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  1. dumbdumb

    Why Follow The Pitch Into the Mitt?

    Not so much an article about following the ball into the glove, but a nice old article about the strike zone from various individuals that one might enjoy, including someone who could tell how many seams on the ball were contacted by his bat. https://www.si.com/vault/1987/04/06/115170/what-ever-happened-to-the-strike-zone
  2. dumbdumb

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    Thanks. Just didn't want to be too dumbfounded when I see it this year at a game.
  3. dumbdumb

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    So, intentionally get hit within the batters box is a ball, and unintentionally hit within the batters box is a hbp?
  4. dumbdumb

    Umpire Clinic Funny Moment

    Although this is a very sexist analogy IMHO, if fair and the bird is male it is 2 bases, if female, ???? well, you get the jest of the old sexist remark to the bird hit by ball rule. Or, you could look this play up in the knotty problems book.
  5. dumbdumb

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    So the strike zone for intentionally getting hit expands to 29 inches in/out. How much does it expand up and down, nose to toes.
  6. dumbdumb

    foul ball danger chart

    Just wear the outside/balloon protector, but use the slot/inside protector positioning.
  7. Interesting top of the 8th inning ejection box score "reason" from Texas/Boston game August 27, 1977 in Fenway in Rich's 3rd year in the AL. RANGERS 8TH: DILLARD STAYED IN GAME (PLAYING DH); BOWEN REPLACED LYNN (PLAYING CF); Sundberg walked; Debut game for Sam Bowen; Harrah singled to shortstop [Sundberg to second]; Beniquez flied out to right; May struck out; BEVACQUA BATTED FOR CAMPANERIS; Bevacqua singled to left [Sundberg scored, Harrah to third]; Mike Hargrove yelled at HP umpire Richie Garcia after a called strike to Kurt Bevacqua; CAMPBELL REPLACED WILLOUGHBY (PITCHING); Hargrove was called out on strikes; HP umpire Richie Garcia told Mike Hargrove as he stepped to the plate to stop telling him how to umpire Dock Ellis, Bert Blyleven and Rangers Manager Billy Hunter ejected by HP umpire Rich Garcia "for clapping derisively" at the called third strike; 1 R, 2 H, 0 E, 2 LOB. Rangers 6, Red Sox 9. September 29, 1984 pregame ejection Tigers at Yankees TIGERS 1ST: Tim Foli ejected by HP umpire Richie Garcia arguing about the way the baseballs were rubbed before the game; May 10, 1997 Royals at Yankees pregame ejection. ROYALS 1ST: Yankees manager "Joe Torre" was ejected by 1B umpire Richie Garcia during the pregame meeting for arguing about a play from the previous game; prior game 6th inning (May 9) ROYALS 6TH: Sweeney singled to left; Goodwin forced Sweeney (third to second); Offerman walked [Goodwin to second]; Bell walked [Goodwin to third, Offerman to second]; King forced Offerman (third unassisted) [Goodwin scored, Bell to third, King to second (error by Hayes)]; 3B umpire Dale Ford called Jay Bell out for passing Jose Offerman; however, Offerman had been forced out already; the umpires put Bell back on 3B; Yankees manager Joe Torre protested the game; Torre talked to the umpires the next night at the pregame meeting and told them this was one of the worst umpiring performances he had ever seen;
  8. dumbdumb

    Ohio High School letter to parents

    I am reading that it is parents and 'Coaches' not just parents as is led to believe from above. Keep those guys on the bench coaching rather than witching, moaning gesturing and working the officials all game to fire up those parents. Have the State Athletic Association people sneak into games without showing their free passes and dressing nicely with the state emblem on their clothing, that gives them away, to watch coaching sportsmanship all game and write reports on the coaches.
  9. dumbdumb

    Douglas Mask by Force 3

    Why not go to Lori Greiner. She will get-er-done. And her logo picture on the product could be some nice umpire motivation during a long game. But don't miss a pitch.
  10. Just for you BT Let's give you a little more from uncle Joe. May 9, 1984, Braves at Mets, bottom of 4th inning with runners on base. Ball hit up the middle, Dale Murphy throws to the plate. 31 years young (after working 1981 NLCS as a 4th year full time veteran at the ripe old age of 28) and a 6 year full time veteran uncle Joe, calls the runner out at the plate. But wait a minute, what's going on over at the end of the dugout. The camera crew is showing some of the Mets instant replay of the play at the plate, and potentially causing a riot situation in the old days. That's enough of that, nip it, nip it, nip it, says uncle Joe and the cameramen are banished. And guess who is at third. That's right, the distinguished gentleman from another post, Jerry Crawford, along with the future HOF crew chief Doug (God) Harvey at first. And another umpire brought up before, Jerry's father Shag, showing how to get the batter in the box. And Bill Matlock was involved in this. Move ahead to 1980 and many do not remember the incident with Bill Matlock and Jerry. Matlock shoved his fielding glove into Jerry's face and got tossed. He was fined 5,000 and suspended for 15 days. He appealed, and the umpires said if the appeal was not upheld and the sentence reduced the umpires would toss Matlock from future games. "In 1980, in his most notorious incident in the majors, Madlock shoved his glove in the face of umpire Gerry Crawford, earning 15 days suspension and a $5,000 fine". And you will have to search far and wide for this last umpire back in the day when the 1 man crew was popular, as well as the High Strike.
  11. dumbdumb

    Stoping motion with no runners on.

    Isn't a tie something that is worn with a suit? Since there have only been 12 ties/dead heats in American Horse Racing History, it would be analytically safe to assume that when one has that situation in baseball, the call should be to raise that right hand for the out and say that is not a tie and get all but 12 of the gazillion calls correct, rather than be sorry for spreading the arms apart for the safe call and saying that the play is a tie and getting only 12 calls out of a gazillion correct. As to the OP, I can offer no words of wisdom or statistical analysis.
  12. dumbdumb

    MLB pitcher "cheat sheet"

    None other than Durwood Merrill, who had the plate that day for the second game of the series after God had worked the opener, was shown the card first, and as they were discussing the card, God came in and was shown the card, gave approval and play commenced. Just like after the Pine Tar situation, MLB should have addressed the issue publicly and then put one of those small lines in the 1989 Official Baseball Rule Book as a clarification that the cards were acceptable, and creating any additional words of wisdom as needed. Once again, being proactive rather than reactive is not a strong suit of MLB when it comes to the rules of the game/clarifications and their administration.
  13. Good to see uncle Joe with 2 in the top 20. With the retrosheet stats posted, uncle Joe needs exactly 180 games to break Klems record. He stands at 5193 now with Klem at 5372. If he can get another 119 in 2019 as he did in 2018, he will need 61 in 2020 which will be the first year of a new MLBU contract. If, he has the exact same schedule as he had in 2018, that big event would occur on July 4, 2020.
  14. Let's not forget that Guzman already has a rep, both in the States and in Venezuela, for showing people up. Many times, disrespect/showing up/not following the code, and all that can be different to different players, a gesture such as, looking at me the wrong way (you should just be looking at the ground-you are not good enough to look me in the eye, even if it is just in a friendly hello when passing each other--know your place). Taking a extra base on me when I dog it in the field, stealing a base on me (not including the stealing the base when you are up 15-0 in the top of 9th inning), sliding hard into second on what I consider hard, not what you or baseball consider hard, throwing me off speed pitches (curveball, change-up, slider, forkball, etc.), rather than challenging me with a fast ball right down broadway. Not letting me take 15 minutes to get into the batters box to start my at bat, and giving me 15 minutes to step back in if I step out on all the pitches, including when I am stepping out when I want to let the umpire know they disrespected me (because of who I am) by calling a pitch a strike that was not right down broadway, even though it was definitely a strike. Even Tommy Lasorda drilled a veteran who was on his way out of the game because he failed to give Lasorda an autograph when the player was younger and Lasorda was 8 years old. Mickey Mantle lamented that one of the worst things about his baseball stardom was having to finally stop signing auto-graphs to go catch the plane, before he could sign an autograph for everyone in the line, because he knew what it was like being a kid that wanted an autograph. Apparently there was not a long line for the once younger but now a veteran player when LaSorda asked, or perhaps the veteran was playing uppity on him, or told him to 'beat it kid'. Unless one was there, you would not know. One just never knows what has happened or perceived by the aggrieved person/player earlier in a game prior to an incident or even something that goes back to childhood between players. And no matter how great you are as an umpire, if they want to go at it, no great words of wisdom or actions/warnings/preventive officiating/or great new theories/words invented lately, or anything else is going to stop that fight, or beanball, or bat flip what-so-ever, 100% of the time. The great words or actions may prevent an incident sometimes, or just for that day, but not 100% of the time. Some scores have been settled first thing the next year in Spring Training when time to settle the score during the regular Season or Playoffs ran out. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/jesus-guzman-shows-off-absurd-bat-flip/c-160166314 https://www.si.com/mlb/strike-zone/2013/06/19/jesus-guzmans-post-homer-antics-incite-giants
  15. For the member that wants to know what took so long on CCS, Jerry was a young pup of 19 when he started which would have made him 2nd behind Bruce Froemming who had started at 18 back in the day. The time line to the show did not have to move at lightening speed for Jerry like it did with Pulli who was just starting in MiLB at 33 years old at the same time. Quick was 26 when he started and was part of Jerry's time group. Seems like several father/son situations or relative situations have not meant a rapid rise for the incoming son or relative, almost as if they want to make sure that scenario doesn't happen since they know everyone will scream nepotism anyway. Guess everyone screams nepotism about the Alou's and I guess only one of the 3 DiMaggio's was qualified for MLB and just rode their brothers coattails. Jerry was also in the national guard which may or may not have slowed things down with situations happening both abroad and at home. Obviously Montague, with the famous scout father that signed none other than Willie Mays, and McSherry moved at lighting speed but they were several years older. There were also only 24 NL spots back in the day and with no vacations there was no need for a major 'fill in' situation and many on the staff were not quite at retirement yet. Remember it took Froemming 12 years and Dutch 17 and in more recent times, Cedarstrom did not go full-time until 97 and he started MiLB in 79. And Shag who was on board a ship hit by a kamikaze pilot in WW2, had to spend 6 years in the minors, not the 3 Montague and McSherry only spent, and Shag was already 34 when he started MiLB. You would think they would have got Shag up there in his 4th year, not in his 7th at 40 years old. It is not where/when you start, but where/when you finish.