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  1. Runner interference

    Perhaps a little sardonic, but there is really no need to parrot what someone has already posted for the most part. I was reading the rule the way it was written. That is what I can only base my interpretation on. Seems like the FED ruling merits some of what I originally posted. Most of my game experiences were under FED rules. BTW ~ I've never heard the term unintentional interference. Some king of oxymoron to me per baseball rules. It is or it isn't.
  2. Runner interference

    When you say "we", are you implying that there will be more posters that tend to debase others for having a slight difference of opinion? I read what was in the rulebook, and where the commas are placed, indicate the use of judgment. As to what [kicking, spitting, punching, eye gouging, etc.] judgment, the rule doesn't say...........so that being said........if I was still umpiring, I would call it the way my association wants it called. I'm not trying to be a "pioneer" as you deem myself to be. If you're into petty name calling, ignore any future post I might happen to make. That being said, thank you for all your help.
  3. Runner interference

    I find that hard to believe...............that you were in a bookstore
  4. Runner interference

    Thanks, coach. You now have permission to kick dirt on my shoes as I'm not worthy.
  5. Runner interference

    OTOH, grabbing, pushing, tripping, etc. are more like acts of unsportsmanlike conduct and grounds for ejection. I NEVER SAID I MADE A CALL. I don't umpire anymore as my knee has gotten to the point I can't make it through a DH, so I hung it up. And we were playing slow pitch softball where we umpire ourselves. We use tight bases. The runner was standing with one foot on the bag and one in foul territory, which is the best place to stand if in the instance a batted ball is hit at you. He then shifted to having both feet on the base. He doesn't move, there would have been no contact. Even with the shift, he could have easily leaned his upper body so contact would have more than likely wouldn't have happened. If you're going to move, at least move in the opposite direction of the ball. As a side note, you can also have verbal interference, the infraction can be caused by players in the field as well as players in the dugout. If the runner on base is screaming in the fielders ear while both are next to each other, I might possibly be inclined to call verbal interference. I'm more concerned with what constitutes intentional and unintentional interference. In my "world", it is interference or it isn't. If I don't deem the runner to have caused the contact, I would be verbalizing, "I've got nothing!" while signaling safe. As is usually the case on umpire forums, some like to go directly for the jugular vein. Hence, the comment "pioneer". I have always gone with what my superiors want the play called. May your balls be few, and your strikes be plenty......with no errors! Happy, Cinco de Mayo.
  6. Runner interference

    Except the rule doesn't mention grabbing, pushing, tripping, etc. the fielder. it states clearly, in the umpire's judgment. It might be me against the world (old umpire forum saying).......but they also say, "Sometimes you just have to umpire." FYI ~ you left out verbal interference...............
  7. Runner interference

    FED is big on safety. If the ball is six inches or less from you, and if by moving, it won't necessitate you from being tagged out off the base. I would be inclined to call interference on the runner. To me it is a rule that has too much grey area and benefits the offense and penalizes the defense by taking away a small part of fair or foul territory in which to make a play. What constitutes inference not being unintentional is what I'm getting at? I would say that not giving the fielder a chance at fielding the ball, the runner has interfered. Logic doesn't seem to be in factor here.
  8. Runner interference

    Here is the situation. Runner on 3B & 1B. Batter hits a pop up toward the 3rd base bag. 3B is coming to catch ball and he collides with runner, who is standing on the base, at the same time the ball hits his glove. I know the rule states that in this situation if interference isn't intentional, the runner is not out. However, the runner never even made an attempt to slide over and remain on the base, which he could have easily done to avoid the collision and keep a foot on the base. The ball came down about a foot inside the foul line. I say that by not making an attempt to not impede 3B, he interfered with the fielder's attempt at catching the ball. Now myself, I would have banged the runner and batter out as there was less than two outs. I believe since no effort was made to avoid contact while holding the bag which could have been easily done, the runner interfered. My judgement on calling both out is if the runner can't make up his mind as what he should do is I will make it up for him. Would you call this intentional interference by not making any attempt whatsoever to avoid the collision. I maintain the fielder does have some right of way here.
  9. New Members Trying to Help New Umpires

    If it is a banner ad sponsered by Google, there really isn't anything you can do about it. I guess next it'll be an ad for chicks with d**ks and the same claim We can't do anything about it? Garbage. I grew up in the country. I always saw chicks with ducks running around the barnyard. Didn't turn me on.......................... :shrug:
  10. New Members Trying to Help New Umpires

    If it is a banner ad sponsered by Google, there really isn't anything you can do about it.
  11. 2 ejections, 1 protest, and a partridge in a greyhound bus

    Some of the worse advice I've ever read. Fisticuffs? Really?
  12. Overrunning 1B on a walk

    Im sure I am, but thanks for worrying. Do I look worried?
  13. Overrunning 1B on a walk

    3:00am GMT is the correct answer. What do I win? day after day of beautiful baseball weather. Congratulations. Depends if was Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time in Chicagol
  14. Overrunning 1B on a walk

    No, he can walk past the base, run past the base, skip past the base...whatever he wants as long as he does not make an attempt at 2nd base, just like on any other time he goes to 1st. He can also turn left or right as long as he returns immediately to 1st base. Unless BR makes a definitive move toward 2nd base, he can overrun 1st in any fashion. I agree, but my definitive gets alot more broad. I think Fed got this one right. I never see it, since 99% of my games are NFHS Use the same definition imo of course. And I'm sure that somewhere in the distant past that some HS coach had a batter run past first on a walk and the defense played on him and the runner from third scored. So to protect themselves against this type of play they put in the rule. Now I for one would not enforce it on the 3-2 dropped ball checked swing scenario. It can be minimized of course if PU asks right away but Im still giving the runner the benefit of the doubt here. I think FED should put in an exception or a case for this, although it might not be worth it since it seems to happen a lot more on these discussion boards then on the field. lol. The rule is the rule. It doesn't give any special exceptions. Enforce properly.
  15. Why Warning Points total on my profile?

    Make sure you quote the right person. And you know what is meant by it without my having to get all political on you, since this is not a politics board. I don't know what abominable lifestyles are. Would like to have your explanation please.