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  1. dumbdumb

    Don't Ask me again!

    I would have just said, Mr. Umpire, we would like to make an appeal. Then make the appeal. I would never say, did you see that? He cannot answer that question anyway, as that would be getting into the coaching aspect (forget about the late John McSherry video with Lasorda). Also, that line could be said in a tone/inflection/inference of voice that is accusatory/condesending/needling/your an idiot and blind and incompetent if you did not/buddies from High School etc, rather than harmless. This type of line used in the OP usually goes with a coach who always has a question (can't I ask a question) or always wants a second opinion for everything in a 2 man crew in games I have attended.
  2. I believe section 7:04 2nd paragraph (if it has not changed since 2018), could come into play with a final ruling even if protest is upheld. "Even if is held that the protested decision violated the rules, no replay of the game will be ordered unless in the opinion of the League President the violation adversely affected the protesting teams "chances of winning the game"". Wonder if there are new analytics to cover the phrases "adversely affected", and "chances of winning the game" and what percentage it would require to implement (one or both) replaying the game. 100%, 90%, 80%, etc. Remember, analytics are the new 'superior being', 'be all end all', in existence now for everything in life. And for those who really like to dig deep, a link to the "Major League Rules", no it does not say "playing rules", and no this is not the player's CBA, but it does encompass MiLB. Basically the old Blue Book that you will see at Baseball memorabilia/card shows. This is the one with good ole rule 21d (1) ,(2), (3). better check out good ole rule 11.13 page 275 for 'minor leagues'. 200 square feet. so minimum 20 by 10 for new facilities. check those MiLB lighting requirements rule 12.8 page 279. http://www.mlbplayers.com/pdf9/5487511.pdf P. S. And maybe this will force MLB to more directly address the issue. Much like the card issue that has now been addressed. Maybe Joe Torre could address the issue with an on-field demo through a video tape, of himself showing how to perform a one step pitch to the plate simply and legally with no nonsense in between. After all, he did play on the field, manage on the field and is a Hall of Famer. Just like all kids, I am sure he has thrown from a windup and a stretch somewhere at sometime from a local mound, even if just old pickup games growing up.
  3. dumbdumb

    Umpire like a Girl

    Can't you just call Perry, Pam, Ria, Jen, and Emma to get the who, what, when, where, how they handle(d) all the above.
  4. And I thought it was talking about the antagonist from the movie The Green Lantern.
  5. Just a lovefest with Gardy, but not a lot different than Marty Springsteen getting Weaver 7 times over the years and taking care of business. On an interesting note: Jake O'Donnell, in his brief 4 year stint in the AL, including an AL playoff before going to the NBA, tossed Earl 3 times.
  6. I believe, maybe correctly/ maybe not, this is another of Lo Duca's ( my apologies, Lo Duca was changed to Lo Cuba on my first post by 'auto correct' which I strongly dislike to say the least) ejections by Joe. This time it was for impersonating a cameraman. Ejection occurs towards the end.
  7. All I know was that I decided to attend a State Meeting one time and the Head of the State Athletic Association spoke and said the number one reason officials were telling his office that caused them to quit was the deportment and unsportsmanlike conduct of the 'coaches' towards the official. Now, nothing was mentioned how little the State's clamp down and basically intentionally/designed/and premeditated (I use those accusatory words as an IMHO without all the analytics at my disposal which might totally refute my IMHO harsh accusatory words), since we are still having those problems to this day, unless it is a grossly major violation that even grandma/grandpa with cataracts from a mile away can see and rule on) conveniently turn their heads and let their coaches run amuck. Not once was a major initiative mentioned to investigate by attending unannounced, games by state officials (ie- not professionally dressed up and not without the state badge prominently displayed, yes dressed in $10 dollar jeans and a $5 dollar polo that is not named brand and tennis shoes, cheap converse not Michael jordans, and yes, paying money to get into the game). Nothing was mentioned about checking up on black balling when officials who do enforce sportsmanship and deportment issues by coaches locally all over the state, and the association's that allow coaches to rule and decide how little enforcement they want, which is basically none whatsoever, versus what the State's write that they want done. Otherwise the coaches will go find another official 's association that let's them run up one side and down the other on their officials because the coaches are the big dog that wags the tail and you know it. It all starts at the top. If the State office clamps down on behaviour issues and no black balling of officials by coaches and the association's that allow it, who enforce coaching unsportsmanlike conduct, things could change in a heartbeat. Notice the coaching behavior and the officials that will enforce bad behaviour at the State Tournament in front of all the State Office People with their dressed up clothes and badges displayed, versus regular season sportsmanship, deportment and antics. I also say the above from attending games at schools where the coaches are expected to toe the line with a minimum (basically no comments at all) of comments about calls or the officiating. Since the players and fans have no coach screaming and yelling/flapping towels/ taking off shirts/ stomping feet/ whining and complaining verbally/ all night to get them going, the games are generally well behaved by all party's involved with no drama and just a minimal of a small gasp to a call every now and then. The fans, who many times do not even know a lot about the finer points of the rules and are just there to watch the kids play and have a good time, rather than reacting negatively all night long due to a drama king/queen coaches theatrics which is exactly what they are trying to do, designed premeditated yada yada, hence the term home court advantage. Let the coach's coach, the players that is (hence the name), players play, officials officiate, and everyone on and off the court (fans) enjoy the game and competition. P.S. And yes, I feel like it is totally acceptable for one time a year, a coach to tell an official as he comes by, boy these calls are stinking it up tonight, and get his technical foul for the year. No harm in this once a year.
  8. dumbdumb

    Infield Fly with a hint of Intentional Drop

    And of course if intentionally/unintentionally dropped on IFFR runner does not have to worry about tagging up at all, if he wants to (gamble the fielder will drop the ball) start running right away. And don't fool for the double up on a throw to second if he is off the bag confused and runs back to second, even if he does not beat the throw, but is not tagged off the base. Do you get bonus points if you found out Whits father played in the Pirates organization as a shortstop.
  9. dumbdumb

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    I believe I would go with the mask first mentioned above. Then, when permitted, based on the approval of who/whom you work for, the black coaching helmet, rather than hat, underneath that Mike Estabrook currently wears (see post by sgvump June 9, 2018 in this section) as well as a mouthpiece like Andy Fletcher uses.
  10. Nice to see a second new umpire work their first game. On another note. Where is Jerry Layne? There were no videos of his last plate job in Kansas City getting hit or anything, nor getting hurt working 2nd base on Monday in Atlanta. Then, poof he is gone the next 3 days in Atlanta, one game of which they could not even get a call up to the game and then had Nauert come over to help out. Is he somehow injured again or is he attending a graduation? Just seems out of the ordinary.
  11. dumbdumb

    Infield fly no-call

    Was there ever the term 'humpback liner' to try set some parameters?, even though that term may or may not help at times.
  12. If we check, Abreu, whether we like it or not, is the 16 mil franchise player. So, a chance to back him up with a demonstrative display on a RLI to take the heat off him and onto the umpire, as the scapegoat, is par for course. And this type of play is a good one to get tossed on, even if most umpires would classify this OP as an easier RLI than others that have or will happen during the year, much like those inside pitches that may or may not have nicked the player or the bat.
  13. dumbdumb


    Absolutely no fear of, which doesn't matter anyway, since it will be whatever it will be, up to the very possible fact of total job elimination. Is that a sucking sound I hear or is that the Borg?
  14. Let's make this a 2 for 1, of a learning experience for the less experienced guys and the more experienced guys. Although the OP and Randazzo's "interference" rules supreme, what if the ruling were "no interference", what do we have going on at 8-9-(10)-11 seconds area and the a tag at 15. Crew Chief Gary Darling said, I have called it "for less" on a controversial play that a partner called in a game. All it takes is a flinch, just like flinching on a balk.
  15. dumbdumb


    'Trackman'? I heard it was called 'no more umpire' and one less individual to worry about concussion syndrome. Like those one umpire slow pitch softball games where the plate umpire has everything. Now the base umpire has everything including fair/foul from the middle of the infield. In the more progressive leagues, there are still 2 umpires but they are both base umpires that start on the lines and move to the infield when the ball is hit. Anything like a pick-off at second is called by the 1st base umpire if the pitcher is right handed and by the third base umpire if a left hander. Plays at the plate with a right hander pitching would go to 3BU and if left hander to 1BU. Regular plays into second, double, steals, etc. 1st base umpire will have first 4 innings and first 5 in 9 inning game, with 3BU having cleanup innings. Anything else, hit batter, etc umpires get together and crew chief makes ruling. Now, since no more calling pitches and not having to worry about concussions ever again, one man leagues will get $12.50 per game and 2 man will get $10 per umpire per game. It's not if, but when, it all happens.