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  1. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    And this is what someone else said after watching the replay, under the tweet by Bill plunkett http://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/mariners-dodgers-walkoff-balk-video-dylan-floro-umpires-cameron-maybin/1y2gwly504eipzewj1ofem8kv
  2. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    So, for the most part, we have decided that unless we are asleep at the wheel, this should be called a balk for anything above lower level High School School, and a supervisor has not told us, not to call this a balk. (whatever lower level is, and I am not about to tell a coach his High School is lower level, I will just assume he knows his school is lower level, if I do not make this video example a balk call, and he wouldn't ask questions anyway). Just trying to get this straight for the young guys trying to learn and move up, and not be considered a jack wagon looking for trouble if they call this a balk.
  3. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    Agreed. But we have had other balks (and maybe they were right or wrong by video on the balk) called from a certain position and wondered how the balk was seen from that position and not from the other positions. Now, was this a balk or not. Or, is this like a call stands situation? I was just trying to find out if what we see in the video is a balk, and if this is a balk, which Leagues is this a balk (High School, Juco, D3,2,1, MiLB, and MLB). Also, if this is not a 100% balk in any of the Leagues, and could go either way as a judgment call, that is fine also. Just trying to help out younger guys at different levels. I would also be fine with a supervisor saying it is a technical balk/no balk, but we do/do not want that called a balk/no balk in our League, if that is how the supervisor wants it handled.
  4. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    Wonder what it would be for the D3,2,1 guys on here. Doesn't mean all MLBU would call it either. May be too technical for some of them also, or it might get by some of the ones that would call this a balk, every now and then.
  5. dumbdumb

    Walk off balk

    Walk off balk and Balkin Bob is retired. https://www.mlb.com/video/must-c-mariners-win-on-balk/c-2403386683
  6. Don't worry Gil, already saw this. Notice, although it is an easy technique to learn, some need to be retrained, and this one should get fined by the kangaroo court for messing up. I should have used better wording, in that the goal of all players in all situations, not necessarily only this one as the one and only, is to be fully turned and not get caught on camera looking back. And of course Hoye, being Johnny on the spot, was great
  7. The players do this intentionally to take the heat off themselves, and get the exact responses that are being given about ejections when they are walking away. It is a strategy that works quite well in the court of public opinion as you continue to see. That last cheap-shot as they turn, which is intentionally designed and premeditated to get in that last personal expletive or whatever. This makes the PU to come off as the big bad umpire, who is picking on a defenseless player. The player isn't saying anything, and has his back turned by the time the heave ho ejection signal is given. It's like the player code of showing umpires up, to do this. It takes very little practice to learn this technique.
  8. dumbdumb


    Oh my. Ringing that batter up on the 3-2 pitch, for the 3rd out in the top of 1st, set the tone for the rest of the 1:26 minute, 3-0 game for the home team. All the K's after that were swinging K's. Noticed the balk in that first game also. Do not like that you went to 1B for your second game of the day at 4, after the 10am morning game. I think they should have put you on third after a plate job on the same day in a 4 man crew like you are using. But you are just a young pup and can handle a PU to 1B easily in two 7 inning games. Also, I liked your new and improved realistic picture for that camp you are going to be the Head instructor for. That old Jr. High picture just wasn't cutting it any more. update 8-20---you have now worked in the longest 7 inning game of the tournament so far with your game last night.
  9. Harper was drilled by Hamels in his first AB, and Hamels told and admitted to the press, that the drilling was a welcome to the big leagues intentional (the code) drilling done on purpose. Hamels only received 5 games for his designed, premeditated and intentional admitted drilling. And wasn't Hamari unmercifully crucified for "immediately tossing" Syndegard for throwing at Utley in 2016.
  10. dumbdumb


    So let's go. You got the 10am, 1pm, 4pm, or 7:30pm game tomorrow? Bare down back there. Punch a hole in that mask. Where was that pitch?That pitch isn't low. Have fun, good luck and congrats to you and all of your partner's that were chosen.
  11. dumbdumb

    It is all Angel's Fault

    I would be much more inclined (not) to grab a tissue for my eye allergies, if Rizzo took responsibility for the 5th pitch outcome in the sequence, at this level.
  12. Wouldn't this have been like the old American League positioning (outside) that Hickox was originally taught and used for first 10 years and 900 games of his career? A very well respected AL colleague used another position (inside) and had this outcome below. There are tradeoffs to be made under any position used, and even when clearly seen from a proper (by 100% concensus) position, errors in judgment still occur.
  13. dumbdumb

    CWS TOR Bucknor situation

    Well, Bellino is a pretty smart whipper-snapper with that law degree like lawump, in addition to an MBA to boot. Wonder which degree, and the thought processes involved in each degree, played a more prominent roll in the way he handled his situation.
  14. dumbdumb

    OBR Legal Windup Options

    So, is this part of the 'declare' rule with a runner on 3rd only, but not with runners on 1st or 2nd (which kills little ball and favors home run ball, since the runner cannot tell, and therefor just hangs back rather than risk a steal).
  15. Don't believe this guy lives far from your upcoming tournament. He might get mad as a hornet just watching. http://www.charlottestories.com/gastonia-just-ranked-one-worst-cities-america/