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  1. dumbdumb

    Interesting Touch of Home Plate

    Looks like good preventive officiating on several accounts. By standing on the plate, the rest of the team could not play surround sound as Frazier got closer and closer, and prevent the umpire from getting a good look at the touch, therefor not having to invoke the Merkle's bonehead rule due to the situation. For health purposes, prevented the player from possibly trying to jump as high as he could and land on the plate, thereby breaking a leg as more than one player has done. It also acknowledged (not to be confused with congratulations) that the game was officially over for all intents and purposes without giving a tip of the cap or fist bump that caused past problems. And, it also acknowledged that the game was not going into the 10th inning and setting Mr. Hallion up for another possible 15 day concussion situation that happened the last time he went into the 10th inning. This prevented another call up situation so close to the end of the year, with so many umpires out of the line up for various reasons and injuries. It may (who knows) also have conveyed that, being so close to the end of the year, this would be the last meeting for all involved for the remainder of the season, so everyone could play the don't worry, be happy song, if all parties by chance have a past history.
  2. Well, I believe Mr. Bellino got to play Crew Chief for the second game of a double header involving the Marlins at New York versus the Mets. 2nd year full timer Adam Hamari, signed in 2017, was his backup along with 2nd year Triple A fill-ins, Nick Mahrley and Shane Livensparger. Since it was a double header and Mr. Hallion was out after working the plate, maybe Mr. Hallion could come running out from under the stadium tunnel to help, but it looks like 8th year full timer, signed in on 2011, Bellino, was Crew Chief for the game. Wonder what Mr. Frazier, a jetbag, thoughts were on that situation, or for that matter, number 1 son of Joe Torre, Donny Baseball's, thoughts were. Bet Donny Baseball never saw that in his days on the field. Wonder if he lodged a silent (hint hint) off the books complaint to father Joe, since his record is so poor this year, reminding father Joe that this shall not happen were he having a better competitive year. Also wonder how many times the historically famous New York Yankees (with historically massive political pull) have had an 8 year signed full timer as Crew Chief, a 2 year signed full timer, and 2 second year fill-ins working one of their games?
  3. He (the guard) must have watched the Bellino under arm situation.
  4. I see the issue has been addressed. Not even being a blimp on the screen (novice/don't have a clue) when it comes to rules knowledge, this seemed to fall more into the, don't do that, like when those necklace violations occurred and the necklaces had to be covered up. Keep the card in the pocket and look at it all night long in the dugout, but not out on the field. But once again, it has been addressed. If some old history serves me correct, John Kibler's old crew (and West was on it), said the initial jab step (to get the pivot foot out of the hole on the mound without breaking an ankle), rather than stepping back off the rubber first, like the rule clearly said in print was how to disengage, was being called a balk by Kibler's crew. Other crews must have been seeing a step back. MLB finally ruled a jab step with the pivot foot was all right. And it seems like maybe Al Barlick quit the National League over the Leagues decision not to back up a balk move that was illegal in the rules, but being called a balk by the umpires. Either back the umpires or send out a memo clarifying/additional interpretation/case play, the issue. It's not that freaking tough. Ah, here is the Barlick article that was in SABR (A week later Barlick was quoted by Les Biederman in The Sporting News: “We umps have to shoulder too much blame, yet all we do is enforce the rules. We don’t write the rules, just make certain none is violated. Now everybody is on us about the balks. Our instructions are to call balks when the pitcher fails to pause in his delivery with men on base, and we’re following orders. What would you do if your boss told you to do something and you didn’t follow through? What happens to a player who fails to follow instructions from a manager? It’s just as simple as that.” On June 15, 1963, his crew worked a game in Cincinnati between the Reds and the New York Mets. At 3 o’clock the next morning, Barlick called Fred Fleig, the secretary of the National League, and, according to various news accounts, told him: “I am fed up with things and I am going to quit and go home.” League President Warren Giles told reporters later that day that he had tried to contact Barlick without success but hoped that he would change his mind because “he is an excellent umpire and a fine person.” At the time, there was no supervisor of umpires in the league, unlike the American League, which had a supervisor. The NL umpires were dissatisfied with Giles’ administration and felt that he failed to back them up when there was a controversy. The balk situation was one of those controversial issues. Giles had ordered the arbiters to call the rule the way it was written, and so well over 100 were called in the first few weeks of the season. Commissioner Ford Frick convened an emergency meeting of the rules committee to reword the balk rule and bring it into conformity with standard practice. The umpires felt that Giles caused the problem and then failed to defend them once the trouble started. On June 17 Giles announced that he had spoken with Barlick, who was at his home in Springfield. Giles released a statement saying: “A misunderstanding has been cleared up. I asked Barlick to spend two or three days with his family. He will rejoin his crew in Chicago on June 21.” Giles refused to elaborate on the misunderstanding. The time at home for the umpire was a rarity. Most years, Barlick would leave for spring training in February or March and not return home until the beginning of October or later. On the last day of the 1963 season, he said he was not sure if he would return the following year. He had umpired 20 seasons in the National League and, at 48 years old, was the senior arbiter in the league in terms of service. When he returned home to Springfield, he took a job at the city’s Water, Light and Power Department as a public-relations representative. By mid-January, however, Barlick had told the league that he would be back for the 1964 season). So being reactive rather than proactive has a history.
  5. dumbdumb


    https://www.news.com.au/sport/basketball/sickening-scenes-as-aau-game-descends-into-allin-brawl/news-story/1baba5587615f27f45d16552cca663c6 https://6abc.com/video-philly-referee-suffers-brain-injury-after-being-punched/4092537/
  6. If Davis had pulled out the card before in previous games, why had MLB not sent out a memo with a ruling on the matter? Or is Uncle Joe the first unlucky person that had to take the smelly end of the stick and deal with the issue. So, if they rule a card is not permissible in Joe's favor, he smells like a rose and it becomes the greatest common sense decision ever, but if they rule a card is permissible, his decision is the worst ever and he has no common sense. Should have already been dealt with by the rules committee when you see catchers looking at their wristbands at different levels, and decide what if pitchers start doing things like this. Since catchers do it (even if this is only happening with non paid players), there should already have been a proactive ruling rather than a reactive ruling concerning pitchers.
  7. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/baseball/2018/07/10/umpires-hope-altercation-coach-wake-up-call-others/771880002/
  8. dumbdumb

    Manager home run trot

    Bet he would have moved a little faster (at 67) if the 'Bear' was still around to watch. https://thebiglead.com/2018/08/23/irate-manager-hits-phantom-homer-rounds-the-bases/
  9. dumbdumb


    While lawump, at 1B, was picking daisies or trying to find the American Legion Queen in the stands, an interesting play happened. thanks for sharing the tournament with us https://nesn.com/2018/08/watch-this-savage-hidden-ball-trick-in-american-legion-world-series/
  10. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    And this is what someone else said after watching the replay, under the tweet by Bill plunkett http://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/mariners-dodgers-walkoff-balk-video-dylan-floro-umpires-cameron-maybin/1y2gwly504eipzewj1ofem8kv
  11. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    So, for the most part, we have decided that unless we are asleep at the wheel, this should be called a balk for anything above lower level High School School, and a supervisor has not told us, not to call this a balk. (whatever lower level is, and I am not about to tell a coach his High School is lower level, I will just assume he knows his school is lower level, if I do not make this video example a balk call, and he wouldn't ask questions anyway). Just trying to get this straight for the young guys trying to learn and move up, and not be considered a jack wagon looking for trouble if they call this a balk.
  12. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    Agreed. But we have had other balks (and maybe they were right or wrong by video on the balk) called from a certain position and wondered how the balk was seen from that position and not from the other positions. Now, was this a balk or not. Or, is this like a call stands situation? I was just trying to find out if what we see in the video is a balk, and if this is a balk, which Leagues is this a balk (High School, Juco, D3,2,1, MiLB, and MLB). Also, if this is not a 100% balk in any of the Leagues, and could go either way as a judgment call, that is fine also. Just trying to help out younger guys at different levels. I would also be fine with a supervisor saying it is a technical balk/no balk, but we do/do not want that called a balk/no balk in our League, if that is how the supervisor wants it handled.
  13. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    Wonder what it would be for the D3,2,1 guys on here. Doesn't mean all MLBU would call it either. May be too technical for some of them also, or it might get by some of the ones that would call this a balk, every now and then.
  14. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    Walk off balk and Balkin Bob is retired. https://www.mlb.com/video/must-c-mariners-win-on-balk/c-2403386683
  15. Don't worry Gil, already saw this. Notice, although it is an easy technique to learn, some need to be retrained, and this one should get fined by the kangaroo court for messing up. I should have used better wording, in that the goal of all players in all situations, not necessarily only this one as the one and only, is to be fully turned and not get caught on camera looking back. And of course Hoye, being Johnny on the spot, was great