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  1. Well the results lately may or may not be because of him but the "new Mike" seems to be doing OK.
  2. stl_ump

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Ok.. please clue me in on the "right way' Why is it the "right way" and more importantly, I can't see from the picture how he's attaching it the "right way"
  3. stl_ump

    Whose call is it?

    2 man... Those classic low line drives that go to an infielder that may or may not of hit the ground at the moment of the catch. Whose call? I'm assuming it might matter if we have an umpire in B or C... Thanks
  4. During the windup (no runners on) I had a pitcher continually, as he went through the motions of his windup (with his pivot foot), start in front of the rubber (in contact) step to the side of the rubber (4 or 5" off of it) and then back in front and then make the pitch. Rule 5.07 doesn't address the issue of doing this. At least not what I have seen. Though it does say in the comment section: Rule 5.07(a) Comment: ...The pitcher may not take a second step toward home plate with either foot or otherwise reset his pivot foot in his delivery of the pitch. under Rule 6.02(a); if the bases are unoccupied it is an illegal pitch under Rule 6.02(b). We let it go as this was a 10u travel team and none of the coaches were complaining. On a side note, several people in the stands we noticing it and vocally saying "that's a balk". I though about agreeing with them and calling it and having all the invisible runners move up a base... but I thought better of it since they were already down by 10. :-)
  5. stl_ump

    Obstruction in any rule set?

    He said "unbelievable" at least 4 times.
  6. stl_ump

    Base coach interference?

  7. stl_ump

    Base coach interference?

    Happen to have a rule reference? Thanks
  8. stl_ump

    Base coach interference?

    OBR Fly ball in foul territory by 3rd. Base coach makes no effort to get out of the way. Interference? Thanks
  9. stl_ump

    Is this a visit? (by rule)

    That's what i figured. Once I got the ENTIRE story, I figured it would.
  10. stl_ump

    Is this a visit? (by rule)

    I'm not sure if he called time but either way he didn't "confer" pitcher, just told him to appeal and that was the extent of the conversation.
  11. stl_ump

    Is this a visit? (by rule)

    So I've got a little more info that this question was based on. This is after a caught fly ball with a runner advancing. Coach comes out of the dug out and walks to the foul line and tells the pitcher to step off and throw to make an appeal. Umpire considered this a visit. I'm think this does not constitute a visit.
  12. stl_ump

    Is this a visit? (by rule)

    OBR Coach is granted time and calls his pitcher over to the foul line and talks to him. Coach doesn't cross the line. He contends this shouldn't be counted as a visit. What do you think? (by rule) Or is this just too 3rd world to even have a rule? Thanks
  13. stl_ump

    Home plate Interference

    A couple of follow up questions... If the batter attempts to get out of the way and unintentionally still does it would still be considered interference? Regardless as to the intent? So for this type of interference the runner is out and the batter continues his at bat? (unless two out) Does this penalty also apply to interference when the catcher is trying to retire a runner stealing? Thanks
  14. stl_ump

    Our Association makes the local TV news..

    I think it already is a generic brand / label. Probably like saying Band-aids. Everyone knows what you mean when you say it.