh, Jerry Layne, Terry Craft, Dan Morrison, Charlie Reliford.
  14. MSU @ Alabama Batter's Interference

    Assuming (maybe/maybe not) that he took last week off for the derby in his home state, wonder if he received a few requests in between races to give a demo without falling in the mud.
  15. He just wanted to "ask" a question. As in "Jee, I guess you can't even "ask" a question any more". Isn't that the crappy line the Coach/AC/Manager hide behind and use and how they always start when they want to verbally show you up and bully you. They make sure everyone in the stands can hear them say that all they want is to "ask" a question, and hide behind the "ask" phrase all day long for everything. Verbal judo and try to guilt you to death with the famous "ask" phrase, until you give in. Guess that didn't work very well in this instance, if in fact that was the line used (asking), which is very unlikely, in trying to get around the fact you cannot discuss/ask/argue a step balk by the rules of this organization, unless the rules or rules interpretation have changed. Maybe they go call the supervisor and report you for not letting them "ask", not argue, a question, even at this level, and hope for a special dispensation.