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  1. And I would have thought calling time for everything, all the time, like in a rec league slow pitch softball game, would be at the top of the list.
  2. MSU @ Alabama Batter's Interference

    Paul Nauert, Tripp Gibson, Greg Gibson, Randy Marsh, Jerry Layne, Terry Craft, Dan Morrison, Charlie Reliford.
  3. MSU @ Alabama Batter's Interference

    Assuming (maybe/maybe not) that he took last week off for the derby in his home state, wonder if he received a few requests in between races to give a demo without falling in the mud.
  4. He just wanted to "ask" a question. As in "Jee, I guess you can't even "ask" a question any more". Isn't that the crappy line the Coach/AC/Manager hide behind and use and how they always start when they want to verbally show you up and bully you. They make sure everyone in the stands can hear them say that all they want is to "ask" a question, and hide behind the "ask" phrase all day long for everything. Verbal judo and try to guilt you to death with the famous "ask" phrase, until you give in. Guess that didn't work very well in this instance, if in fact that was the line used (asking), which is very unlikely, in trying to get around the fact you cannot discuss/ask/argue a step balk by the rules of this organization, unless the rules or rules interpretation have changed. Maybe they go call the supervisor and report you for not letting them "ask", not argue, a question, even at this level, and hope for a special dispensation.
  5. OOB Call. ATL@NYM 5/3/18

    I carry an official 'Rhino accordion ruler' and have never had any trouble with the OOB situations to the front, back or sides. Takes the "in my judgment" right out of the equation.
  6. Check Swing Appeal or not

    So left hand batters get a free pass all year long? I cannot believe State or NF goes along with this. Can this person not be voted out of this position?, If they were voted in?
  7. Did this kid come from some state where coaches rule, and black-ball officials that do not give them the calls? Sounds like this goes way back on intimidating umpires through threatening to black-ball as an ends to a means, either publicly (the press) or behind closed doors, when they do not get their way. And it sounds like they get there way more often than not, as evidence of this public flogging of the the umpires once again, as they have seen their prior coaches for years doing this, either publicly like this or through back channels.
  8. And I thought from the title you may have run into this mask. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dutch-Rennert-NL-MLB-Umpire-16-Memorabilia-Mask-Sweater-Signed-Ball-/232696219762?nma=true&si=kSmT4xS4WnHoaZlVygkaQf7RJ9A%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. Runner Lane Interference Twins Reds

    For those in the know, how is this graded for ding purposes? What if no interference had been called? They are being graded on every call. First, the in or out of the lane ruling, and second, the quality of throw ruling. I will assume that both a correct call and a call stands ruling from a supervisor in the supervisors humble opinion counts as a correct call when no IR is requested, hence the possibility of no ding/s. If the Supervisor considers either as miss, then you get dinged. So, in the supervisors HO the umpire could go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2 on this play for grading and ding purposes. So, what's the grading system on this situation at the MLB level when no IR is requested.
  10. Something pretty cool

    And the other autograph was a rules guru in his own right. Had the pine tar game in 83. Might have done old articles for Referee Magazine along with Rich Marazzi. https://www.ruleball.com/about.htm
  11. Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    No protest?, if the lead runner was called out and there is no other information. Some guys live with the angels. Just like pro umpires of pro players in MLB, are they written up and penalized/not penalized if they miss a rule interpretation which is different than a judgement call and everyone sees it on tv. Do they self report missing a rule interpretation if a regional supervisor/coordinator is not there to see it and a coach does not call the conference office/coordinator to inquire? Just wondering how it works at the collegiate level.
  12. Passing R1 on home run

    More descriptive please, for the newer guys to get a visual on this. Are we going by a visual of seeing lots of clear daylight between the runners, or just a little daylight between runners? Or is it foot/feet placement. The trail runners foot 4 inches in front of the lead runners lead foot, one whole foot in front, both feet in front, or both feet in front on the ground, or both feet in front, but the back/trail foot does not have to be touching the ground yet, just breaking the plane, like a missing first base situation. And, who has primary responsibility and who has secondary for lining this up in case of a conference, before a request to new york? Anyone who wants to include a drawing for newer guys, by all means have at it.
  13. Rule miss mentioned in the Baltimore game. It looks like that issue is getting a lot less press/play than the ejection issue above. "More interesting". Got it.
  14. But what about the rule miss??? in another post, after consultation with the whole crew. Why not very much interest in the rule miss aspect of the game, yet so much about an ejection miss?
  15. Yankees Orioles game potential double play

    If it was a miss, isn't this just as aggregious as the crew that was suspended and fined and all members in the crew taken out of consideration for special events that year, when the team lost the game and the protest was ruled upon and upheld? Just because one is living with the angels when the protesting team wins the game, making the protest a mute point including a retraction of the original protest, does that suddenly absolve everyone of the originally missed interpretation on the field. Is the above fair, under the rules of common sense and fair play to all umpires using a merit based system, or is it still the law of the jungle so to speak, using the old cliche about life that says, life is not always fair and sometimes it is better to be lucky than good?