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  1. Ball bags

    How many do I need. Should I wear one or two when working the plate of a HS game? How many balls will I be holding to have need of two bags? :GL:
  2. WV Gold

    Don't worry I'm not asking which one I should get or which one is better or if you all like it...I got mine today and it looks prett awesome. Now my question is, please don't flame, mstaylor is always saying to "roll the shoulders every time you put it on or take it off." What does that mean? Sorry for the ignorance. :shrug:
  3. Other Sports?

    I referee basketball in addition to baseball. I'm considering football, but still not sure I want to be busy all year round.
  4. Plate Shoes

    Now if I had size 7.5 or size 15 feet I'd be in great shape. However I wear size 11 like most other men. The good news is that I got myself a pair of NB 450's today.:no:
  5. Plate Shoes

    Has any one tried the GD-12? I just wish plate shoes weren't se expensive. :shrug:
  6. I'm a newbie

    I just ordered my new WV Gold and a silver Daimond Mask. I can't wait for the start of the season. Also from every thing I've read the Gold seems to be the consensus best cp out there even for us small guys. I'm 5'8" 160. Did I make the right choice?
  7. I'm a newbie

    Thanks for the replies. I am in Utah. Im extremely excited to get back into the sport that I love. Thanks for all the advice. I know it's a bit steep cost wise to get into it but from all that I have read it looks like quality gear will last years. Also how quickly will a new ump get behind the plate? Will I get stuck on the bases the whole season. What are realistic expectations for a first year guy ? I know I won't see varsity ball right away but on average what is the timetable to get quality games?
  8. I'm a newbie

    Hey there friends. So I will be starting out this season with high school ball. I have umpired some rec league softball and been in and around baseball my entire life. My first question is what are some suggestions on equipment. My mother-in-law bought me a pair of Smitty combos for christmas along with a ball bag, indicator and plate brush. So now i need shirts, shoes, a mask, CP, shins and a hat. Anything else? Thanks. :smachhead: