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  1. Hit or no hit

    Of course it's a foul ball. Became dead in the box.
  2. Fit bit or wrist band?

    Fitbits. Seen some wearing watches
  3. Just another balk question

    Keep up the good work!
  4. Mask Sun Visors

    Also if it's raining helps keep your bill dry! lol
  5. I understand but "A" is kinda far fetched. lol
  6. Ump-Cast Podcast

    I like it!
  7. Steal of Home

    mmm... I'll add a couple of things:
  8. Hands hit

    Must have hurt! Time! That's a strike on the Batter!! Fans: C'mon Blue!!! Ball hit him!!
  9. Stealing home with a foul ball

    If he reaches Home Plate before the pitcher makes any motion associated with the pith then the run scores.
  10. Regional Game

    Good Pitching.. Lots of ground ball and flyballs
  11. First one this year

    Sometimes you can tell at the plate meeting by his demeanor.
  12. 0-2 purpose pitch

    That's just the world we live in now!